Comprehensive Review: A Dream Encounter With Oppo R17 Pro Good-looking Photos And Smooth System Is Enough For You

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] Color is one of the most expressive elements because it has the ability to directly influence people’s emotions. The proper use of color can quickly capture the user’s attention and convey information. The phone, according to OPPO’s product design concept, is to be a work of art that can reflect the ultimate beauty and perfect experience. As a brand beloved by young people, OPPO frequently has a keen sense of “smell” and continues to push the direction of cell phone fashion trends, and the OPPO R17 Pro once again interprets what is the ultimate in beauty.OPPO R17 Pro Appearance: Phantom gradient and solid green, beautiful and incomparable Unlike the illusionary gradient on the R17, the matte gradient is etched in the condensed light layer by a special matte sand etching process to form a frosted texture on the glass surface, bringing a unique hazy look similar to light passing through fog, while achieving a silky smooth feel, not easy to stain fingerprints, and achieving a new upgrade in texture.OPPO R17 Pro fog light gradient Whether creating colors or shapes, OPPO seeks inspiration from nature.” With its changing appearance and delicate and soft touch, the OPPO R17 Pro provides users with a new hands-on experience.OPPO R17 Pro mist light gradient

The R17 Pro is inspired by a lake with waves of light; the serene dark green glass is added to the gel layer, and when gently shaken, the curve changes, just as the waves of light on the lake are deep and full of life. It exemplifies OPPO’s distinct insight and innovative aesthetic exploration. The color is the turquoise green used by Chanel and other luxury brands in autumn and winter fashion, which combines the nobility of turquoise with the freshness of green, symbolizing life and hope.OPPO R17 Pro Gel Green OPPO R17 Pro has three cameras placed vertically at the back, in fact, it is not entirely accurate to say three cameras, because one of them is a TOF 3D stereo camera, which I will explain clearly below. Corning’s sixth-generation Gorilla Glass, as we all know, has a new, chemically strengthened glass material with a higher surface compressive stress than Corning’s fifth-generation Gorilla Glass, which further improves damage resistance.

The higher the screen-to-body ratio, the more effective Corning’s sixth-generation Gorilla Glass is in reducing the likelihood of screen breakage. Shooting: front and rear, each one is the most beautiful The three cameras on the back of the OPPO R17 Pro are TOF 3D stereo camera, which primarily completes the 3D modeling within the identifiable range of the phone’s shooting screen, pushing the rear photo from the 2D era to the 3D era.

The R17 Pro main camera employs a 24 million light-sensitive unit and is equipped with F1.5/F2.4 variable aperture technology, which means that the system will automatically switch to a different aperture based on the current ambient light to achieve the best shooting effect.

When I switched to portrait mode, I shot the sample effect is more beautiful, the background bokeh more highlight the characters, the details of the characters more delicate and good-looking.Shooting samplesShooting samples R17 Pro supports RAW HDR function, compared to the traditional HDR photo Sensor captures the screen to form RAW data and then directly compressed and then synthesized, RAW HDR avoids data loss caused by the compaction Even when shooting people against a bright background, the foreground can be clear and layered.

Sample shotsSample photosIn addition to portraits, the OPPO R17 Pro looks great when photographing food, flowers, and plants. As evidenced by the sample photos, the R17 Pro also performs admirably when it comes to capturing food details. The color contrast is strong, the red beans are gleaming, and the overall appearance is appealing.Sample photosSample photos I also photographed a dried flower arrangement placed on the table. Because of the light and angle, this sample effect appears more aesthetic, and the mood softens.

As the sun sets, the sky darkens, the crowd disperses, and the environment becomes quiet, I continue to test the R17 Pro night shot to see how powerful it is. Because of time constraints, I did not take the C-seat to watch the light show, but with such a beautiful light show, where to shoot is very easy to see.Sample photosSample photosShooting samplesShooting samples

As you can see from the sample photos, the R17 Pro’s night photography effect is really good; after opening the night scene ultra-clear mode photography, the aperture will automatically adjust the size of the aperture, so that the photo imaging as the naked eye can see. After all, the front, what is the way to open the daily selfie? R17 Pro front with 25 megapixel Sony IMX576 sensor, with fF/2.0 aperture, be The more you use it, the more beautiful it becomes.sample photossample photossample photossample photossample photossample photossample photossample photossample

System: Smart System, Smart Life Now that we’ve covered the outside, let’s move on to the inside. OPPO R17 Pro has put in a lot of effort to be a product that is consistent both inside and out. OPPO R17 Pro is more intelligent and efficient now that the system has been upgraded to ColorOS 5.2.1. The “smart negative screen” displays 18 different types of card data, such as frequently used quick functions, itineraries, express information, flight and train information, and so on.

It also learns the user’s habits and predicts which applications the user will use next.Intelligent negative screen Using OCR recognition, object recognition, and AR technology, the camera can scan and recognize barcodes, entities, and text, as well as provide multilingual translation, content extraction, image optimization, scene service, information query, and other multifaceted recognition services. Among them, “Intelligent Sweep” includes many functions, such as word translation, photo translation, document scanning, intelligent knowledge of things, scanning questions and answers, intelligent code scanning, and so on. I want to talk about sweeping questions to answer this function, because the author is a math illiterate, and math but abuse me all over the body, after all, did not test well to be beaten very normal, right? Only blame the author for not being born ten years later, and you can use this sweeping solution to write math problems, sweeping thousands of troops, and difficult math problems are floating clouds.

OPPO R17 Pro’s sweeping solution can be said to have solved the problems of many math whites. The R17 Pro can be used to solve a wide range of challenging problems. Swipe to solve a problem “Full-screen multitasking” is upgraded to “smart sidebar,” which can be opened globally in the form of floating windows to view and reply to WeChat, QQ, SMS messages; quickly switch to the default system settings or user-defined common applications; quickly swiping to solve a problem “Full-screen multitasking” is upgraded to “smart sidebar,” which can be opened globally in the form of floating windows to view and

Smart SidebarWatch video replies to messagesPhoto Sharing OPPO also unveiled the OPPO Hyper Boost acceleration engine, a full-scene, system-level resource scheduling optimization solution, in Shanghai on October 11. Through the system engine, game engine, and application engine, this engine will help optimize the power consumption and performance of Android smartphones, as well as accelerate the user experience. Additionally, ColorOS 5.2.1 includes the intelligent detection and optimization mechanism, which works on the application and system sides respectively, and can do one-to-one targeted special optimization for TOP applications to achieve faster response and lower energy consumption. Simultaneously, the intelligent detection and optimization mechanism has completed a large area of deployment for mainstream third-party TOP applications, such as WeChat, QQ, as well as Taobao, Alipay, and the games include the popular King of Honor, Stimulation Battlefield, Operation Wilderness, and the number of supported third-party TOP applications is growing.

By burying points within the application to identify them, the TOP application refines and analyzes the software behaviors and scenarios in the application, such as the application installation process, application startup, touch screen sensing, game group battle, and other scenarios. Furthermore, the TOP application will perform targeted hardware scheduling optimization based on the identified software behaviors and scenarios. When the system receives a game application in a group battle scenario, for example, the system will automatically mobilize the maximum CPU and GPU resources to ensure that the program in this scenario can get enough computing resources to achieve a high frame rate and smooth running experience.

The voice assistant is a very thoughtful function; simply open the “Wake up with ‘Xiao O Xiao O'” option in the settings, users can record their own voice and say “Xiao O Xia The first is “Unlock and wake up voice assistant,” which saves the user from having to unlock the phone manually. The second option is to “wake up voice assistant only,” and the third option is to “unlock only.” Furthermore, users can select incoming voice control, which, as the name implies, allows users to say “answer the phone” or “hang up the phone” to answer or reject incoming calls.AI voice assistant Users can also use the voice assistant to find the phone. When you can’t find your phone, simply say “Xiao Ou, where are you?” and the voice assistant will respond.

If the user has previously recorded the wake-up word “Xiao Ou Xiao Ou,” you can also wake up the voice assistant by shouting “Xiao Ou Xiao Ou,” and then still shout “Where are you?” The voice assistant will respond to you instantly. It should be noted that when the phone is in no disturbance, silent, or flight mode, the user only needs to say “Xiao Ou where are you?” twice within 30 seconds, and the voice assistant will respond.

The R17 Pro was the first R series phone to be equipped with SuperVOOC super flash charging, with a charging power close to 50W. It was also the first R series phone to be equipped with the technology of R17 Pro, which has two 1850mAh dual cells and takes 10 minutes to charge to 40% of total power. I also tested this, after the power is depleted automatically shut down, using the super flash charging cable and flash charging head Charging, because the complete lack of power can not be turned on, so I charged a minute after the power on, at this time the power for 1%, five minutes after the power for 22%, until the charge is completed after charging time spent a total of about 34 minutes, charging speed industry leading. Whether it’s products or R&D, OPPO continues to break through application technology, gaining advantages in super flash charging, image photography, and other fields, while exploring and strengthening in 5G, AI, and other fields to improve the enterprise’s overall technical innovation.

The introduction of the OPPO Hyper Boost acceleration engine improves the user experience and allows intelligent OPPO cell phones to enter a new era of full acceleration.