Children’s Poor Eyesight Writing Desk On This Lamp You Use The Right?

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel]Does your child need glasses because of poor vision? As technology advances, electronic screens have quietly dominated most of the application scenes of students. According to the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology’s summary of the 2017 School Health Statistics Survey (Quick Report), the percentage of elementary school students with vision below 1.0 is 32.46 percent, the highest ever. The primary cause is long-term use of smartphones and portable game consoles, which results in poor vision. Myopia affects 45.7 percent of elementary school students in China, 74.4 percent of middle school students, 83.3 percent of high school students, and 87.7 percent of college students.

Aside from electronic screens, a possible hidden killer on students’ desks is the desk lamp. To select a suitable for students to study and create the use of desk lamps, first clarify the following points: 1 whether to achieve eye protection lighting brightness level 2 whether to have a high enough color rendering index (restore close to natural color, the higher the index the better) 3 whether to achieve no ghosting under the light 4 whether no strobe or low strobe 5 whether to support continuous dimming 6 stylish appearance and flexible adjustable light to the function

This lamp was purchased from the Japanese artisan brand BALMUDA. BAMUDA was mentioned, the brand was born in 2003, in 2014 due to the new Xiaomi air purifier serious copying and fire, and the object of copying is precisely BAMUDA However, slightly to this niche to Jane to the cornerstone of the brand’s faith to explore, its famous work is an electric fan, which was once priced at more than 3000 comparable to a mainstream home air conditioning system. It is said to be super silent, and it has set a record of only 29 yen for 3 months of continuous use in a summer for 8 hours of continuous use.

BALMUDA The Light’s product concept is “light for professional environment,” as the name suggests, to provide a quality light environment, and to protect children’s eyesight is its biggest selling point. Growing and developing children are in a delicate stage of physiology, and light in the living and learning environment is especially easy to ignore, with blue light posing the greatest risk to the eyes.

How can we obtain safe and comfortable light?

BALMUDA The Light Barmuda Sunlight LED desk lamp is powered by two main core technologies, the first of which is ForwardBeam Technology (Patent No. PCT/JP2018/000266), ordinary household desk lamp, the upper lighting will cast a shadow on the child’s head, resulting in light isolation in the main area of the child’s creation, which leads to eye fatigue and vision loss. The Barmuda lamp employs patent-pending forward beam technology, which allows light to come from a distance at an angle, leaving no shadows.

While changing the path of the light beam is important, the design, physical construction, and experience are difficult to balance. It is inspired by the operating room shadowless lamp, which is commonly used in high-level special scenes such as operating rooms, art galleries, professional photography, and so on.

The surgical lamp’s light, also known as the shadowless lamp, is the most precise of all artificial lighting requirements. The idea is to use mirror reflection to create light that doesn’t cast shadows.

As a result, Barmuta collaborated with Yamada Medical Lighting, which has the largest market share of surgical lights in Japan, to develop this product. Furthermore, unlike adults, primary and secondary school students have a low and narrow field of view when studying, and their heads and hands are more likely to cast shadows. ForwardBeam Technology employs a three-light source design, which has the advantage of evenly illuminating a larger area; BALMUDA The Light employs a diffuser to further ensure light direction while having a specific spread. Simply put, the triple-light forward beam technology eliminates shadows and provides brighter, more uniform light, making it easier for children to concentrate while learning.

With the growing popularity of LED light sources, it is more important than ever to solve the problem of beam angle, range, and uniformity, but not to ensure that the light achieves a safe level of blue light hazards. Most LEDs produce a visually visible near-white color by affixing a yellow phosphor to a blue LED, which is the most cost-effective and popular option on the market today; however, in recent years, an increasing number of people have complained that long-term use of LED screens and prolonged exposure to LED lighting can cause eye discomfort, with blue light being the main known cause, which can even damage the retina.

Using violet light, which is closer to natural light, and purple LEDs, studies have shown that you can get light as close to sunlight as possible by putting blue, green, and red trichromatic fluorescents on LEDs that emit near-ultraviolet light. BALMUDA The Light employs daylight LEDs that are similar to natural light, reducing the peak wavelength of blue light by half when compared to ordinary white LEDs, and are soft and do not distract children. BALMUDA The Light was tested and rated as low risk RG1 by the International Electrotechnical Commission’s IEC 62471 risk assessment standard, measured at a distance of 20cm from the light source at maximum brightness, where the worst results occur.

In addition to safety, the color rendering performance of BALMUDA The Light is noteworthy in measuring the quality of an LED desktop lamp. The so-called color rendering, in which BALMUDA Sunlight LED desk lamp illuminates the color of objects in the same environment, restores closer to the true color visible to the human eye under the sun. BALMUDA The Light meets the highest color rendering index standard of 1A (Ra90 or higher) up to Ra97 as recognized by the CIE (International Commission on Illumination), and differs from general PWM dimming technology in that it uses current dimming technology to achieve the goal of no strobe.

To achieve strobe-free lighting, BALMUDA The Light employs cutting-edge dimming technology.

Aside from the product’s excellent quality, the most talked-about aspect of Bamuda is its design. BALMUDA The Light LED desk lamp is no exception, with white and black two color options, similar to the peak of the Apple phone’s interpretation of black and white, simple and elegant. BALMUDA The Light designed two shelves to please the hearts of children.

Daily study stationery can be placed in the tube, and in the inner design of the tube light, in the light off state can also clearly identify the stationery easy to get.Six-speed automatic light adjustment

To encourage children’s creativity, the official provided a variety of stickers to aid in the creation of the study after Of course, if you like this lamp, you must pay 3699 yuan for it and be willing to accept the 6.6 pounds of extremely light weight. In terms of price, there is no doubt that the average consumer cannot accept it, so why not think differently: if one day your child will eventually wear glasses because of vision in the bridge of the nose, and the cost of glasses or treatment is not prohibitively expensive, why not prevent it in advance?