Changsha Travel Photography: The Head Of Orange Island Floating Curling On The Waves On The Mount Yuelu Bi Roach Screen Open Show Like A Pearl

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] A long history has resulted in a magnificent culture. Changsha had a glorious Bronze Age as far back as the Shang and Zhou dynasties. Changsha County was established after the Qin Dynasty unified China, and it has since become the political and military center of successive Hunan dynasties.

Many famous politicians, thinkers, militarists, and artists have loved this beautiful land throughout history, including Qu Yuan, the first great patriotic poet in Chinese history, who sighed for his misfortune here and wrote “Nine Chapters – Huaisha”; Du Fu, Liu Zongyuan, Han Yu, and others. Zhu Xi, Yue Fei, Xin Qiji, Wen Tianxiang, and others during the Tang Dynasty Wang Fuzhi, Wei Yuan, Lin Zexu, Zuo Zongtang, Zeng Guofan, and others during the Song Dynasty during the Ming and Qing dynasties During the Ming and Qing dynasties, Wang Fuzhi, Wei Yuan, Lin Zexu, Zuo Zongtang, Zeng Guofan, and others served, lectured, or led the army, leaving cultural relics and ancient stories in Changsha.

There are many legends about the head of Orange Island, one of which is that when the Xiangjiang River had no continent, there was a group of fishermen living on the river, and there was an old man nicknamed “Bearded Father” who was highly respected and loved by the fishermen. So we agreed to pick the seven girls who can best prepare a strong white belt embroidered with a beautiful long island for the old man. One day, the old man and the fishermen were fishing in the river when a natural disaster struck, causing great danger.

The old man, who was in danger, suddenly felt a great strength in his waist, and he returned to shore safely. The old man with questions to the waist to feel, only to discover that the belt gave him strength, so he untied the belt and threw the belt to the fishermen struggling in the wind and waves, while the belt drifted to the river, the longer it drifted, the larger it drifted, and eventually drifted to the front of the fishermen, turned into a belt-shaped land. The fishermen were rescued and discovered that this was the old man’s belt, and they loved this piece of land so much that they settled down here and carefully farmed it, turning it into a beautiful and powerful long island, which is now known as Orange Island.

Orange Island is like a bridge to the past, infiltrated with Hunan culture, forming a strong historical heritage, the south Zhu Xi, Zhang Shi to and from the Yuelu Academy and the south of the city academy lectures across the river Zhu Zhang ferry, are interpreted eight hundred years ago the Hunan children to study; Shuilu Temple, Gongji Building tells the flourishing of religious culture in the Yuan Dynasty; Zeng Guofan Due to the weather, the high-speed train I took arrived nearly two hours late in Changsha South. For the author, who has never seen snow, I dashed out of Changsha South Station, regardless of whether there is a good contact master to pick up, first step on two feet of snow experience. As the author’s first time stepping on snow, not quite walking, walking to the station while falling twice, deeply experienced the coolness with a little bruise, bruise with a little pain.

After getting off the bus, I went to eat lunch first, although the Guangdong people do not eat anything, but for spicy is also very arrogant, after experiencing the Hunan spicy level of the author defeated down, all sprinkled with spicy oil and chili things all over the water before daring to eat, the next few days the author is using a scarf to block the mouth swollen by spicy tour around Changsha.

Because it had been snowing heavily, the snow had accumulated a certain thickness, in a no-holds-barred snowball fight with fellow tourists after the author left the snow, along the way saw many small snowmen, the author in addition to taking pictures or taking pictures, the author then walked to the most famous place – Mao Zedong sculpture statue, a total height of 32 meters, 83 meters long, a total area of 3,500 square meters.

Due to the impact of the wind, snow, and cold weather, the park decided to close that night, with an opening time to be determined. The author is extremely grateful that he chose to go to Orange Island on the same day to walk, otherwise we would have missed this great opportunity, although the weather is not too good, but can see in the wind and snow of Orange Head and Chairman Mao’s sculpture is also a special flavor, and because the schedule is not too tight, the author and his party slept to wake up naturally after going out to find food to fill their stomachs, and then went to another famous attraction in Changsha – M

But listen to the tourists who said there is another mouth that can go up, we went with the brigade, by mistake walked to the Hunan Normal University, coincidentally met the Hunan Normal University graduation classmates gathered for a group photo, the author went up and left after a while hilarious, ready to walk into the university, by the way to see if you can go up the mountain. Yue Wang Pavilion was built in 1936 for the then-Hunan government to show the people why they should join the anti-Japanese movement, and there is a stone monument inside the pavilion, Yin engraved Yue Wang remains, behind the Chinese white jade stone carving, Yin engraved Yan Changyao book “Yue Zhong Wu Wang Chronology” It is said that experts in the people, I discovered a huge “socialist” piggyback next to the Yue Wang Pavilion, the author as a “socialist” himself, must take a photo to remember.

I heard that you can get to the Yuelu Academy via a very steep staircase. The author and his party walked to the bottom of the stairs only to discover that after a night of snow, the snow had turned into water, which had then condensed into ice, making the steps extremely slippery. Changsha, an ancient city with a long history of “Xiaxiang Suxi”, “Chu and Han famous city”, “Qu Jia’s hometown”, has left too many beautiful chapters: Poet Saint Du Fu left “In the Song Dynasty, Zhang Shi and Zhu Xi taught at the Yuelu Academy twice; and the great Mao Xi taught at the Yuelu Academy once; and the great Mao Xi taught at the Yuelu The revolutionary spirit and ambition for the transformation of old China were expressed; historical relics such as Yuelu Academy, Mawangdui Han Tomb, Tongguan Kiln, and so on condensed the Hunan culture of “applying to the world and taking in all.” The brief trip to Changsha came to an end, but the wonderful memories lingered.