Change The Way Of Mobile Reading Hisense Dual-screen Phone A6 In-depth Experience

Preface Reading is in our nature as humans; it has been with us since childhood. I remember as a child, holding a copy of “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” during summer vacation could keep me awake for a few days, but this excitement seems to be fading as we get busier and busier after work. Hisense dual-screen phone A6 Of course, now we read books are essentially using the cell phone reading class APP to read books, but the blue light emitted from the cell phone screen will reach the bottom of our lungs. Hisense released a special for reading Hisense dual-screen phone A6, we also get the first time this phone, it will be the phone and e-book reader in one, bringing the most eye-friendly reading at the same time also provides the characteristics of portability, then this phone is how it?

The design of Hisense Dual Screen Phone A6 follows the “sandwich” design style of its predecessor’s front and rear glass metal frame, but unlike its predecessor, the front and rear glass of Hisense Dual Screen Phone A6 are Corning Gorilla 5th generation glass, which is greatly improved in terms of wear and tear resistance.

Hisense dual-screen phone A6’s middle frame is made of aluminum alloy, but instead of the same polished or polished design as traditional phones, the two are combined to create a three-section design at the middle frame, with a polished and polished high-gloss design at the top and bottom, and a frosted textured design in the middle, to bring both a visual high-end feeling and a better touch in the use experience. Simultaneously, Hisense dual-screen phone A6 in the ink screen to add parallel soft light, officially called the ink luminous screen, through 256 levels of intelligent linear dimming, to bring the user in the dark light of eye protection reading. In addition, the back glass is not a glossy design, but a frosted texture, so that reading in the light will not appear reflective, but also in the sense of touch will be closer to the paper reading experience.

Ink luminous screen experience

The resolution of the Hisense dual-screen phone A6 behind this luminous ink screen reached 287 PPI, theoretically to achieve the retina level, the normal distance viewing basically no sense of grain. So what is the ink screen? Simply put, the inside of the ink screen screen is composed of many electronic inks, which can be seen as a capsule look. Each capsule contains a liquid charge, with the positive charge being white and the negative charge being black.

When we apply positive and negative voltage to one side of a liquid with an electric charge, the liquid will be attracted and repelled. In this way, each pixel can display white or black. The Hisense dual-screen phone A6 goes a step further by adding a soft light to the ink screen, so that you can continue to read in a dark environment with eye protection, while the light from the soft light is not harsh, and we can adjust the brightness at will according to the environment when using.

The Hisense dual-screen phone A6 has been thoroughly optimized. We can switch between “smooth mode” and “clear mode” in the system, and the refresh rate of the ink screen in “smooth mode” will be greatly improved; we can basically do some daily operations in this mode.

In this mode, we can carry out some routine tasks.

Furthermore, the Hisense dual-screen phone A6 has some unique practical features for the ink screen, such as “screenshot sticky note.” When we buy a movie ticket online, we can copy the QR code directly on the ink screen by taking a screenshot, and when we get to the cinema, we can scan the QR code directly on the ink screen without going to the software to find it. This time, Hisense dual-screen phone A6 in fingerprint recognition can also unlock the ink screen or color screen respectively for the fingerprint, the experience is greatly improved. Hisense dual-screen phone A6 rear camera with F1.8 large aperture 24 megapixel lens, while adding AI intelligent photo function, can be night scenes, food and other 16 objects, 120 kinds of scenes intelligent recognition processing, adjust the best parameters, how does Hisense dual-screen phone A6 photo strength?

As can be seen from these four photos, Hisense dual-screen phone A6 in the highlight spill part of the optimization, basically can restore the color when seen with the naked eye, and contrast, Hisense dual-screen phone A6 default is relatively high, I personally still prefer the high contrast of this visual experience. I discovered that when using Hisense dual-screen phone A6 shooting night scenes, will greatly control the appearance of noise, so in the shutter time is basically l

Users can bring different functions in different usage scenarios by short pressing, long pressing, and double clicking, for example, short pressing the “Moji key” to unlock the ink screen system; double clicking to enter the set application when the color screen is displayed; and double clicking to turn on/off the eye protection mode in pre-set reading software such as Jingdong Reading, QQ Reading, and so on. When reading articles in WeChat, double-click to collect articles; when viewing photos in the gallery, double-click to enter edit mode; long press to activate the voice assistant….. In short, this “ink key” is the key to open the intelligent operation of Hisense A6.

Configuration and performance Hisense dual-screen phone A6 in the storage of 6 128G combination, in the daily use of software does not appear to die or kill the background and other embarrassing situations, 128G of memory can also basically meet the needs of most people use.

Hisense dual-screen phone A6 has a built-in 3300mAh high-capacity battery, measured, 8 hours of standby power consumption of only 3%, brush microblogging half an hour power consumption of 11%, reading e-books on the ink screen for half an hour power consumption of 2%, the overall performance is excellent. In the box Hisense also comes with a QC3.0 fast charging head, using a USB power tester to test its charging powe

Hisense dual-screen cell phone A6, as a phone designed for readers, has achieved the best state at the moment, whether in the ink luminous screen of eye protection reading, or in the richness of content resources. It is not an exaggeration to say that the manufacturers of ink screen e-book readers may one day consider doing cell phones, and at that time, you will undoubtedly remember this Hisense dual-screen cell phone A6, which is the milestone product of electronic reading!