Cell Phones And Ultra-wide Angle Cameras: They Meet Each Other And Both Feel Like A Treasure

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]9012, smartphone rear camera standard has developed towards three cameras, not only that “three camera family structure” compared to the past has also changed – ultra-wide angle camera as a The “newcomer”, strong to join! Cell phones and ultra-wide angle camera, when they “pick up” each other, and both feel like a treasure! Although the combination of the two is not a win-win situation, keep in mind that there is a greater “beneficiary” – with the phone you!Wide-angle mode shooting sample photos This time, I am very, especially, extremely “for” the phone wide-angle mode photo testing, harvest, but also summed up the use of ultra wide-angle camera photo skills, together with the distribution to you!

16MP 125° ultra wide-angle camera (f/2.2 aperture); 8MP telephoto camera (f/2.4 aperture); 2MP Super Video Camera (f/1.8 aperture, 2.9um, OIS); Rear camera video capture: 4K video capture, 1080p video capture, 720p video capture; Focusing: support PDAF ToF dual focus Shooting modes include: night scene, wide angle, macro, portrait, panorama, professional mode, beauty, body, filters, beauty, etc. The Lenovo Z6 Pro’s wide-angle mode can be activated in two ways: by sliding the zoom bar on the side of the photo interface, or by selecting wide angle directly in the mode.

According to the author, the application scenarios are divided into two categories based on the role of wide-angle mode: “sending charcoal in the snow” and “adding flowers on the cake.” Large open scenes, dense jungle, towering buildings, and so on. can be considered the “home” of wide-angle mode, if you use other cameras to shoot, you will most likely be limited in composition, if not unable to capture the effect you desire. For example, if you do not use wide-angle mode, you will only be able to shoot 101 as “half of the demon tower”. Wide angle mode (right) This scene is not uncommon in everyday shooting, limited by the scope of movement (or laziness), such as “huge” buildings and other difficult to place all in the lens, so the photo is difficult to call “beautiful,” or even qualified.

This is when you need a wide angle to save the day – the same time, same location, same angle, not the same effect! Still in 101, if we phase through the non-wide angle mode in the “close range” situation, will be the whole building into the picture how to do? There are two answers: crouch down to find the angle, or try shooting vertical pictures! Indeed, 101 more into the picture, but this is the result of many attempts, and because of the lack of distance, 101 top, bottom, and did not leave enough space, composition.. 0 points (physical exertion = 10 points).

Wide angle mode With the super wide angle, we don’t even need to crouch on the ground to capture the entire 101 building, and the height difference with the shopping mall next to it is also more visible, and the area of the sky in the picture is also larger, giving the impression of “towering into the clouds.” Furthermore, shooting in wide-angle mode saves energy. And then there’s the second option, the vertical picture! Due to professional habits, I don’t like to shoot vertical pictures of people, but for shooting a single tall building, the role of vertical pictures is obvious. Shooting is simple even in non-wide angle mode.

It’s just that when the wide-angle mode is activated, the other cameras must “sit on the bench” once more. In wide angle mode, not only is the entire 101 building in the shot, but the ground also occupies a portion of the frame. Wide angle mode (right) In fact, here is also a “hidden skill” of ultra-wide angle – shooting long legs! The principle is the same as shooting 101, as for the effect, who uses who knows! In these scenes, it is clear that the wide-angle mode to complete the “double kill” – first “snow in the charcoal”, and then “icing on the cake “.

Simultaneously, after shooting in ultra-wide angle mode, the building room path increases the sense of density, so to speak, the local residential features are fully retained!

Wide angle mode shooting The shooting scenes introduced above are all outdoors, so how should the wide angle be used indoors? First and foremost, I would like to send you a set of photos of the bar, with a wide range of eye-catching bottles! The bar is so long that the wide-angle mode must be enabled, so the reflection of the mirror ceiling can also be presented. Of course, the sample photos show that the Lenovo Z6 Pro wide-angle mode is slightly different from the pixel resolution in the first place, but the color and presentation of some dark details are still satisfactory.Wide angle mode shootingNon-wide angle shootingThe same scene in non-wide-angle mode is a little bit blander…

Because indoor space is more likely to be limited than outdoor space, a wide angle lens is more practical in many situations, such as group photos or shooting the entire room. The following sample comparison demonstrates that the wide-angle mode can better present the restaurant’s symmetrical design and unique structure.Non-wide angle modeWide angle modeOr the following set of samples, with the wide-angle mode makes the visual perception of the floor more “high,” more extended sense.

Finally, summarize the benefits and techniques of taking photos in wide-angle mode. 1, “lazy tool”: no need to walk frequently to change the composition of a variety of forms. 2, close large scenes, priority wide-angle: you may believe that the edge of the picture distortion affects perception, but as shown in this article, in some scenes only wide-angle mode to shoot qualified or even excellent photos, compared to the mutilation, obviously wide-angle performa Wide-angle mode can truly be described as a “magic tool” in these scenes that require a sense of visual extension.

4, the space is limited when the priority wide angle: such as indoor group photos, shooting the whole, and so on.

Wide angle mode (right) 5, post: whether wide-angle, telephoto, macro, 48 megapixels, Lenovo Z6 Pro, the role of these configurations is not to press the shutter is over, in the post they have “residual heat”, for wide-angle later crop trimming, is likely to further enhance the image perception. And Lenovo is not only “stacked” this time, these camera parameters, tuning performance are satisfactory, allowing users to get a higher starting point and a wider run to. Video also loves wide angle mode Lenovo Z6 Pro not only has significantly improved photography compared to its predecessor, video shooting is also a major highlight of the machine, which also coincides with the steadily increasing demand for video shooting from users today.

It’s also worth noting that the Lenovo Z6 Pro has a wide-angle mode for video shooting. As with photography, video shooting has more possibilities thanks to the wide-angle mode.

I shot a video on the way to take the Taipei Metro, without the wide-angle mode, it feels like one house after another on both sides, after enabling the wide-angle mode, the buildings fly back, while the sky, mountains, and forests can become part of the video, the overall feeling of the picture is completely different.

https://dianbo.yesky.com/gaozhiwei/Z6Provideo.mp4 Write at the end In this article, I have shared many tips and insights on shooting with an ultra wide-angle camera, and I strongly encourage you to pick up your phone and try it out. Of course, this is not the first smartphone equipped with a super wide angle camera that I use, more to finally talk about the Lenovo Z6 Pro’s advantages and shortcomings. With four rear AI camera Lenovo Z6 Pro undoubtedly has a strong photo performance, in addition to ultra wide-angle lens, with 48 megapixel main camera to ensure the resolution and detail of the photo, but also to provide greater space for users later.

Furthermore, the combination of four cameras enables Lenovo Z6 Pro in photo “mode” to seize the first opportunity – can be close and far, wide and micro. I believe that many users, including myself, prefer to use a smartphone to take pictures (or even abandon the SLR) for the simple reason of convenience! It can be said that a machine in hand is not only equivalent to a zoom head equipped with a DSLR, but also a full-featured camera that is simple to post and share.

In this regard, the Lenovo Z6 Pro quad camera “opens the way” for more adaptability and potential. Wide angle mode (right) In the last two years, Lenovo’s cell phones have improved significantly in terms of photography compared to their own, catching up with the pace of the top flagships. Of course, there is still room for improvement, such as the interface! When compared to other smartphones, the Lenovo Z6 Pro’s photo interface is very simple, and while it will look comfortable when taking photos (without being distracted by cluttered options), it also means that users will need to perform multi-step operations when selecting certain features (such as mode switching).

Furthermore, photos taken by different cameras on the Lenovo Z6 Pro still have some differences in style and tuning; if you can continue to optimize, whether wide-angle or other modes, the effect can be further improved.

Overall, the Lenovo Z6 Pro remains a recommended product in terms of photography, not to mention that as a flagship, the Lenovo Z6 Pro is also an eye-catching performer in other areas! Wide angle mode (right) Other Lenovo Z6 Pro configuration information. Lenovo Z6 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 platform, the system is ZUI 11 based on Android P. The Lenovo Z6 Pro has four specifications: 6GB 128GB, 8GB 128GB, 8GB 256GB, 12GB 512GB, and two colorways: black and blue, with a starting price of 2899 yuan.

It has a 6.39-inch FHD screen that supports sixth-generation wide-dot screen fingerprint and Dolby Atmos. Other features include a Coldfront cooling system, dual SIM dual standby full network pass, up to 512GB external SD card expansion, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a battery capacity of 4000mAh, and a 27W safe fast charging head.

The entire machine weighs about 185g.