Carrying 15 Inches Of Weight And Enjoying 17 Inches Of Screen: A Day With The Raytheon 911 Plus

[Bestbuy618 laptop channel]A few days ago, I selected a gaming notebook that can handle both entertainment and work to help them with their work and life. One important factor to consider when purchasing a gaming notebook is the amount of configuration available. Because we usually do not use the office computer to play games, because the work machine cannot meet the requirements of the game running, and even if you can run is also to catch the duck on the shelf, the game experience will not be too good; and on the other hand, if you want to carry out some more eat configuration work such as 3D modeling, video rendering, the ordinary workbook or corporate desktop is often too much to handle. I chose the new product released by Raytheon at the fifth anniversary ceremony not long ago – 911 Plus – after repeated selection.

I’m used to recording the day’s events, and when a new partner enters my life, I want it to have a name. The following is an example of a day when I used the 911 Plus. To be honest, the day with it was fantastic.

07:30 AM

The 911 Plus has an anodized and brushed black body and is very attractive, low-key, and tough-looking device. The two light-emitting strips provide a visual sense of three-dimensionality and are very durable; it’s a beautiful morning, so it deserves to be accompanied by a pleasant BGM, so I turned on the music player and began washing up to the melodious tune. The 911 Plus was chosen to play music because it has Sound Blaster Cinema 5 sound certification, the volume of the speaker cavity is increased to 6.3cc and 7.3cc, which is 4-6 times that of ordinary gaming notebooks, the sound in the ear is full and loud, very penetrating, and the effect is comparable to some speaker products.

I stuffed the 911 Plus into my commuter bag after breakfast and got ready for work. The 911 Plus is a typical “big screen, small body” gaming notebook, with a body size comparable to a 15.6-inch gaming notebook, but it appears to have a 17.3-inch screen. Because of its relatively small body, I put it into the backpack is more than enough, 2.5kg weight on the shoulder does not appear to be very heavy. Its power adapter has also been upgraded; the new 180W adapter is nearly a third smaller and nearly half the weight of its predecessor, further reducing the burden of commuting.

The day has officially begun, and it is now the turn of the 911 Plus to make an appearance. The 911 Plus is outfitted with the latest Intel Core i7-9750H processor, with 6 cores and 12 threads, and a single core that can be fetched up to 4.5GHz; the graphics card is based on the Turing architecture of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti discrete graphics card, with GDDR6 new generation graphics memory, with 6GB of graphics memory, and a default main frequency of 1455MHz, accelerated up to 1590MHz; In terms of video editing, the 911 Plus is very smooth in all kinds of operations on the interface, dragging and dropping actions, loading resources without lagging; and rendering and outputting video is more satisfying for me, the speed is several times faster than the previous office computer, and the effect of the finished film is also very impressive. The result is also very impressive, and the 911 Plus has a very rich interface, which means that the 911 Plus can meet the expansion of multiple peripherals. Aside from USB and a six-in-one card reader, it also has a MiniDP1.4 port, an HDMI 2.0 port, and a Type-C port that supports DP1.3 video output.

The 911 Plus can support up to four screen displays, including its own. Consider displaying all of your office materials on multiple screens in front of you at the same time. Doesn’t this give you a sense of control over the situation?

08:00PM After finally getting home from a long day of work, let me unwind – it’s time for some fun and games. Playing games is the foundation of a gaming notebook, and the 911 Plus’s true color is the burning soul of gaming. I will not refuse to play several popular 3A titles and online games on the 911 Plus, such as League of Legends, PUBG, GTA5, and Battlefield 5. In 1080P resolution, 911 Plus can run these games smoothly without pressure, the screen performance and screen refresh rate online throughout, and the average frame rate of League of Legends is as high as 143 fps, the average frame rate of Survival of the Jedi is around 93 fps, and the highest quality of Battlefield 5 with optical chasing and DX12 on can still maintain a frame rate of over 60 fps throughout the game, which is probably a “visual feast”!

The micro edge gaming screen’s 144Hz refresh rate is not only suitable for gaming, but also provides an excellent viewing experience. Support for the expansion of three external screens provides users with plenty of room to use their imagination. Only children have choices, and I want them all! Play games while watching videos, double the screen, double the pleasure. 11:30PM After a night of intense gaming, I was surprised to discover that the 911 Plus was not as hot as I had anticipated.

The temperature of the palm rest remains comfortable and does not feel the slightest burning sensation; the temperature at the CPU of the keyboard is indeed higher, but the temperature of the entire keyboard is within an acceptable range, and I do not experience discomfort while playing games.

The 911 Plus’s wind-driven cooling technology, which uses four 10mm widened pure copper cooling copper tubes to form a tandem cooling inside the body that can significantly improve cooling efficiency; the 911 Plus is also equipped with two silent metal fans with a maximum speed increase of 30%, creating a set of multi-layer three-dimensional fan cooling structure, thus ensuring the internal This ensures the rapid Looking at my colleague, Raytheon 911 Plus, who had been working all day, I couldn’t help but be glad that I had chosen it from among the many gaming notebook products available. Tomorrow is also a 911 Plus day; please tell me more! Good night!