Carefree Power “light” Life The Bull Mobile Power (10 Series) Review

Preface As the cell phone entered the intelligent era, the market and consumers raised the battery life requirements to a higher level; after all, the phone is a brick without electricity. And in 2019, most cell phones have increased the battery capacity to around 4000 mAh, but you will still find that even with the addition of high-capacity batteries, cell phone life performance is still poor, more than one day charging is inevitable, of course, this may have some relationship with the enhanced performance. As a result, many of us will choose a mobile power to ensure that we can go out and provide a constant source of power for the phone.

However, the mobile power on the market are primarily 10000 mAh and 5000 mAh capacity of the two main, many people will think 10000 mAh mobile power is too big and heavy, they do not need so much power, and choose 5000 mAh capacity of people feel that the capacity is insufficient, lack of security.Bulls mobile power (10 series)

The bull released a main “light” experience of the bull mobile power (10 series), this mobile power built-in 8000 mAh of high-quality lithium polymer lithium battery core, able to charge the iPhone8 about 3 times, and the volume is more delicate, today we will experience the bull mobile power (10 series). Impressed by the value at a glance It’s worth noting that Bull designed a starlight texture embellishment on the surface with a strong sense of gloss to reflect more design details.

The Bulls mobile power (10 series) is only about the size of an iPhone XR, so you can hold it in one hand when you go out, and the weight is only 213g, about the same as most cell phones, so it won’t feel cumbersome in your bag, and the thickness of 13.8mm ensures that it can be easily put in your pocket, making it more convenient.

Bulls mobile power (10 series) just enough 8000 mAh high-capacity battery in a thin body stuffed with a high-quality lithium polymer battery 8000 mAh, according to officials, Bulls mobile power (10 series) core in accordance with the authority of the China Quality Certification Center certification, not miserable water, in the security is to protect Furthermore, the official stated that the Bull mobile power (10 series) can achieve a current output of 2.1A, which we tested. We prepared an iQOO phone and an iPhone XR phone as test subjects, and data testing through a professional USB power detector. When in standby mode, the data shows that the voltage is stable at about 5.1V and the current is 0A, indicating that there is no energy conversion in the Bull mobile power (10 series).

When charging the iPhone XR, the voltage is 4.9V, the current is 1.7A, and the total output power is around 8.3W; when charging the iQOO, the performance is more aggressive, with a total power of 9.2W. Overall, the charging performance of the Bull mobile power (10 series) does not disappoint, and the high-quality lithium polymer lithium battery core can also bring a safer charging experience.

Anyone who has used mobile power knows that when charging a cell phone, the mobile power will generate heat due to the internal energy conversion, but the heat generation situation varies due to the various methods of product heat dissipation processing. As a result, we tested the heat problem of the Bull Mobile Power (10 series). Before charging, the surface temperature of the Bull Mobile Power (10 series) was 21.6°C.

After thirty minutes of charging, the surface temperature of the Bull Mobile Power (10 series) was 27.5°C. The temperature of the mobile power before charging was 21.6°C, and after thirty minutes of charging, the temperature rose to 27.5°C, warming up to 5.9°C, indicating excellent temperature control performance.

Furthermore, a high-quality intelligent identification chip is integrated into the Bull Mobile Power (10 Series), which can automatically control the power supply to prevent overcharging problems and protect the charging device’s battery. The Bull Mobile Power (10 Series) also meets the requirements of the national standard GB/T 35590-2017, supporting six major safety protections: overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, short-circuit protection, overload protection, and overheating protection.

Summary I’ve reviewed many mobile power products, and the Bull mobile power (10 series) is without a doubt the most fashionable and simple product, pure white color with the starry sky texture, a glance will be fascinated by its high value. Furthermore, in the traditional test section, the bull mobile power (10 series) can basically meet the needs of most people, while the addition of six security protection makes it a very safe mobile power products.