Canon Ts8280 Review: High Value Printer A Multi-purpose Output High-quality Images

[Bestbuy618 Office Channel] What can a home printer be used for? Most home users require a printer to complete their children’s homework, contracts signed by their husbands, and family life photos. Canon has launched the TS708, TS6280, and TS8280 Tengcai PIXMA printers in China in response to the ever-changing printing needs of home users, providing more options for Chinese users. Canon TS8280 is a printer for home users, with three colors of white, black, and red, and functions and human-machine interface more suitable for home users. I recently had the opportunity to experience a red Canon TS8280 printer and discovered that the new product not only supports wifi connection and APP interactive printing of photos or documents, but its printing speed is fast, photo input quality is high, and it supports printing, copying, and scanning, among other things.

It also adds a new application mode: nail sticker printing, which makes it more enjoyable for customers. Then, we’ll tell you about our first impressions of this new printer.

The Canon TS8280 printer has a high value, with a mirror polish and grid design on the top, a large 4.3-inch screen on the front, which allows users to understand the current status and set different parameters, and a long silver mirror design on the front bottom panel, which can reflect the pattern on the desktop surface, making the printer blend perfectly with the home environment.

Actual Canon TS8280 printer image Canon TS8280 printer accessories display

Canon TS8280 printer cartridge installation Canon TS8280 printer cartridge installation is simple.

Canon TS8280 printer details display Canon TS8280 print details

Canon TS8280 printer multifunction tray for installing nail sticker printing paper The new printer is designed for home users and supports front and rear bi-directional paper feeding, which not only makes the printer compatible with more types of paper, but also allows for more flexible printer placement.

Canon TS8280 printer back detail display Canon TS8280 printer back display

The Canon TS8280 printer includes automatic duplex printing, which reduces operating costs even further. The machine further optimizes the body structure, reducing width by 79 mm and occupied area by 18% compared to the previous model. The Canon TS8280 printer includes an SD card slot for easy data printing.

When developing their products, printer manufacturers frequently fail to consider a problem. If the user does not have a computer and his smartphone runs out of battery power, what should he do to read and print the photos on the SD card? Canon has provided a solution to this problem for users. The Canon TS8280 printer has an SD card reading slot, so users can simply insert the memory card (SD or MS card) in the camera directly into the printer slot, and then quickly browse the photos therein through the color LCD screen, and select their favorite photos to print out directly, and photo printing is actually that simple.

The Canon TS8280 is a high-quality photo all-in-one printer that also works as an inkjet printer. The printer’s top grid cover is designed to prevent fingerprints and scratches. It complements the home design and is more compact and small when combined with the curved front design and front bottom mirror.

In terms of touch, the 4.3-inch color touch screen with a simple and convenient UI interface is easy to use and intuitive, allowing even novices to quickly learn how to operate and use it.