Canon Instant Color Pv-123 Experience Review For Printing Cell Phone Photos Anytime Anywhere

[Bestbuy618 Office Channel] As technology has advanced, cell phones have become an indispensible part of our lives, and most people prefer to use them to take photos when they go on vacation. However, the electronic version of the photos is not yet very convenient when saving or flipping through; how can the wonderful moments recorded by the phone be better preserved? This is where a cell phone photo printer comes in handy; it allows you to print out photos whenever and wherever you want to leave a good memory. Although there are few cell phone photo printers on the market, portability is more important to us. Recently, Canon Canon launched a cell phone photo printer – instant color PV-123, which, with its small size, easy to carry, stylish appearance, simple operation, and other advantages, successfully captured the hearts of many young friends.

Appearance: Compact and beautiful body, easy to carry on the go.

The Canon PV-123 cell phone photo printer’s shell is made of glossy material, so fingerprints are difficult to leave even if you hold it in your hands for a long time. The printer weighs approximately 160g, which is comparable to the weight of a cell phone, and its dimensions are approximately 118.31mm*82.36mm*18.7mm, which is nearly the same size as the rechargeable battery we typically use. When we go out, we can put the printer in our handbag or pocket so that we can easily carry it with us and print with it. In terms of color, the instant color PV-123 cell phone photo printer adopts a two-color design, offering three color schemes for people to choose from: “white titanium crystal gray,” “white rose gold,” and “white mint green.”

Furthermore, replacing the photo paper is a simple process: open the back cover of the instant color PV-123 cell phone photo printer, insert the photo paper, and close the cover directly. There is also a pressure spring on the back cover to keep the photo paper in place. The original photo paper model is ZP-2030, with a size of 5cm*7.6cm, the entire surface of the photo paper can be used for imaging, there is no border, and it has stain resistance, water resistance, and tear resistance.

The back of the photo has adhesive backing, making it easy to stick and store to create your own photo wall. Function: Several highlighting functions distinguish the instant color PV-123 as the best choice.

1Special APP, create personalized photos Before printing photos with the Instant Color PV-123 cell phone photo printer, you must first install the special APP “Canon Mini Print.” Then, after synchronization with your cell phone, press and hold the power button to activate the Bluetooth synchronization function of the Transcolor PV-123 cell phone photo printer, and you can edit and print photos using “Canon Mini Print.” It’s worth noting that “Canon Mini Print” includes image processing features such as border, text, facial effects, AR filter, stickers, graffiti, and so on. It also allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast, color balance, and other picture parameters, allowing users to create their favorite photos; additionally, “Canon Mini Print” supports the puzzle function; if we have too many photos, we can use the “Canon Mini Print” stitching template to combine several photos to print.

2Second printing, no long wait The printing speed of the PV-123 cell phone photo printer is very fast; from selecting the photo printing option to successfully printing photos, it only takes about 40 seconds, eliminating the need for a long wait. 3External power charging, printing whenever and wherever

Instant color PV-123 cell phone photo printer built-in lithium battery, located at the top of the printer is a Micro USB interface, you can charge the instant color PV-123 at any time, and can use a rechargeable battery to charge it, even in the outdoor do not have to worry about the problem of insufficient power. 4Multiple connection methods, so that the printing method is flexible and versatile Furthermore, the instant color PV-123 has an NFC connection function, which can be used with smart devices to connect the instant color PV-123 to print operations.

5ZINK inkless printing technology improves photo color stability ZINK inkless printing technology enables instant color PV-123 cell phone photo printer, no need for color ink at all, and it can achieve full color, high quality printing It’s worth noting that the heart of ZINK technology isn’t in the printer, but in the photo paper. Canon Instant Color Original Photo Paper ZP-2030 is composed of three layers: the outer layer is a high-gloss coating, the middle layer is the image layer, and the bottom layer is the paper base. The image layer contains an Amorphochromic crystal. When this crystal is baked at high temperatures, the crystal layer melts and undergoes a phase change from colorless to colored, resulting in three colors: yellow, cyan, and magenta, which remain stable when cooled.

As a result, color display can be achieved simply by precisely controlling the heating temperature of each pixel.

In terms of actual printing results, the photos are very clear, very rich in terms of color, and there are no color difference issues. In conclusion, the Canon PV-123 cell phone photo printer’s compact body and simple and fashionable color scheme are its great highlights, and the simple operation steps and rich and practical functions make photo printing more diverse. Furthermore, the photo quality of the PV-123 is excellent, fully satisfying people’s needs for taking photos during daily travel.

I believe that by using the instant color PV-123 cell phone photo printer, we will be able to print photos from our phones at any time and share them with our friends and family. Canon PV-123 cell phone photo printer is unquestionably a good choice in the field of cell phone photo printer.