C-position Master Control Interpretation Of The Future Experience Hisense Hz55s7e Social Tv Review

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] Decades have passed carelessly. The television has also progressed from a single black-and-white set to today’s AI TV. The addition of AI enables the TV products to achieve strong interactivity, and Hisense, as the industry leader, is also ahead of schedule, bringing the most advanced AI technology to its own TV products. It’s this Hisense HZ55S7E social TV that hits the concept of future TV, allowing the TV to reclaim its position as the C-position master of the living room.

Once upon a time, the TV was watched alone, and if you saw a great episode, you could only enjoy it alone. At the moment, the most heartfelt wish is to share the excellent drama with friends.

As a result, Hisense Social TV emerged; it was the first to include a front camera and realize six-way video interaction, allowing for a family social scene. Hisense HZ55S7E Social TV will bring us a new and refreshing experience of the future in this Internet era.

The future is underway STEP1: Hi Table system is born only for interaction When it comes to AI TV, we must mention Hisense VIDAA AI system, which opens a new intelligent experience for domestic users and creates two products with voice interaction and image interaction as the main means, full-scene voice and full-scene picture search. And now, in order to further enhance the social attributes, the Hi Table system was born. Hi Table system is Hisense in the VIDAA AI system based on the new system for large-screen social scene and after functional upgrades, its integration of social functions, through the identity, behavior, space, and other factors of the full sense, to provide users with intelligent life services.

It can support up to six-way video calls, and users can use the TV’s self-elevating AI camera to perform TV social functions such as TV selfies, big-screen Karaoke with friends in a row, and fitness follow-through body correction.

Hisense HZ55S7E social TV uses the most popular “AI lift camera” configuration, which automatically rises when taking pictures, to make the Hi Table system more interactive. The Hi Table system has a new social function of family and friends circle, which is set up next to the camera. You can manually lock the camera, which can further eliminate security risks.

Future-proof STEP2: Six-way video call, no one is missing The Hi Table system has a new social function of family and friends circle, which can further eliminate security risks. Users can add their family and friends to the “TV family and friends circle” using their cell phone numbers by pressing the remote control small gathering button to launch the social floating layer, and then invite their friends to video chat.

Tap “Chat together” and follow the on-screen instructions to easily invite others. Six-way video chat supports multi-screen interaction between cell phones and TVs, allowing users to use their cell phones to meet with their families for the first time regardless of where they are, and TVs have instantly become a new family reunion platform.

Hisense’s first six-way video chat adds AI CAMERA intelligent focus function to the camera via AI technology, which keeps the person in the center of the screen through sound source positioning and real-time face tracking. The 1080P high-definition images clearly show each participant, and the call delay and screen display of 1 second make the entire chat process feel like face-to-face, with indescribable joy.

The joy is unparalleled, and the future is on its way. STEP 3: Shared Screening Room, making it easier to watch and chat at the same time.

This Hisense HZ55S7E social TV exclusive watch-and-chat experience can make “watching and catching up with girlfriends, watching and chatting with friends” become a new social lifestyle. Users can choose their favorite movies, and then invite friends and family to watch and discuss together. It also allows users to share the TV friends circle in real time while watching videos, spit out or recommend content to friends, and achieve the goal of TV social. In addition to the friends and family screening room, there is also a public screening room, but the establishment of the public screening room requires advance certification of the big V, and then you can share the most exciting movies and TV shows with the majority of users.

This is all without the assistance of Hisense Social TV’s powerful features; this TV has a built-in library of 10W massive music videos, so you can sing addictively and without regret. Hisense HZ55S7E Social TV is particularly equipped with 3D Avatar function, users can set their own image and choose the right background for Karaoke experience, and the 3D villain in the screen will also swing synchronously according to your action, which is very interesting.

Furthermore, the TV includes a microphone, which can be purchased separately for those who require it. The microphone is also very simple to use; simply plug the adapter into the USB port on the back of the TV, and it will be automatically recognized. In addition to singing alone, users can also choose chorus tracks to experience. In addition to inviting friends, you can also choose people nearby to find the TA with whom you share similar interests and have a joyful chorus.

The future is underway STEP5: AI fitness exclusive personal trainer full customization With the onslaught of poor health among office workers, many white-collar workers spend thousands of dollars to obtain a fitness card, but they frequently suffer from overtime travel and are unable to last. Hisense HZ55S7E social TV’s “AI fitness” function now allows users to easily work out in the living room, following the coach on the screen for a new way of AI fitness.

This TV can customize the fitness plan for users, users can choose the right fitness according to their state and work and rest, and the smart AI system will list different courses according to your choice, so you can achieve fitness, weight loss, fat loss, body shaping, and other effects. The higher the fitness rating given by the TV, the more standardized your action is.

Such an excellent function will invariably keep correcting your posture and increasing the efficiency of your fitness.

STEP6: AIot to open up the entire scene of life In the age of IoT, AI plays a critical role. As the hub of home IoT, television serves as the master controller. Hisense this TV, thanks to the excellent AI voice control function, so that users can open their mouths to control all kinds of home appliances, the future of the TV to create the future of the family is simply too science fiction; the operation process is also very simple and convenient, users only need to download the Hisense Xiaoju APP through the QR code and then add Hisense devices and third-party devices, after logging into the Hisense account, control home appliances At the moment, this TV has achieved 50 categories, 100 manufacturers, and 300 models of equipment access, the new AI voice control AIot social, so that the future of the family is within reach. The future is underway STEP7: AI visual advisor Be the best you can be This TV not only lets you watch movies, TV shows, and video calls, but it also relies on Hisense’s skilled image recognition technology, making it your AI visual advisor.

STEP8: picture quality is the foundation of the most important eye care For a TV, picture quality is an element that no one can overlook. Hisense this social TV is specially equipped with the U super picture quality engine, the unique ULED light control technology, picture quality algorithm, AI picture quality tuning technology, and other depth aggregation application, so that the picture color hierarchy is stronger, the contrast ratio is higher, and the picture quality performance is very outstanding. Let’s take a look at the picture quality performance of this TV through actual screen shots. When it comes to picture quality, the first thing to mention is picture stability, which is important for users who like to watch sports.

Hisense HZ55S7E social TV employs MEMC motion picture compensation technology, which generates dynamic compensation frames of moving objects within frames via deep learning and intelligent detection, evenly compensating for smooth motion picture viewing. The trajectory of the ball with high speed shot is very obvious in the screen shot of the ball game, and the soccer ball is seen clearly with high speed rotation. Hisense Social TV also uses 4K ultra-fine picture quality restoration and ULED light control technology, and the performance of details is excellent in the predominantly black scenes.

The screen shot above, thanks to the fine regulation of the backlight, makes the black look deep, and the backlight is not easily visible if you don’t look closely. Also, at the edge of the mountainside sunrise highlight, there is no scattering of the backlight, and the light control is very precise. Based on the above 4K test images, we discovered that Hisense HZ55S7E social TV’s display is overall on the bright side, the colors are more intense, and the overall transparency is strong, true to restore and greatly improve the color and detail of the picture.

The overall picture rendering in the 4K HDR experience section is close to the real thing. In the first image, the cool tones of the charcoal and the warm tones of the flames blend well together, and the color shades are different at different angles, both of which are very clearly reflected. The second image shows that the colors of the sky are all different, and the color transition is natural and well layered.

STEP9: Sound quality custom optimization to feel immersive In recent years, more and more high-end TVs have begun to support “Dolby ATMOS” (Dolby Atmos), a new Dolby audio technology that allows sound to be deployed and flow precisely in three dimensions without being limited by the sound channel. Hisense HZ55S7E is one such TV that uses Dolby Atmos sound technology (Dolby ATMOS) to achieve a perfect adaptation of hardware and software.

In order to achieve a better sound quality effect, the audio system of this TV was developed and designed by Hisense audio experts and Mr. According to Mitaka Kuwabara, director of Toshiba Image Audio of Hisense TV, it includes a dual-pass four-drive audio system with Dolby Atmos technology, which can make a flat sound source like a TV show the immersive effect of surround sound, as well as AI AQ intelligent sound quality adjustment technology, which can automatically adjust and optimize the sound parameters based on different scenes. We played a Dolby Atmos video for trial listening, guitar sound from far and near floating, magnetic female voice as if sitting across the singing, the sound from head to foot position changes were clearly conveyed, sitting in front of the TV can feel the sense of accurate positioning and spatial sense.

Furthermore, this TV can function as a speaker, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful music. When users enter the “smart speaker mode,” press the standby button on the remote control to enter the unique speaker mode, just say “Hisense Xiaoju,” you can voice control in the case of black screen standby, and at this time, Xiaoju can help you play music, or query weather, etc. The future is underway STEP10: dual architecture configuration hardcore and extraordinary As an AI TV, the hardware configuration not only affects the smoothness of the user’s daily experience

The TV is designed with a suspended full-screen, which looks like a block of black glass on the front, with a screen-to-body ratio of over 95 percent, revealing a rest screen aesthetic when the TV is off, as the TV is the main character of the living room C, the face value affects the entire home pattern, Hisense HZ55S7E social TV will be a fusion of simplicity and fashion, but also added to the current popular elements, so that the TV’s face value The ultra-high screen-to-body ratio reduces visual interference when watching movies and provides the most immersive image impact; the thickness of the thinnest part of the body is only 6.46mm, so the thin and light design can better fit the home style; and the shape presents a visual effect of technology, fashion, and gaming sense. Heat sinks at the top ends of the cover allow for very good heat dissipation in accordance with air circulation rules.

The TV expansion interface is concentrated on the right side of the back, including: 2 HDMI interfaces, 1 USB interface, 1 audio and video input interface, 1 digital audio output interface (coaxial), and 1 antenna interface, which can meet daily needs. The triangle icon on the remote control “small gathering key” and “voice key” are the core of experiencing Hisense system. Review Summary: In addition to the basic appearance, picture quality, the role of AI interactivity is growing, which is the core point of the “future of television,” Hisense seized this opportunity to create the HZ55S7E social TV is very futuristic technology, its appearance so that the TV is no longer a cold screen, but I believe you have been moved by the face of such a TV, which can improve the quality of life.