Bulls Magic Socket And A New Member Bulls Big Magic Usb Socket Appreciation Review

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel]Bulls Magic Square Socket is a new member, Bulls Magic Square USB socket appreciation review Preface Although there have been a few more sockets with different shapes on the market in recent years, the overall size and appearance is still difficult to get excited about. Bull has released a “magic cube” called the Bull Magic USB socket, a compact body and similar to the magic cube design makes this product highly respected by consumers.Bull Magic USB Socket

And in the near future, in order to meet the needs of more consumers, Bull released the Bull Magic USB socket, this socket can be understood as the “Plus” version of the Bull Magic USB socket, but in fact still belongs to the compact type of socket, how specific performance? Today I will bring you the hands-on experience of this socket.

The Bull USB socket has a product size of 108x60x60mm, which is smaller than an iPhone XS Max, so it won’t take up too much space in your bag and is easy to carry. The compact body does not sacrifice the number of jacks, as the Bull USB socket has six plugs, two two-position jacks, and four five-position jacks. The jacks do not interfere with one another, so there will be no awkward plug fights.

It is also worth noting that there are two USB jacks on the front side. The Bull USB socket can automatically identify the charging device and reasonably arrange the output current size to ensure a safe and efficient charging experience for the device, thanks to the built-in intelligent shunt chip.

There is also a switch on the front to control the power supply, and the blue indicator lights up when the outlet is running, so we can always know the status of the outlet.

The author frequently states that Bull’s design control is very mature, and this time in the Bull Magic USB socket confirms this statement. The USB socket can be placed vertically or horizontally, and the two placement modes are compatible with different scenarios, bringing a better power experience. The power cord has been thickened, with the copper core upgraded from 0.75mm2 to 1mm2, making it 33 percent thicker overall, resulting in better electrical conductivity and less heat generation.

Five-fold protection Charging safety So how is its charging performance? I prepared an iPhone XS Max and Xiaomi 8 as test subjects, with UBS professional detector will be power records. In the standby state, the test found that the voltage is 5.024V, the current is 0A, and there is no output power of 0.

When the iPhone XS Max is plugged into the Bull Grand Magic USB socket, the voltage is 5.093V, the current is 1.642A, and the total output power reaches 8.362W, which can achieve fast charging effect. When the Xiaomi 8 is plugged into the Bull Daimao USB socket, the voltage is 5.086V, the current is 1.703A, and the output power reaches 8.661W, which is similar to the iPhone XS Max, with excellent performance.

The Bull USB socket eliminates a major source of consternation for you: where to locate the socket. We can adjust the vertical or horizontal placement according to the environment we are using by rotating the power cord end 90°.Horizontal placement In horizontal placement mode, I generally choose to power a slightly larger product such as a laptop, which can take into account the normal use of several other sides, but also bring a relatively reasonable area for use.Vertical placement

In the case of vertical placement, I will choose to charge cell phones, tablets, digital cameras, and other products, small does not take up too much space, can continue to power multiple products, it is very convenient to use. The positive attitude toward user use has greatly improved. If you ask me to recommend a simple and useful socket, I would have to say the Bulls USB socket.