Built For The Ultimate Trendsetter! True Gt Neo2t Hands-on Review

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel]After releasing the GT series in early 2021, realme quickly expanded the GT series product line to provide a comprehensive experience for users with varying needs. On the eve of the double 11 e-commerce carnival, realme introduces the new GT series to the majority of fans – the realme GT Neo2T, which continues realme’s consistent “dare to go beyond the level” concept, equipped with the Tiangui 1200 AI version chip, 120Hz high speed screen, and 65W smart flash charging, which makes the realme GT Neo2T a hit with gamers before it is released.

For the realme GT Neo2T, realme offers two body colors: glaze white and ink black. I chose the glaze white version. To achieve a pure and comfortable visual effect, realme uses 7 layers of nano-level optical coating to make the realme GT NeoT glazed white, so that the phone as a whole is more translucent, mirror diffuse texture to bring better dynamic visual effects and more silky smooth feel. The front of the realme GT Neo2T is equipped with a 6.43-inch, 120Hz high refresh rate screen, the screen in game mode with a two-finger touch sampling rate of 180Hz, the Tiangui 1200 The return of the 3.5 mm headset hole at the bottom of the body, in addition to the Type-C interface and speakers, is only to improve usability.

The power button is located on the right side of the body, while the volume /- and nano-SIM card slot are located on the left.

Front 16-megapixel scoop camera; rear 64-megapixel triple camera system, 64-megapixel HD main camera, 8-megapixel ultra-wide angle lens, and a macro lens; AI-enabled multi-lens combination realme in the upper left corner of the realme GT Neo2T screen So, how is the experience of using the True GT Neo2T’s rear camera set? In a daytime environment with adequate light, the image quality of the True GT Neo2T’s 64MP main camera is excellent, the image resolution and color reproduction are quite in place, the higher saturated colors are more pleasing to the eye, and users can directly post the photos to various social platforms.

The color tuning of the True GT Neo2T ultra wide angle lens is consistent with the main camera, and the color is also very eye-catching when the AI enhancement function is enabled. True GT Neo2T has a good night scene, in the face of low light environment, True GT Neo2T can also easily produce high purity images, high tolerance photos when shooting large scenes. With the new Pure Raw algorithm, True GT Neo2T has a good night scene, in the face of low light environment, True GT Neo2T can also easily produce high purity images, high tolerance photos. As seen in the night scenes, the GT Neo2T does not overdraw the brightness, but considers the brightness while also retaining the dark details, and the overall noise control is very good, the picture is pure and comfortable.

As a high-end gaming model, the True GT Neo2T is outfitted with the MediaTek Tiangui 1200 AI Edition SoC, a chip that improves AI performance and the smoothness of the phone when running games while consuming less power. To verify the gaming performance of the True GT Neo2T, I chose GeekBench, AndroBench, and “King’s Glory” and “Peace Elite” for testing. In the runtime test, the real GT Neo2T running AndroBench test, continuous read and write were 1831MB / s and 1313MB / s, random read and write were 318MB / s and 299MB / s, respectively. GeekBench 5 test, with a single-core score of 976 points and a multi-core score of 3337 points.

I ran a half-hour game frame rate test on the True GT Neo2T during the game test. The average frame rate of “Glory of Kings” at full high quality was 60.1 fps; the average frame rate of “Peace Elite” at extreme frame rate was 39.2 fps, with no noticeable lag or frame drops during the game. True GT Neo2T employs a 3D tempered liquid cooling VC cooling system with an area of 3175mm2 and a steel and copper composite structure with an inner thermal capillary structure copper material pipeline stainless steel wrapped shell double layer structure to ensure the thermal conductivity of the copper capillary tube, making the two-phase flow heat exchange faster and more fully.

I chose to play “Peace Elite” for half an hour; the back of the phone slightly heated during the game; there is no high temperature situation.

In addition to these hardware configurations that can significantly improve the gaming experience, the True GT Neo2T’s realme UI 2.0 system is also optimized for a variety of gaming experiences. The realme GT Neo2T comes with realme UI 2.0, and the full immersion mode works very well in addition to the new UI interface. Full immersion mode reduces accidental touches during the game and ensures the experience by blocking most gestures such as messages, incoming calls, status bar, and notification bar, among others.

Super long battery life and charging True GT Neo2T is equipped with a large 4500mAh battery that supports 65W fast charging. The large-capacity battery ensures the phone’s longevity, and the 65W flash charging allows it to be recharged quickly.

How does the True GT Neo2T perform in terms of battery life and charging? I chose 5 hours of high-intensity use mode to test. According to the results of the test, True GT Neo2T in 5 hours of power consumption test, still remaining 56 percent of the power, essentially to ensure that a day a charge, greatly alleviating the user’s battery life anxiety. According to the results of the actual test, the True GT Neo2T can be charged to 15% in 5 minutes, improved to 97 percent in 30 minutes, and fully charged in 33 minutes.

Furthermore, True GT Neo2T built-in intelligent five-core protection technology, adapter overload protection, flash charging conditions identification protection, interface overload protection, battery current and voltage overload protection, battery fuse protection five technologies, all-round protection of user charging safety. The True GT Neo2T’s Tiangui 1200 AI chip, 120Hz high refresh screen, and maximum 12GB of running memory make it suitable for both gaming and everyday use. The large 4500mAh battery, which supports 65W smart flash charging, significantly reduces power anxiety among users.

At the moment, realme realme GT Neo2T open full reservation activities, with 8GB 12GB to 1799 yuan, 8GB 256GB to 2099 yuan, and 12GB 256GB to 2399 yuan, so the price is very good value, interested in the official website, the official mall reservation to buy.