Brother Dcp-t425w Color Inkjet Mfp Review

[Bestbuy618 Office Channel] In the “post-epidemic” era, employees work from home, and students take online classes from home. As a result, such as contract / invoice printing, document scanning, ID card copying, and other routine work in the home office is difficult to manage; additionally, children home online learning, after school to spend a few hours online to do homework, the risk of myopia is greatly increased. This time, if there is a home multifunctional composite machine is very important.

For the home market constantly develop and iterate on new products for the composite machine brand is actually not rare, Brother is a well-known composite machine manufacturer to take into account the commercial market and home market two product lines walking. The machine under consideration is Brother’s third-generation A4 format color inkjet MFP DCP-T425W with built-in ink bin for the growing demand for home printing under the new normal of the epidemic, exploring what kind of performance and solutions it can provide in scenarios such as home study for children, homework and photo printing, and home office for employees at special times.

It is also optimized for remote printing technology, so you can achieve remote cloud printing operation even when you are away from home, which is convenient and fast. Traditional cartridge printing devices, ink / toner need to replace the consumable components, as well as the high cost of use, so users cannot afford to be harmed. The Brother DCP-T425W is compact and small in height, taking up a limited amount of space, making it ideal for home use as it is placed on a desktop.

For home users who are concerned about cost, the DCP-T425W adopts an all-in-one four-color separated large-capacity ink tank design, so users only need to buy Brother’s bottled ink and refill it as needed each time they run out of ink. Because it has Wi-Fi wireless connectivity, users do not need to connect the printer and computer together or deal with the hassle of cable connection, and they can place the all-in-one in any corner of the house.

The top of the all-in-one machine is a layer of plastic cover, lift the cover to see the A4 format scanning glass, scanning glass with arrows in the lower right corner of the guide, the original paper is placed in the lower right corner of the alignment. DCP-T425W operating panel is different from the layout design of previous models, the most noticeable difference is the elimination of the display, the original intention of the design is to further reduce the cost of the machine. Although the lack of a navigation display may cause some difficulty in the user’s initial use, following the guidelines provided by Brother is still very easy to operate, and after the completion of the set-up is very easy to use later. Because its networking settings are to be operated on the PC or cell phone, it is strongly recommended that users first carefully read the manual provided with the operation, and Brother (China) official website also has Furthermore, on the “Brother Enjoy Print” WeChat app, there are specific instructions for connecting this MFP.

Once connected, printing/copying/scanning operations can be performed intuitively on the PC or cell phone, eliminating the need for a large display. The function keys have been streamlined and simplified, with only four keys in total: the power key, Wi-Fi key ID copy key, color/black and white copy key, and scan key.

In addition to the fault alarm and ink shortage indicators, the power and Wi-Fi setting keys have status indicators. Previous models connected to the wireless LAN and entering the password only by key operation are not possible on this machine, because it is set up by networking on the computer or cell phone, which is also the design launched to take into account the popularity of cell phone networking and the general trend of cell phone mobile printing.

Given that young people nowadays find it relatively easy to set up cell phones for networking and do not find it difficult, this change caters to the tastes and habits of home users, particularly young people. The machine is equipped with a 150-sheet fully enclosed paper cassette at the bottom of the front, which is dustproof and moisture-proof against paper jams. Unlike in a commercial office, home use scenarios of high-volume, continuous work output are not too common; most of them are a few pages a day, or every few days to use a fully enclosed cassette can effectively avoid paper placed for a long time to face the impact of dust, moisture.

The machine’s back is outfitted with a single-sheet feed tray, a humanized straight-through paper channel design, and the ability to print on thick paper and other unusual paper, as well as photos and greeting cards. The DCP-T425W can be used to prepare materials for children’s handwork, print photos of friends and family, and create holiday greeting cards at home. Whether it is office printing in the commercial sector (especially small and medium-sized enterprises, SOHO office) or for home use, the cost of printing has always been a major concern for users.

As the third generation of built-in ink bin A4 format color inkjet MFP, the DCP-T425W machine is not only cheaper and more affordable than previous models, but also continues Brother’s inkjet products in the design of ink on demand, in the composite ink used up only need to buy and add bottled ink, without replacing the ink bin, can effectively save the cost of consumables use. When you open the ink tank’s protective cover, you will see a separate four-color ink container tank with clear color markings, which is not easily confused. Provide four-color bottle ink, no need to press the easy ink filling, simple to add ink without dirty hands, black printing capacity of about 7,500 pages (black ink BTD60BK, the official price of 75 yuan / bottle), color printing capacity of about 5,000 pages (color ink BT5009Y Comprehensive calculations show that black printing costs about 1 cent per sheet and color printing costs less than 5 cents per sheet, making it very affordable to home users while also effectively reducing waste and protecting the environment.

The DCP-T425W is equipped with both local connection (USB) and wireless connection (Wi-Fi) types of connectivity. With the growing popularity of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, as well as ubiquitous wireless networks, mobile printing via wireless connection and convenience is becoming increasingly popular among young people, and users can achieve wireless network connection configuration of the DCP-T425W in two ways: computer-mounted wireless and cell phone mounted wireless.

Here we will show you how to configure the all-in-one on the computer side for wireless network: first connect the computer to the router, then in the driver installation, select wireless connection (Wi-Fi) in the connection type, and then follow the steps below to connect the all-in-one to the wireless network. Employees do not have to be concerned about the home office; colleagues share documents on the network disk, customer e-mail contracts, their own computer edited text, electronic invoices, and other materials can be printed wirelessly on the computer. You don’t have to go out and find a print store if you need to print ID photos or copy ID cards; you can do it without leaving your house. The cell phone can also be set up through the Brother iPrint app.

The school teacher sent to the parents’ cell phone WeChat student homework, teaching handouts, and various activity notices, which adults can directly print out and distribute to children to monitor their learning. Furthermore, the DCP-T425W comes standard with Airprint wireless technology, which allows users to print from their iOS devices without the need to install a printer driver or mobile app. Furthermore, if there is no wireless LAN, users can enable the all-in-one printer’s “wifi-direct” function to achieve point-to-point wireless printing between devices.

The DCP-T425W supports the WeChat printing app “Brother Print” and allows for remote printing. Parents can instantly operate the printer remotely through the WeChat app to output documents, whether they receive learning documents or homework on their cell phones, a feature that well supports the modern family’s need to print children’s homework and other educational tools, breaking the boundaries of time and space.

The interface of the “Brother Enjoy Print” WeChat app is straightforward, and the functions and applications are easy to understand. It can print documents and electronic invoices from the WeChat address book, as well as photos from cell phones. There are also many new ways to play, such as photo ID, ID card front and back photo printing, learning paradise, and fun printing. Nowadays, school teachers usually send homework assignments through parents’ WeChat groups, and through the “Brother Enjoy Print” applet, parents can directly print them out, timely supervision of children’s homework and learning, delaying the start of school home study is no longer a problem.

Online learning materials can also be distributed directly to children for study, reducing children’s time spent on the Internet and staring at screens in order to protect their eyes. Family trips and group photos can also be printed out directly at home using the app as a souvenir. In the “Learning Paradise” module, there are rich and diverse educational resources such as word practice, ancient poems, word posters, handwritten newspapers, and so on, which can meet the after-school learning needs of students of various ages from preschool to high school, and users can choose various teaching practice templates to print out directly for children’s use.

The DCP-T425W is compatible with Brother iPrint. We previously connected the DCP-T425W to a wireless network using a computer, and now we only need to connect our smartphones to the same wireless network to search for and add the MFP in the Brother iPrint app. Additionally, from the app’s “Machine Settings” page, users can update the device firmware and purchase supplies online.

In economic mode, it has a black and white printing speed of 28ppm and a color printing speed of up to 11ppm. The author in the computer and cell phone side of the actual test, it should be noted that the cell phone WeChat small program printing “fine” and “normal” two modes to choose from, the computer side printing “fine”, “standard”, and “environmental” three types of printing and “normal” two modes to choose from, the computer side of the printing “fine,” “standard,” and “environmental protection” three modes to choose from As the name implies, the pursuit of printing speed can be accomplished by selecting the “environmental” mode, while the pursuit of output quality and fine work can be accomplished by selecting the “fine” mode printing. In order to provide users with an intuitive understanding of the printing speed of this all-in-one machine, I conducted a number of practical tests. First and foremost, we chose to test the computer side, the computer side of the Brother iPrint, because the cell phone side of the small program can only print a maximum of 5 copies, subject to the limitations of the sample single page.

Comprehensive experience, simple templates (mainly text, another border, color block accompanying) printing generally up to 5 pages / minute, complex templates (the overall pattern, large blocks of color block-based) printing generally up to 4 pages / minute, finally, the test phone and computer in the photo, color picture printing, this aspect of the output of the all-in-one machine is much slower, printing 1 beautiful photos, pictures basically require more than a minute, which i

DCP-T425W has a print resolution of up to 1200 * 6000dpi, image quality first, select the “fine” output mode can achieve high precision, high-quality document output, both in photos or color documents can play a very good performance, color reproduction is very good. Color picture output, the machine color performance is very rich, the level of transition is also more natural, the detail performance is also very good, such output quality is very good for home users of photo printing. In addition to the regular document copying function, the all-in-one also comes standard with an ID card one-touch copy button, a simple operation to copy the front and back of the ID card on a piece of paper. Whether scanning all types of documents, or important contract documents, etc., or books and magazines, jpeg/pdf/word/png and other formats to ensure high-definition output, PC reading sense is very good.

Comprehensive evaluation and experience down, this family-oriented Brother DCP-T425W built-in ink bin color inkjet MFP comprehensive performance is very good, the regular function can fully meet the needs of daily use of the family, and has the advantage of the entire m Furthermore, it supports remote printing, and wireless connection operation is very convenient.

What surprises me the most is that it offers not only a hardware product, but also software applications and solutions that go above and beyond expectations for home users. It supports the “Brother Enjoy Print” WeChat small program after a new iteration, built-in very rich resources and templates, you can imagine the family use scenarios it has helped you consider, the resources inside almost everything, for children’s learning and parent-child entertainment is very beneficial, definitely worth getting.