Breakthrough Scene Limitations Home Theater Again Upgrade When The Shell New F3 Home Projection Review

With the popularity of large-screen interaction, cloud games, and other comprehensive scenarios of living room entertainment, the concept of immersive entertainment experience is gradually gaining traction, as are higher expectations for the overall performance of TVs, projectors, and other devices. Dangbei NEW F3, an upgraded new product based on the original flagship product Dangbei F1, is equipped with a new generation of high-powered four-channel architecture LED light group to achieve a 53 percent increase in brightness, strengthen the performance of the projected image in a variety of environments, and with a variety of adaptive features such as automatic screen, intelligent obstacle avoidance, intelligent rest screen, will use a The projected image is output by the lens on the left side, while the ToF module on the right side supports focusing, keystone correction, and other functions. The dual ToF and central compact camera range by emitting and receiving light pulses to achieve high-speed, sensorless autofocus, obstacle avoidance, and other corrections, always presenting a clear, square, and undistorted image.

The audio module of the Dangbei NEW F3 is arranged under a round hole grid, with a large volume of sound cavity and a high-quality amplifier chip that has been tuned by acoustic craftsmen to achieve a full-range sound presentation with thick bass, clear midrange, and transparent treble, and has passed the Viper sound certification.

The top rear edge of the body has a concentration of body control buttons, but the function is relatively simple, only the power button, play/pause, and volume up and down, most of the functions of this Dangbei NEW F3 are primarily through the remote control and far-field voice control. The Dangbei NEW F3 is outfitted in the cooling module with 670g of pure copper cooling fins, 3 sets of intelligent speed control fans, and 8mm diameter heat-conducting copper pipes to achieve efficient operation of the projection lamp set and other components, and to make the operation noise of the cooling system in regular use as low as 28dB, which is lower than the ambient sound of most home scenes, minimizing the impact of noise on audio and video entertainment. Dangbei NEW F3 supports 2.4/5GHz dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and the bottom of the body is equipped with four corner support feet and a local information label in the middle. Accessories include a manual and other text materials, a power adapter and power cord, a remote control and battery, and a stand adapter for elevated or suspended use.

The remote control function maintains the universal design of the Dangbei projection series, with a simple and clear appearance and function, while equipped with a unique side key, single press to enable the quick function bar, long press for fast focus. The Dangbei NEW F3 uses DLP technology for projection, with a native resolution of 1080pFHD and upward compatibility with up to 4K resolution content display, covering most local and online mainstream platform film and television content. At the same time, the screen size can be adjusted between 30-300 inches via the projection distance and system settings, allowing you to enjoy hundreds of inches of giant screen at your leisure. The built-in new generation of high-powered four-channel architecture LED lamp set brings a good projection brightness performance and image perception, with the highest brightness up to 2150ANSI lumens, when compared to the previous generation of Dangbei products and progress.

It achieves the best performance and smooth system experience with 4GB of memory and 64GB of RAM. In our test material, there is a motion picture video with a bit rate of 281Mbps, and for a long time, many mid- to high-end TVs have been unable to achieve smooth decoding and playback of this video, but the outstanding decoding performance of this Dangbei NEW F3 makes this video appear smoothly.

Dangbay NEW F3 also supports HDR10 and HLG video decoding playback, two types of HDR specification video decoding, to better display the original color of the film. To address the issue of uneven quality of Internet content resources, it also has a built-in Perfect Color Engine Pro, which supports real-time noise reduction, smooth color transition, and MEMC motion compensation, as well as dual USB3.0 high-speed interfaces, which is a breath of fresh air at a time when conventional smart TVs and projection products only have USB2.0 interfaces.

Following that, we’ll test the image quality and color performance of the Dangbei NEW F3 with some test content and sample photos. The first is a clarity test, because the native resolution of the Dangbei NEW F3 projection is 1080p, so the 4K line chart will be enlarged to watch. Selected color pyramid for color transition perception test, it can be seen that the Dangbei NEW F3 screen performance is even better than part of the TV products, in the bottom red and blue areas are more obvious chroma distinction, the top green area is more difficult to distinguish due to the high brightness in the screen shot sample, the overall color transition performance is good.

We tested the content through several HDR samples and shot some of the images, which showed that the projection did show a certain high dynamic range display performance, part of the picture of light and dark details were fully displayed. MEMC motion compensation is a must-have feature for movie and game watching nowadays, which can compensate video sources with motion. The MEMC function of this Dangbei NEW F3 projection can be adjusted in the settings, and we chose to take a few samples of the motion picture content in the default mid-range, which shows a smooth motion part of the picture with clear details and few distorted edges and vignettes, bringing users a smoother and better viewing experience.

After clicking the left partition bar, you can enter the corresponding interface, the left side is replaced by the secondary partition, and the right side content returns to the traditional layout of downward expansion, which is also convenient for users to view the content to some extent. Dangbei OS has a close relationship with Mango TV, so we can get more high-quality content through Mango Zone VIP, including the latest and hottest movies, TV shows, variety shows, and so on. The popular OTT education resources can be found in Dangbei OS, and its deep adaptation to the corresponding grade and content can promote a more efficient and standardized use.

The top of the Dangbei OS home page can be switched to three modes by pressing the upper button of the remote control, which are standard mode, elder mode, and child mode, with different content and UI styles respectively, with all card-type content and fonts enlarged in elder mode, w As previously stated, the Dangbei NEW F3 employs the remote control side button to activate the global shortcut function at the bottom, while a long press enables fast autofocus. The shortcut function already covers the majority of the settings on this Dangbei NEW F3 and can be accessed from any interface, effectively replacing the regular setting keys.

This Dangbei NEW F3 projection also has features like far-field voice, which we will demonstrate with film and television content, cloud game demos, and so on. In addition to noise, heat, and other environmental impacts, projection requires us to pay attention to noise, heat, and other environmental impacts, which is because the projection has a light source, a small size but high power consumption heat source, and it must be actively dissipated through components such as fans. We used a visual infrared thermometer and a volume tester to detect surface temperature and noise in the regular operation of the Dangbei NEW F3, with the indoor air conditioner set to 24 degrees Celsius and the air conditioner turned off for the bottom and working noise tests, both at a distance of no more than 0.5m. The temperature was measured at the top of the projection near the back, which is the main control area on the body’s surface, in actual use.

The temperature was measured at 33 degrees Celsius, and a small amount of heat was felt on the surface of the body contact, which had no effect on the use.

The surface was measured at 27.2 degrees Celsius in the front edge area of the projection’s top, which is a slight temperature difference from the room. It can be seen that the heat generated by the projection light source and other components is better transferred to the main heat dissipation area for processing, and other locations can maintain a lower temperature. The actual measured noise value is 55.2dB, which has a more pronounced audible sensation but only lasts a short time and is only present in the one-touch dust removal function, which requires the fan to run at full speed to blow out the dust in the machine.

Dangbay NEW F3 is a premium replacement product introduced by Dangbay to meet the new environment and demand for entertainment in a variety of scenes. It uses an inherited appearance design in order to maintain a wide range of adaptability to modern home styles. In terms of performance, it employs a new generation of projection light source to improve brightness and visual performance, as well as a high-performance SoC to achieve a variety of screen enhancements, while supporting the smooth playback of ultra-high definition and ultra-high bit rate videos in a variety of formats with exclusive super decoding performance, resulting in a far superior experience than most low-end TVs on the market.

Dangbei has sufficient experience in terms of operating system, voice function, and other aspects to provide users with a complete online platform copyright content. From the above perspective, the overall performance of the Dangbei NEW F3 has many advantages as a home audio and video solution for young people.

From the characteristics of the product, the use of intelligent projector scenarios are quite diverse, and avoid a lot of smart TV advantageous area, and instead Of course, as an audio-visual equipment, improvements in traditional areas such as picture quality by the picky, improve the picture performance of laser projection and reach the native 4K high-resolution projection will have a greater impact on the product’s cost. We anticipate that manufacturers will continue their R&D efforts to further the maturation and popularization of a number of cutting-edge technologies in order to bring more cost-effective projection products to the industry.