Breakthrough Connection Shackles “one-stop” Convenient Office – Pentium M6568nw Nail Intelligent Cloud Printer In-depth Review

[Bestbuy618 Office Channel]With the extensive development and widespread application of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and other technologies, various industries have gradually entered the deep water of digital transformation, and the enterprise office printing scene has also ushered in new changes in this “technology storm,” fully leveraging the “easy-to-use” connectivity, “secure and fast” printing, and “smart and convenient” management platform to fur Enterprises further embrace digital and intelligent office ecology with “easy-to-use” connectivity, “secure and fast” printing, and an “intelligent and convenient” management platform. The “Bento Nails Smart Cloud Printer Family,” created by Bento and Nails, is another successful attempt to embrace digital and intelligent office ecology in the office printing scene. In the Bento Nail Smart Cloud Printer-created office scenario, only one person is required to configure and bind the Nail group, after which the group can share printing.

As a member of the “Pentium Nailing Smart Cloud Series Printer Family,” the Pentium M6568NW Monochrome Laser MFP (hereinafter referred to as Pentium M6568NW), with its “multi-use,” “one-person binding The M6568NW is becoming a smart choice for small and medium-sized businesses. Today, Bestbuy618 will provide you with an in-depth review of the Pentium M6568NW.

With Generation Z’s pursuit of novelty in the workplace, both companies and employees are becoming increasingly concerned about the overall environment of the corporate office, the “value” of office equipment, and the use of health-related products. The Pentium M6568NW is primarily white in color, with stylish gray on both sides of the body, the overall simple and versatile, compact body, placed in the office area, it can greatly fit the overall office environment. As the “control center,” the control panel of the Pentium M6568NW is set at the front of the machine to the left and can be flipped up and down by 60° through manual c Simultaneously, a two-line display with “Wi-Fi”, “Energy Saving”, “Scan”, “Copy” The keypad is clear and simple to use with Chinese notes.

The Pento M6568NW’s front cover features a cleverly designed paper feed cassette that can be tucked away when not in use, not only saving space but also providing dust protection. The flatbed scanner cover is printed with a QR code that must be scanned for printer connection or secure printing, so users can visually see and scan the code. Printing alone is no longer sufficient to meet the daily output needs of corporate offices; copying and scanning are also required. As an all-in-one black and white laser model, PENTO expands the “copy” function and develops functions such as “ID card copy” and “ticket copy” to further refine user needs and meet diverse copying needs.

For scanning and copying functions, the Pentium M6568NW is equipped with a “flatbed scanning device,” which has a maximum scanning resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi and can meet the needs of enterprises for A4 format copying.

The Pentium M6568NW supports wired network connections, Wi-Fi connections, and Wi-Fi Direct (wireless direct connection). Not only that, but as a masterpiece for deepening enterprises’ digital and intelligent office ecology, the Pentium M6568NW is also easier to connect. The other members of the group can send commands to print documents directly through nailing after the enterprise administrator connects and binds the group by nailing the code. Although BYOD, mobile office, telecommuting, and other work methods are gradually gaining popularity, not convenient “connection” printing method is still the shackles of mobile office development, especially mobile printing, only APP, plug-in installation has limited people’s “mobile printing” expectations.

Take “Business Development Department 2” printing as an example, the supervisor Shown use the nail scanning function, scan the QR code on the top of the machine, binding, and selected “Business Development Department 2” to use, followed by the department’s employees can be nailed to initiate printing The next step is for the department’s employees can be nailed to initiate printing

Each member of “Business Development Department 2” has their own “privacy,” such as the number of signed orders, signed contracts, invoice information, and so on. When multiple people share a printer, the processing of these “private” documents used to require employees to go to the printer immediately after sending a print command to pick up the documents. Employees now only need to initiate printing before the “secure printing” option is enabled, and then scan the code to open the printer when people are nearby, effectively preventing the leakage of private information. In the post-epidemic era, mobile office is gradually gaining popularity, people’s office location is no longer fixed, Pentium M6568NW supports remote printing function, you can launch print command at the nail end anytime and anywhere, breaking the osmosis.

Furthermore, the M6568NW supports printing statistics, allowing users to check the amount of supplies directly through nailing at any time, truly realizing a “one-stop” remote office experience. A fast printing device is bound to help improve employee office efficiency. The M6568NW has a print speed of 20 pages per minute (A4) and a nominal first page print time of less than 8 seconds.

As shown in the test table, the Pentium M6568NW’s standby state single-page Word document printing time is only 4.62 seconds (minus the body warm-up time), and 30 pages of Word documents continuous output time is 1 minute 23.65 seconds, equivalent to 21.5 pages / minute, which is faster than the official standard speed of 20 pages / minute and can meet the needs of the daily office.

The clarity of the handwriting and the transition of the gray scale are the criteria for good or bad print quality in black and white laser printing technology. Based on this, Bestbuy618 tested the print quality of the Pentium M6568NW. By observing the print samples of the Pentium M6568NW, Bestbuy618 discovered that the output fonts were clear and sharp, the shades of black were smooth and natural, and the minimum 4P fonts could be clearly displayed in the test samples, whether they were white on black or black on white.

Businesses require high clarity in their daily office processes for contracts, invoices, and so on. As a result, Bestbuy618 put the model through its paces with invoice samples. The test discovered that the model’s invoices were copied with the same clarity and sharpness, and key information such as seals and invoice numbers were presented more clearly.

The Pentium M6568NW is powerful enough to meet the needs of corporate offices for document and invoice copying. The smart office is gradually becoming synonymous with the modern office, and the printer, an essential terminal device for the office, is changing in this direction as well.

Through this review of the Pentium M6568NW all-in-one machine, I believe that the Pentium M6568NW, with its efficient output, excellent print quality, and a variety of functional configurations, in conjunction with the nail hardware and software office ecology, is bound to assist more and more enterprises in achieving efficiency improvements, bringing more users a smart and convenient printing experience.