Breaking The Boundary Redefining Cool Kai System 8 Review

[Bestbuy618 home appliance channel] smart screen era, OTT both traditional TV and dual Internet attributes, as if it has become a super traffic entrance Cool Kai Technology, as a unicorn enterprise in the OTT industry, continues to make efforts in big screen content, not only having the leading peer integrated content but also creating more models in OTT play, promoting product efficiency synergy, and releasing the value of OTT big screen marketing. The new Kukai System 8 realizes the close connection of DOT (screen networking) and IOT (Internet of Things), which can be compatible with different screens, systems that can control all smart devices, and services that can be provided regardless of time or location, breaking down industry barriers. This is also the Cool System 8’s desire to provide users with a “borderless space” experience, while interpreting the Cool System 8 to provide a scene of intelligent new life concept.

The Cool System 8 can connect these screens together, allowing unrelated devices to be associated with each other, freeing them from the constraints of time and place, and making them more efficient and convenient to use by controlling sms. People can connect to CoolTech resources and services regardless of the type of device they are using, as long as the hardware contains the Cool System 8 operating system. The new Kukai System 8, for example, incorporates three major technologies: a family-centric data system, a user engine, and large-scale and fine-grained crowd technologies.

To understand users, you must first understand their habits of using screens in the home, as well as factors such as family interest preferences and cultural perceptions. The Cool System 8 also has a unique negative screen design that allows it to pop up a negative screen under any interface base, this negative screen hovers over any application base, essentially encompassing all the use scenario states of the TV set, users can achieve all the control of t It also has excellent spatial interconnectivity, an open and interconnected system that is compatible with the market’s mainstream IoT interaction protocols and connects an unlimited number of devices.

This is a review of the CoolDrive System 8 on the Skyworth Smart TV Q70. When compared to CoolDrive System 7, CoolDrive System 8 has made significant design changes, transforming the large module, horizontal tiling design of CoolDrive System 7 into sub-folders and adding an extra layer of main file preview interface at the upper level, displaying different contents such as movie and TV, smart home, personal preferences, shopping, and so on. through immersive video flow, card-type information flow, and negative screen design, bringing users a comprehensive, rich, and simple selection experience, shortening users’ waiting time in the selection process.Cool System 8 Through intelligent AI recommendation algorithm, intelligent algorithm, for each user in the preview card interface pause, can be timely and accurate recommendation of personalized content, and play in the f In terms of Internet resources, Cool Kai System 8 integrates platforms such as Akiyon, Tencent, Youku, Mango TV, Sohu Video, PPTV, CIBN, 4K Garden, and Beeping Beeping.

There are also Qiyi VIP, CIBN Poly Sports VIP, Education VIP, Children’s VIP, Huadou e-sports VIP, and other paid rights and interests at the system level. Users can buy the content they are only interested in at lower prices thanks to this method of splitting the membership.Film and television platform

Cool System 8 reclassifies the VIP rights and interests content at the system level. Multiple platforms combine a channel’s content, allowing users to browse the featured content of many platforms, which is set to be more in line with users’ habit of browsing content.Movies and unified categorization of entertainment items, such as games, short videos, picture books, special topics, and other modules are incorporated into the application interface, mainstream online games, casual games are more comprehensive; in the sho People are paying more attention to education, but parents do not have the financial means to send their children to expensive educational institutions. Every parent wishes for their son to become a dragon.

These issues have accelerated the integration of education and the Internet, giving rise to online education and diversifying the education industry’s ecosystem. CoolDrive System 8’s educational resources include elementary school classrooms (grades 1-6), middle school classrooms, high school classrooms, synchronized elementary school classrooms, elementary school math area, elementary school English area, middle school physics, and popular high school good lessons, with various educational learning resources built in for different age stages of children.

In addition, there are a plethora of built-in education brand providers, such as Reading Lang, Palm School, Excellence Education, Yifang Education, Saru Tutor, Dasheng Language, and so on, that can meet the public’s needs.Education Education The children’s channel covers the current popular children’s educational teaching resources, such as children’s songs, educational, hand painting, English, early education, mathematics, and so on. “Mouse to Treasure Episode 1”, “Ricky Rush Rush”, “Batamu Pop Children’s Song Season 3”, “Ricky Baby Season 2”, “Happy Ball Season 3”, “New Powerpuff Girls S3”, “Ban Ban and Lily’s Little Kingdom” and “Piggy Peasy Season 7” are among the many children’s movie and television resources.

Kukai System 8 has a built-in child mode that prevents young children from freely adjusting the viewing time by unlocking some math problems that they do not understand in order to provide a healthy viewing and learning experience for teenagers and children. There is also a healthy eye protection function and a healthy eye protection mode, and you can view the last seven days of TV usage to monitor your child’s usage.Kids Mode In terms of fitness, Kukai System 8 has a wealth of built-in fitness resources, including muscle building and shaping, fast fat burning, meditation yoga, dance collection, and so on. At the system level, the Kukai system integrates movie and TV content with the Qiwi fruit platform, with rich content of movies, TV series, popular variety shows, and hot-blooded anime, such as “King of the Sea,” “Star Wushu Shenzhi,” “Wonderful Fate of the World,” and other popular anime only available on Qiwi fruit for on-demand viewing.

Nowadays, users’ video platforms are not limited to a single video platform, but rather a plethora of film and TV APPs built into the KeeWee system 8, such as NewTV Aurora (Tencent video platform), Mango TV, Cloud TV (BILIBILI), CIBN HD film and TV, and so on. TV and film resources At the moment, short video as a new form of information dissemination, the development of the day, more and more companies into the short video red sea, has gradually entered the development stage from the outbreak of wild growth to fine tuning. Cool system 8 in the video field of empowerment is primarily in the two aspects of long video and short video. Long video services, primarily film and television dramas.

Cool Kai System 8 allows users to watch the entire network of high-quality films whenever and wherever they want, and creates the most understanding user’s big screen cinema; in short video, Cool Kai System 8 creates a light knowledge user community by connecting cheese video, connects ideal life with short video, and through big In addition, users can reach social, e-commerce, health, entertainment, and other fields through Cool Kai System 8, and enjoy a more interesting and convenient lifestyle.

It’s easy to become engrossed in the drama. When you watch a good drama, you will be completely immersed in it, from the main film to the previews to the highlights and various commentaries. By optimizing the short video field and aggregating the short video resources, Cool Kai System 8 truly allows the TV to satisfy the users’ desire to watch the commentary and catch up with the entire process, realizing the organic integration of TV and short video.

In addition to the film and television resources, the cool open system 8 built-in shopping interface, TV shopping is a good bridge between the platform to communicate users and goods, the TV big screen can enjoy the f A separate Cool Kai Smart Home section is opened on the system, in which you can control the home appliances that are already connected at home, such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, table lamps, curtains, and other common devices, via the large TV screen. It gives cross-screen interaction function, built-in love cast screen, family circle and other large and small screen interaction function, play a lot of ways, wonderful infinite. Cool Kai system 8 in the film and television drama content to actively operate and purchase the copyright, all the video quality is very high, the vast majority of the new film and television content is 1080P start.

In addition, a large portion of the movie content includes 4K resolution options and a Dolby sound switch to provide users with a better viewing experience.

Sound Settings Kukai System 8 provides a global search, which is the aforementioned three-platform search of Qiwi, NewTV Aurora, and Mango TV in the system search box, to achieve a simple and fast search experience. Kukai System 8 provides a combination of conditions to help users find the corresponding movie content more quickly when it comes to finding movies and TV shows. For example, if you want to watch a comedy movie from the United States in 2021, you can simply check the corresponding criteria on the search filter, which is quick.SearchFiltering Cool Kai system 8 also has a powerful AI voice assistant, supporting full-time AI voice control, whether it is to find a film, listen to music, check the weather, or anything else.

This is not a problem; in conjunction with Baidu’s AI platform, in the voice environment, simply say the voice command, and you can make a series of precise TV controls. The editor uses a video to demonstrate voice control of the Kukai System 8. Voice Control Voice controlFrom the video, the editor calls out voice commands, and the Kukai System 8 AI voice assistant quickly recognizes and then executes voice commands, such as finding movies, TV shows, and songs, and responds quickly and immediately gives relevant search results, and the overall operating experience is smooth.

With faster hardware upgrades, the experience improves, allowing Internet TV to support 3D, Dolby, 4K, HDR, and other high-standard contents, better meeting the needs of family intelligent life. In terms of content resources, the cool open system 8 has been able to meet the diverse viewing needs of users. In addition to extensive film and television resources, there are a variety of services available, including education, games, and shopping.

Also linked to the cheese video, in order to create a light knowledge user community, with a short video connection ideal life.

The “Boundless Space” built on the Kukai System 8 is compatible with various screens and can control all smart devices without regard to time or location. As the content ecology and content operation mature, users’ needs are met instantly and accurately, enhancing the happiness of each family and boosting the happiness of each individual family member.Membership mechanism CoolDrive System 8’s membership system is divided into three major sections: doing tasks, signing activities, and gold coin mall, which provides users with a mechanism to earn gold coins and membership advancement. Gold coins are the virtual currency of the Kukai system platform, and they can be obtained by doing tasks and daily sign-ups, and they can be exchanged in the gold coin mall for products, rights and interests, and VIP activities, allowing value contributors to participate in value sharing and promoting the formation of long-term user value.

Users’ exclusive rights and benefits include upgrade packages, shopping level discounts, intelligent customer service, exclusive discounts, and other service rights and benefits, and the higher the membership level, the more rights and benefits they can enjoy. Cool System 8 evaluates membership advancement through multidimensional behaviors and rights and interests to keep users active and have strong stickiness, while also promoting shopping, platform membership, and thi Furthermore, the traffic exposure position with online, offline, living room, outdoor for the entire chain to open, organic combination, to achieve 1 1 > 2 exposure benefits, for the brand to achieve accurate brand exposure.

Furthermore, the addition of three major technologies to the Kukai System 8 (family-centric data system, user engine, and large-scale and refined crowd technology) It enables accurate content pushing, allowing users interested in the most recent episodes to be captured in a timely manner. In this way, OTT operators and head content providers join hands and cooperate with each other to let users see better TV dramas through all-around trend building and guidance. Furthermore, as technology advances, users’ usage scenarios tend to be fragmented, the relationship between small screen small screen is gradually getting closer, and cross-screen advertising of large screen small screen can realize the linkage o This is used to analyze the user’s screen habits in the family, family interest preferences, family cultural concepts, and other factors.Cool System 8 Using the user engine and large-scale and fine-grained crowd technology can broaden the depth and breadth of understanding of Kukai System 8 users.

The user engine combines information from various families and users into a knowledge mapping engine, while also combining scene habits and users’ long and short-term interest preferences to aid deep learning models, shorten the distance between users and machines, promote real-time delivery of effective information, and improve the user viewing experience. Furthermore, large-scale and refined crowd technology is the establishment of an exclusive user data storage area, so that users in the use of different TV viewing preferences and interests can be continued; and from time to time, we will launch various TV screen activities, so that users can actively participate in them.

Kukai Technology implants the cooperative brands into the activities, games, and prizes through such advanced operations as “living room carnival,” which not only increases user stickiness and strengthens user attention, but also provides a good channel for the cooperative brands from exposure to transformation to cash, which further releases the brand value of Kukai System in the process.

Furthermore, it realizes efficient connection between content and users through both waterfall and video streaming, and global search provides comprehensive and accurate search feedback, all of which settings affect the user’s experience of direct access to content. By connecting cheese videos, building a light knowledge user community, connecting ideal life with short videos, and delivering personalized content to millions of families via large screen accurate data and scenario-based recommendation technology. In terms of content, the Cool Kai system integrates platforms such as Akiyon, Tencent, Youku, Mango TV, Sohu Video, PPTV, 4K Garden, and Beeping Beeping. Furthermore, it offers a wide range of content and services, including information, long video film and TV, short video film and TV, social, e-commerce, health, entertainment, learning, and parent-child services, as well as excellent performance in the fields of artificial intelligence and smart home, which can be continuously updated and iterated.

It can easily access and control all types of IoT peripheral accessories via one-key networking. It enables users to enjoy the many benefits brought by intelligent technology in the big screen ecology. The Cool Start system’s three major technologies support each application scenario, integrating the Cool Start system’s capabilities, the capabilities of the data center, the capabilities of the arithmetic center, and also realizing the combination of AI technology and user operation.

For users to bring a new TV experience to the living room, Cool Kai system has been accompanying users for many years. Cool Kai technology, as a witness, participant, and leader in the rapid rise of the OTT industry, seizes the opportunity of market change and provides users with diverse content services.