Bosch-vita Fresh Power Multi-door Refrigerator Master Edition Experience Report: A Happy Fusion Of Technology And Nature

Preface Nowadays, it’s really difficult to find your own happiness, the busy work has made us tired, and in our spare time we just want to lie in bed alone and think back to the simple happiness of the year. As a child, the refrigerator in my eyes is a “big guy” that can bring happiness, pull open the door of the freezer, find the happiness full of ice cream, a day to eat a two or three is not a matter, but now the weight tells me, ice This refrigerator combines nature’s beauty with technology to help us rediscover our lost happiness.

Today’s protagonist – Bosch VITA Fresh Power Multi-Door Refrigerator Master Edition is one of the Bosch VITA Fresh Power Multi-Door Refrigerator series with a fired ceramic door panel. When compared to our common metal and glass panels, the production process of fired ceramic panels is more demanding, and the relative cost is higher. Some people may wonder, what is the difference between ceramic and glass, and why is it necessary to choose the fired ceramic thin plate refrigerator? Simply put, fired ceramic sheet has a stronger hardness, and in daily use is also more resistant to scratch, although the manufacturing cost is higher, but can bring a longer service life.

As a multi-door refrigerator, the Bosch Vita fresh power multi-door refrigerator Master Edition has a large capacity of 568L, and the internal layout is very neat, in grounded words is “closed eyes know where to put the eggs,” so no longer worry about the summer watermelon not being able to put in, find the ingredients to “rummage” it! Its control panel continues the layout of other models using the LED touch panel, and integrated with the handle, quite a “hidden in the city

“Mom! Where did you put the apples you bought the other day in the fridge?” I believe such a conversation occurs from time to time! In fact, many families have this bad habit, the refrigerator as a storage box, as long as the vegetables and fruits, directly into, basically will not consider separate, time and then want to find certain ingredients that will be a problem. The Bosch Vita Fresh Power multi-door refrigerator Master Edition is designed as a drawer, pull out can take out the eggs, and the tilt angle design, the eggs will automatically roll out, pick and place more freely, and the lower part of the freezer has a fresh fruit and vegetable box design, where you can store the fruits and vegetables that we usually like to eat.

It is worth noting that the interior of the refrigerator, due to relatively large moisture, is easy to breed bacteria, BoschVita fresh power multi-door refrigerator master version has a fresh net wind system, can effectively inhibit the breeding of bacteria, antibacterial rate of 99.9 percent or more, but also to avoid secondary pollution of the refrigerator, food care, to ensure that the fresh space of health and fresh.

The refrigerator can also accurately sense the temperature of the environment and inter-room, with the optimized air ducts, bringing high precision temperature control to ensure constant temperature, to achieve 0°C without freezing, so that the ingredients can keep fresh and lock moisture for a long time, and the new humidity sensor and control system brings intelligent wide humidity control, with double draping. can be properly stored. Freezer: fine division of freshness is not limited Summer ice cream iced drinks are not suddenly feel very happy? These can not be separated from the refrigerator freezer, Bosch VITA fresh power multi-door refrigerator Master Edition freezer part volume of 170L, and the use of classification storage design, pull out the freezer drawer a burst of ice came.

The freezer is the most testing area of the refrigerator compressor and refrigeration system, BoschVita Fresh Power Multi-Door Refrigerator Master Edition adopts a dual engine refrigeration system, driven by dual independent inverter compressors, and works in conjunction with a rotating ice box in the freezer, which can be filled with 20 pieces of ice at a time, and you can get it with just one turn when you need it. Simultaneously, the high-efficiency dual-inverter system with vacuum insulation material provides a more environmentally friendly energy-saving experience. An APP is worth a thousand words With the rise of the smart home concept and the popularity of cell phones and other mobile terminals, the combination of cell phones and smart home appliances has become so harmonious in today’s smart home environment.

The Bosch Vital Fresh Power Multi-Door Refrigerator Master Edition allows users to control the mode and temperature of the refrigerator at any time and from any location by connecting a cell phone and a “home interconnection” APP, and there are also recipe recommendations and other content resources for users to check.

More specifically, “Home Connect” is a welcoming open platform that enables the interconnection of all types of appliances from various brands. But this will be a long battle, perhaps with a terminal in the future to complete the comprehensive layout of the smart home, as the slogan of “Home Connect”: wisdom to enjoy the present, wisdom to lead the future. Practical test to see the real chapter “Vita fresh pro technology”, dual-engine refrigeration system, fresh net air system….. The Bosch Vita fresh power multi-door refrigerator master version has many features, and its performance in the end how? We tested it using professional testing instruments.

The stability of the temperature for the refrigerator is the basic function, so we will first turn off the refrigerator, and when the temperature inside and outside the refrigerator to maintain the same, we will fully comply with the GSP standard temperature recorder into the refrigerator.

The Vita Fresh room was then subjected to a humidity test using a CEM humidity tester. We collected data on the Vita Fresh room after setting it to a high humidity state for 30 minutes. Humidity test The data showed that the humidity was maintained at 70%, which is a high humidity state, and such performance is considered excellent in the industry. We also conducted a real test on this refrigerator regarding the noise problem that we usually pay the most attention to.

We will turn off the refrigerator 30 minutes later, then turn it back on. At this point, the refrigerator will begin to run for 5 minutes, and we will begin to collect noise data. Actual measurement, in BoschVita fresh power multi-door refrigerator master version of the working state noise is 40.2 decibels, basically can’t feel the obvious noise. “Technology can and must be born for the betterment of mankind,” says Robert Bosch.

Indeed, the purpose of technology’s existence and development is to better serve users, so that every user can experience the beauty that technology brings. Today, we experience this Bosch Vita Fresh Power multi-door refrigerator Master Edition KFN96PX91C in the moment of opening the refrigerator door, it seems to let me find the sweet happiness when I opened the refrigerator freezer with force to take out the ice cream as a child.

And from the standpoint of the product’s technical features, the new upgraded “Vita Fresh pro technology,” fresh air system, home interconnection, and other features really bring significant impetus.