Bosch Air Purifier Air 7000 Series Trial Experience: Every Breath Is A New One

Preface At the start of 2019, the circle of friends frequently hear the phrase “when can we see the sun in 2019?” after all, the persistent rainy weather has not let everyone feel the warm sunshine for a long time, of course, the benefit of rainy weather is that the haze has been a little relief, but with the widespread rainfall and snowfall, everyone’s activities are limited to the home and office environment, with the increase in indoor activities, indoor air polluted.

This new Bosch Air 7000 series air purifier has a stylish and simple curved design with a classic brushed metal surface, so you can enjoy high-quality visual enjoyment. This experience is the series’ dark silver model, which is low-key and luxurious. The top of the body is a high-definition LED display, the value can be clearly visible, the touch is also just right, and the exquisite German craftsmanship in this regard is best reflected in this regard.

The circular area in the center of the display is the intelligent sensor, which uses the BME680 4-in-1 environmental sensor made by Bosch, which is capable of adaptive optimization algorithm and c It can display PM2.5, temperature, relative humidity, and TVOC concentration in real time, and as a separate air monitor, it can easily detect the air quality of any space, giving you peace of mind. It also has four ribbon apertures around the circular area, with different colors representing different air quality (good, fair, bad, very bad). The display panel also includes information such as a light sensor, a low water level indicator, a plasma indicator, an airflow level, an airflow adjustment, a child lock, and a filter replacement prompt, among other things.

The air purifier can display more intuitive functions, and users can easily identify them. In the way of air, the use of 3D air design, turbo air circulation technology coupled with the design of dual fans to increase the air and air circulation, improve the speed of purification, it is from the side and upper air, and remove the baffle, we can see the upper and lower part of the filter design.

Only this dark silver model to the station has a humidification box function, designed in the right side of the body, and in the innermost layer of the filter below the design of the humidification filter, so that you can enjoy clean air at the same time, feel more moist air, I believe that the humidification function is a very good design for the southern partners, in the winter open air conditioning, indoor too dry for the skin, And formaldehyde volatility period of up to 15 years, which is why the network frequently exploded, renovation of the house for many years, but also residual formaldehyde problems, serious will also suffer from acute lymphocytic leukemia. The Bosch new air purifier Air 7000 series of three thoughtful design, no doubt for this long-term rooted in the indoor air sources and pollutants play a significant role in the purification.

Of course, after talking about the benefits and advantages of Bosch’s new Air 7000 series of air purifiers, a test is unavoidably required to validate them, so without further ado, the data will be seen in the real chapter. Purification test PM2.5 The PM2.5 removal effect of air purifier is naturally the top priority of filtration. The particulate CADR value of Bosch’s new Air 7000 series in dark silver is 700m3/h, and the cumulative purification is P4 level, and is the actual effect as expected? As usual, we placed the new Bosch Air purifier Air 7000 series inside a special transparent plexiglass test chamber, which was sealed, and lit a cigarette in the chamber to simulate a polluted environment, and after about 3 minutes, the cigarette burned out naturally, and the chamber was fill

We placed the air detector in the test chamber, and the PM2.5 value displayed by the instrument instantly soared to 999g/m3, indicating serious pollution. We then turned on the new Bosch air purifier Air 7000 series, and the PM2.5 detection value on the screen soared and the light band had turned red, indicating that the air quality monitor is fast. The value on the air detector dropped to 0g/m3 after about 3 minutes.

According to GB/T 18801-2015 “New National Standard for Air Purifiers,” which is an important indicator of air purification performance, the CADR value of Bosch’s new air purifier Air 7000 series is 700 m3/h for particulate matter and 400 m3/h for formaldehyde, which is a superior level among current home air purifiers. The new Air 7000 series air purifier from Bosch has 0-11 adjustable gears, and in manual mode, the air volume is adjusted by a button based on the air volume of 2-4-7-10-turbo-2.

We placed the wind speed tester at the air purifier’s outlet and the noise meter 1 meter away from the air purifier to test the wind power and noise in manual mode at 5 speeds. The current test environment has no wind, and the ambient noise level is 26.9 decibels. Wind speed at two speeds Wind speed at four speeds Seven wind speed Ten wind speed Turbo gear wind speed

We can see from the values that for each additional adjustment gear, the wind speed increases by about 1m/s. The maximum wind speed in turbo mode is 6.26m/s, which is equivalent to the size of a 4-step wind in nature. Ambient noise 2 gear noise 4 gear noise 7 gear noise 10-step noise

turbo gear noise As the wind speed increases, so does the noise. The noise in the second gear mode is low, almost equal to the ambient noise, and the noise in the turbo gear mode is more noticeable, but it will not interfere with daily life. According to the “GB 3096-2008 Sound Quality Standard,” residential areas: the daytime noise limit is 55 db, and the nighttime noise limit is 45 db.

As a result, I recommend that you consider using the night mode, or opening the air purifier in the mode below 7 gears at night. Power consumption test Because the air purifier must be turned on continuously for a long period of time for daily use, the power consumption naturally requires attention.

We tested the new Bosch Air 7000 series air purifier with a power consumption tester, and the measured operating power is about 13.4W at two wind speeds and 84.2W in turbo mode, so the power consumption is low even if it is turned on 24 hours a day, which will not put a significant strain on the daily economy.

Review Summary Bosch, a century-old German brand, has been deeply involved in the air purifier industry for many years, and Bosch’s new Air 7000 series of air purifiers has won the 2018 IF Design Award for its excellent design concept from more than 6,400 products from 54 countries around the world. This product outperforms the current new national standard in terms of particle CADR value of 700m3/h and particle CCM value, which far exceeds the i