Bloodborne Ghost M90 Intelligent Noise Cancellation True Wireless Bluetooth Headset Review

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel] Since Apple launched the first TWS true wireless headphones in 2016, the public has accepted the TWS true wireless headphones, which are free of cable bondage. True wireless headphones are sought after by gamers in addition to those who enjoy high-quality music. Blood Ghost, a well-known game peripheral manufacturer, launched its many TWS true wireless gaming headset, positioning high-end Blood Ghost M90 intelligent noise-canceling true wireless Bluetooth headset, but also favored by gamers. As a true wireless Bluetooth headset, Blood Ghost M90 has dual modes of gaming, music, support for ANC active noise cancellation, wireless charging and other technologies, the headset cool appearance, low latency audio transmission, and long-latitude support.

I recently received the Bloodborne Ghost M90 noise cancellation true wireless headset; read on to find out how it went.

Blood Ghost M90 wisdom noise cancellation true wireless Bluetooth headset outer packaging using pull-out design, the front of the box and for the headset’s appearance rendering, support for wisdom noise cancellation, Bluetooth 5.1, game / music mode and other features, convenient for users to quickly understand this headset The red metal trim on the box cover and the black charging box combine to create a color clash with a high degree of recognition.

The charging box’s charging port is located at the bottom of the box and has a Type-C interface design. The interface is also surrounded by a circle of red trim, and the charging case’s power light is located on the front of the charging case, green when fully charged, and will automatically light up when the charging case’s lid is opened to show the charging case’s power status. The charging case and lid are designed with magnetic suction, and the same magnetic suction technology is used between the headset and the charging case, allowing the headset to be charged more securely in the charging case. Blood Ghost M90 noise-canceling headphones with ergonomic design, three sizes of silicone plugs can better adapt to different users.

The charging case’s surface has been treated with anti-scratch technology, effectively reducing the messiness of the headphones in the pocket.

The headphones’ lightweight design weighs only 4.5g on one side and is as light as nothing when worn. The M90, like traditional noise-cancelling headphones, has an in-ear design to better shield external sounds, as well as ANC active noise cancellation to provide a more immersive experience. The headset has a light display function; red indicates that the headset is charging. As a gaming headset, the headset has a low latency when the focus of gamers is most concerned.

The Bloodborne Ghost M90 employs Qualcomm’s top aptx HD Bluetooth protocol, which has high transmission capacity and low latency. In game mode, latency can be reduced to 60ms while improving external link interference to the headset, reducing lag, loss of connection, and other issues.

The Bloodhound Ghost M90 noise-canceling true wireless headphones use innovative carbon fiber mycelium (Mycelium Of Carbon IT), the advanced biotechnology cultivated mycelium into very short carbon fiber, mixed to a special coniferous forest pulp refined, retaining the metal stiffness, and has a slim characteristics, with ultra-high frequency resolution and large dynamic performance, ul Users long touch 2S to achieve intelligent noise cancellation on and off; touch three times the right ear to switch the game / music mode, touch three times the left ear to wake up the voice assistant, long touch left and right headphones 2S to answer or hang up the phone, long touch the left headphones on a song, long touch the right headphones next song. Charging, the charging case can be fully charged in 2 hours, and it also supports wireless charging via the Qi protocol.

The headset supports IPX4 level splash-proof design, achieving all-round and all-angle splash water function, and there will be no water ingress during daily running and other sports. In the case of noise cancellation function, which is gradually becoming the standard for true wireless headphones, the Bloodhound Ghost M90 wideband noise cancellation headphones support ANC active digital noise cancellation, bringing up to -35dB depth noise cancellation, to meet the needs of ANC users. The headset employs FF’s feedforward active noise cancellation technology, which does not produce a dull sensation after activating the noise cancellation, as well as ENC dual-microphone beamforming technology to effectively reduce ambient noise during calls and ensure high-definition voice recognition and call quality. The new binaural synchronous transmission technology can simultaneously transfer the sound signal to the headset, improving the headset connection’s stability and the consistency of left and right ear sound.

Use experience Connection use, the user will remove the headset from the headset, through the cell phone Bluetooth to find “Bloody M90”, click on the connection pairing, you can complete the product connection. After connecting, users simply remove the headset from the charging case, and the headset will automatically connect to cell phones and other devices. The game test selected “Peaceful Elite,” and after opening the game mode, the stereo sound performance of the headset is excellent, allowing players to identify the sound of footsteps well.

In FPS-style gaming, ultra-low transmission latency is critical. In terms of sound quality, after activating the music mode, the three frequencies are well balanced, and the sound performance is on par with TWS wireless headphones.

Connection stability, subway link non-peak period stability, no drop, connection instability, and so on. Noise reduction, after wearing the headset, the headset sound pure; solid wear, so that the headset’s noise reduction effect is outstanding. Review summary As a true wireless Bluetooth headset priced at 499 yuan, the Bloodhound M90 wideband noise cancellation headset has the performance of a thousand-dollar product, cool and stylish design, stable wireless connection performance, and accurate listening to the sound of the function, all at a low price.