Black Shark Game Phone Helo Review: Not The Second Generation But The Improvement Is No Less Than The Newborn

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]Gaming has undoubtedly occupied a fairly important position in the cell phone market in recent years, and into 2018, the cell phone industry ushered in a new category – game phone, black shark, red magic, thunder snake, and even ROG have launched for the player experience and carefully built gaming phone, and with outstanding design and performance to attract gamers; and on the other hand, the With GPU Turbo, water-cooled cooling, and other techn The team did not sit idle, but used the success of the previous product to invest in the research and development of the next product, the result of which is the latest product released recently – Black Shark game phone Helo. At first glance, even if you haven’t experienced the previous product, you will be able to tell that it is a Black Shark phone, with the iconic S-back label and X-shaped curve design making it still hi-tech. The Black Shark Helo is significantly thinner and lighter than its predecessors. The dimensions of 160×75.25×8.7mm are more typical of a mainstream phone.

Why is this Black Shark gaming phone Helo not called the Black Shark cell phone 2? According to official information, the Black Shark Helo is actually a parallel product line to the Black Shark cell phone, in terms of design it takes more into account the needs of the fashion crowd, but from the performance, the overall experience is insufficient to achieve a cross-generational experience, the real Black Shark cell phone second generation will only be officially released next year. Although the design draws on the concept of sports car shape, the Black Shark game phone Helo looks more cool and fashionable than its predecessor, and the new RGB light bars on both sides of the body and the original S-shaped back mark are organically linked, so the taste of “light pollution” is undoubtedly more appealing to gamers.

Aside from the cosmetic changes, the Black Shark Gaming Phone Helo now comes in a wider range of colors. In addition to the standard Night Black, there are two colorways, Royal Sky Blue and Red Flame Red, giving users more options. In fact, it is difficult to highlight the differences between common cell phones and other products in frontal design, but we still see some differences in the front of the Black Shark Helo – in order to pursue better stereo sound performance, this phone adopts a positive sound design, with speakers at the top and bottom of the screen, whi The experience in terms of sound can satisfy most players when combined with a more powerful solution and 3 MIC recording.

We can also see more designs on the Black Shark Helo with the same consideration for players, for example, on the right side of the body, it adds a side WiFi antenna design, combined with the original X antenna, so that when playing games, even if the hands are large, there will not be a “death grip” situation, so that the network status at all times to

The screen is 6.01-inch AMOLED full-screen with an 18:9 aspect ratio, DCI-P3 color gamut support, and an eye protection mode. Furthermore, the previous generation of products’ home button at the bottom of the screen has been officially cancelled, and the operation must be completed using full-screen gestures, and there will be special teaching at the time of power on. In addition, the Black Shark Helo made some changes on the back of the product, while retaining the original X-shaped curve design, the Black Shark Helo changed the camera to a vertical arrangement, along wi The Black Shark game phone Helo comes with the Black Shark second generation game handle, which was recently listed.

It can be attached to the standard Black Shark game phone Helo shell by sliding sideways, and according to Black Shark’s official disclosure, a special right-hand handle will be released afterwards, greatly improving the phone’s control performance. The handle part’s experience has previously been introduced in a separate review, so those interested can read it. Experience with the black shark second generation game

The Black Shark game phone Helo still uses the Snapdragon 845 mobile platform this time, while the memory versions are divided into 6 128GB, 8 128GB, and 10 256GB options. Snapdragon 845 is very familiar to everyone, as Qualcomm’s top flagship platform in 2018, it covers the Android camp mainstream high-end cell phones, including Samsung, OV, Xiaomi, and even Hammer manufacturers. The primary goal of the company is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

The new Black Shark game phone Helo is an excellent way to improve your score. In the launch site, Black Shark also announced that the Black Shark game phone Helo used AnTuTu to run the score test, and the highest score reached 309237, which can be said to be very good in the current stage.

The actual black shark game phone Helo performance should be improved compared to the previous generation, but there will not be a sudden leap. The internal significant upgrade over the past is, in fact, in the design of the cooling section.

The previous Black Shark cell phone used liquid cooling, and the Black Shark gaming phone Helo has upgraded the cooling module again this time, using the configuration of dual heat pipe partition cooling, for the first time to realize sub-regional and sub-module cooling, the heat transfer capacity of dual heat pipes reaches more than 10W, and covers several partitions such as CPU, GPU, RF system, and photo system, so that the overall temperature co The highest touch feeling of the hand holding area is also warm in the actual game experience, and there will be no local hot situation. In the actual game experience, whether it’s “King’s Honor”, “Stimulation Battlefield”, or the new game “Saint Seiya” and “Xuan Yuan Jian” which were listed soon, they all performed well in front of the Black Shark game phone Helo, and the smoothness and picture quality were extremely excellent. You can enter the extremely rich function settings interface by sliding the upper left or upper right corner of the game, where you can reject calls, block notifications, set buttons, and so on.

In the advanced settings, you can also make special settings for popular games like King of Honor and Stimulation Battlefield, allowing each game to be set individually in terms of CPU strategy, display, operation, and even sound, achieving the effect of a thousand games with a thousand faces.

UI (User Interface)

Many detailed game settings In terms of photography, the Black Shark game phone Helo is equipped with a 12-megapixel main camera and a 20-megapixel secondary camera, supporting dark light enhancement, HDR, and other technologies; in terms of front photography, the Black Shark game phone Helo uses a 20-megapixel, f/2.2 camera, combining the characteristics of the fashion crowd and adding intelligent beauty function.

We learned about a new Black Shark through our experience with the Black Shark gaming phone Helo. Despite the fact that Black Shark is a new cell phone brand, the Black Shark team does not lack clarity, but rather performs extensive customization and debugging of the phone in order to create the ultimate gaming experience, and thus brings this Black Shark gaming phone Helo phone that is more satisfying and acceptable to ordinary players based on the previous generation of Black Shark phones. Although there is no sudden improvement in performance after the improved appearance and heat dissipation system, the user base of the Black Shark gaming phone Helo has undoubtedly expanded, and the stronger competitiveness combined with the thoughtful and rich settings for gamers will undoubtedly attract more professional users.