Black Experience: Oppo R17 Pro “glory Of The King” Vulkan Version Of Group Black Smooth Not Drop Line

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] “Open black?” “Open!” As time passes, mobile games occupy an increasingly important position in everyone’s daily life, with “King’s Honor” as one of the most popular mobile games today, daily “hacking” has also become one of the most important forms of entertainment.Honor of the King For the game experience, the current version of the game based on OpenGL will inevitably have lag when running. Recently, the Vulkan version of “King of Honor,” which was co-created by “King of Honor” and Qualcomm, was officially released, which reawakened the interest of many gaming parties. Simultaneously, ColorOS official microblogging released a statement stating that OPPO will work closely with “Honor of Kings” and that ColorOS gaming experience will be upgraded once more, which makes many OPPO users happy.

OPPO has officially launched OPPO Find X “King of Honor” Vulkan version on November 6, in this mode of game, Snapdragon platform phones can achieve more efficient graphics rendering and lower power consumption, resulting in a more stable and smooth high frame rate game experience. Following in the footsteps of the Find X, the OPPO R17 series supports “King of Honor” Vulkan version one after another on the 13th, from black to white faster and smoother.

King’s Honor Vulkan Edition Many users may be unaware of the King of Honor Vulkan version and may mistakenly believe that it is identical to the previous OpenGL version. However, if you know what kind of game upgrade experience this new version of King of Honor will bring you, you will understand the difference. What is the Vulkan version of King’s Quest? Vulkan is an efficient, cross-platform underlying graphics API interface that was developed for some high-end Android models as a smooth version.

This interface connects mobile games to the hardware, and after a series of optimizations, the CPU task scheduling load can be released to a greater extent, maximizing GPU performance. Vulkan, for example, can provide users with more stable high frame rates as well as more stable and high-definition image quality during actual gaming, which is undoubtedly excellent for many gaming parties.

The Vulkan version of King’s Quest is based on extensive technical optimizations by Qualcomm and King’s Quest, allowing for more efficient graphics rendering and lower power consumption. What kind of optimization can the Vulkan version of “Honor of Kings” bring? The flagship product like OPPo Find X can already meet the high demand, but the Vulkan version of “Honor of Kings,” with the support of OPPO’s product performance, provides more stable frame rate and more detailed graphics, bringing a better high frame rate gaming experience. Personally, I believe that power conservation is the most critical area. In fact, the game engine in Hyper Boost is a targeted optimization of the most popular games on the market, rather than simply boosting the CPU and GPU frequencies, because such a boost in hardware “Raid” is likely to result in chip heating, power consumption is very fast drawbacks.

The game engine in Hyper Boost accomplishes this by improving the gaming experience while still taking into account the effect of energy and power savings.

It is very simple to upgrade the system to the latest version, and then open the “King of glory” APP, update to the latest version is Vulkan mode, currently the “King of glory” Vulkan version has been open to support Find X on November 7, 13 has also been open to support R17 and R17 Pro, the three models of users can enjoy the black. Users can easily store large amounts of photos, videos, and other data, and faster storage speed, while running multiple large applications or games without pressure, thanks to the 8GB 128GB large running memory comparable to flagships. Next, I’ll run a test with the OPPO R17 Pro to see how smooth the transition to the Vulkan version of “Honor of Kings” hacking is.

OPPO R17 Pro “Kingdom Honor” testKingdom Honor

The OPPO R17 Pro runs extremely smoothly, and the game process is very stable at 60 frames per second. The powerful game space is also very smooth when opening multiple applications or running in the background thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor. oPPO has always placed a high value on the game experience, and has made numerous improvements to the game. OPPO and Qualcomm have jointly optimized the game in the OPPO R11s, introducing “intelligent scene recognition” and “multi-core multi-threading” technology, which greatly improves the game experience of “King’s Honor.” In addition to the version update, OPPO’s Hyper Boost acceleration technology, a system-level acceleration solution released last month, accelerates the smartphone in all three aspects: system, application, and game.

Although the Vulkan version is currently only adapted to the OPPO Find X and OPPO R17 series, everyone will be able to enjoy the smooth HD experience brought by this version, and there will be no more 460 latency.King’s Honor

The R17 Pro is the first R series product to feature SuperVOOC super flash charging technology, with a charging power of nearly 50 W. The R17 Pro with this technology is equipped with two 1850 mAh dual battery cells that can be charged to 40 The charging speed is industry leading.OPPO R17 Pro SuperVOOC super flash charging A game of “Honor of Kings” for nearly 15 minutes consumes only about 7% of power, so there is no need to play heavily for a day. Not to mention that there is OPPO SuperVOOC super flash charging as a backup, so there is no need to be concerned about playing the game. Furthermore, OPPO SuperVOOC super flash charge innovation launched in series dual-cell design, the voltage of 10V by two cells respectively, that is, each cell is subjected to 5V voltage 5A current, are in the core can withstand the safety threshold, in addition to 5 core protection and 5 protection, and a specially customized VCU intelligent control chip to control voltage and flow control temperature of the entire line.

For the first time, OPPO SuperVOOC super flash charging technology has passed the stringent safety test conducted by Rheinland Labs in Germany, and the fast charging capability has been certified with 5 stars by Thayer Labs in China, providing all-around safety protection. The OPPO R17 Pro provides the best gaming experience to users thanks to its excellent battery life and unique SuperVOOC Super Flash Charging technology.

With the support of OPPO’s product performance, the Vulkan version of “Honor of Kings” not only has a more stable frame rate and more detailed graphics, giving users a better high frame rate gaming experience; in terms of power consumption is also excellent, lower energy consumption and longer life, users can enjoy the black, no longer afraid of the key moment card to the wall!