Benq’s New Screen Hanging Light Experience: Screenbar Halo With Inseparable

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] I believe that many friends in the computer configuration will want to be equipped with screen hanging lights, so that the central area of the desktop light evenly, so as to avoid shadows and brightness deviation and many other problems, but also the use of screen hanging light bar strip structure to create a technological model, and reduce desktop space. After years of research and development, the third generation of ScreenBar screen hanging light – ScreenBar Halo – was finally born this year; let’s take a look at this screen hanging light next. ScreenBar Halo’s appearance differs from the previous two generations; it will be gravity pivot clips and lamps combined into one, eliminating the need for users to assemble themselves.

The covers on both sides of the lamp are removable, allowing for easy replacement of LED parts in the future. It is also worth noting that ScreenBar Halo has a light on the gravity pivot clip that can be illuminated at night to supplement ambient light, and the user only needs to switch the light mode on the controller. Furthermore, the light source is refracted through a specific angle, allowing it to have an asymmetric light path, allowing the light not to shine on the screen.

ScreenBar Halo, as the third generation of products in this point, is also upgraded through the new patent – combined curvature reflection optics, making the asymmetric light path clearer and 50% better than the second-generation ScreenBar Plus.

The controller for the ScreenBar Halo is wirelessly connected, with six buttons on the panel: the middle is the on/off button, the bottom is the light mode switch, which is mainly used to switch the front and rear lights lighting mode, the left is the color temperature mode switch and auto-dimming, the right is the brightness adjustment and favorite mode, and the outermost circle is the induction dimming indicator light, allowing users to adjust to their own needs to feel comfortable with the

The controller is powered by three 7-cell batteries, with the battery compartment located on the bottom, and it comes with a patented curved screen-specific accessory that can be used to perfectly mount the device to a curved screen display.

The ScreenBar Halo is specially equipped with non-slip velvet at the clip opening, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the narrow bezel display. China’s “Architectural Lighting Design Standards” (GB50034-2013) have made clear provisions: ordinary office desktop lighting (0.75m horizontal plane) should ensure 300lux, high-end offices to 500lux, should minimize glare, reduce the i

During the day when there is enough sunlight; at night when relying solely on overhead light; and, of course, because the location of the overhead light is relatively scattered, the brightness of different work stations is not consistent. And the lack of brightness will undoubtedly have an effect on vision, such as aggravating eye fatigue, and so on. This is also the significance of the ScreenBar lamp series’ introduction.

I measured the brightness of the lighting area through the instrument to 507 lux after using the ScreenBar Halo, which meets the needs of daytime use. It is worth noting that ScreenBar Halo has adjusted the position of the sensor, which is now located at the connection between the light band and the gravity pivot clip, so that the brightness of the desktop can be detected from top to bottom, and the detection range is larger and the detection accuracy is more accurate. ScreenBar Halo will automatically fill the desktop light to 500 lux when in automatic mode. ScreenBar Halo can also adjust the warm and cold light, choose cool white light during the day to focus on work to improve efficiency, and warm yellow light at night for leisure and entertainment does not affect sleep, which looks much more comfortable than the fixed color temperature value of the office overhead lights and ordinary desk lamps! If the lamp’s height is set too high, the light will shine directly into the eyes and cannot be used.

The screen hanging lamp is unique in that it employs a specially designed mold and prism to emit regional light, allowing the light to shine on the desktop rather than the monitor, as a traditional desk lamp would. The light is at a lower level than the eye and parallel to the monitor screen. And ScreenBar Halo is the pinnacle of this light design, giving people roughly the same sensation as the first two generations, but the upgrade brings a higher level of pleasure, more convenient control methods, and more lighting modes; each upgrade point will address different consumer pain points. In comparison to the first two generations, I recommend purchasing ScreenBar Halo.

After all, the wireless controller makes it easier to create a wireless desktop, making the desktop more neat and tidy, and creating an exclusive light space through a precise immersive experience.