Asus Linguo X Dual Screen The New Liftable Secondary Screen Is The Finishing Touch

[Bestbuy618 laptop channel]Despite the fact that we are now in the era of mobile Internet, laptops remain an indispensable productivity tool for the vast majority of people. And, like other products, the shape of laptops has changed in recent years. ASUS recently launched the ASUS LINGYAO X dual-screen laptop at CES2021, which won the CES2021 creative award for its innovative design. If the ScreenPad Plus touch sub-screen follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, the liftable design further enhances the product’s practicality and overall experience, making it a worthy winner of the CES award.

We will be experiencing this product at the ASUS media conference in the near future, and we will share our experience with you below.

When you’re away from the office, you’ll encounter a variety of scenarios, especially during business trips, whether it’s on a couch in a restaurant or a small desk on an airplane that can be converted into a temporary work area at any time. This is when the design of the notebook product becomes crucial. First and foremost, the body should not be too heavy; otherwise, the experience of carrying it is likely to have an impact on its efficiency.

Second, the experience of use must be convenient enough in order to improve the efficiency of a purpose. The ASUS LINGUO X dual screen is thought to have grasped the true meaning in this regard. The new spindle design makes the Asus X slimmer and lighter in stature, and the simple metal body exudes a low-key luxury.

From actual experience, the LINGUO X dual-screen in the bag is about 1.55Kg, thin about 15.9mm body makes the LINGUO X dual-screen in the bag although not said to be senseless, but compared to other notebooks with 14 inches is still a real good choice, ordinary shoulder bag or even some portable bags can be this 14-inch laptop into it, no matter where the business trip can be taken at will. Of course, as a media worker, for me personally the Even if it is lighter and thinner, it is difficult to ensure work efficiency while on the move, and such a product cannot be called a “qualified teammate.” In this regard, the Spiritual X dual screen is outfitted with a full-size backlit keyboard with 1.35mm key range, with excellent key range performance, even after extended use can still maintain excellent recording experience and efficiency, to deal with the test of multiple scenarios is a word evaluation “suitable as hell” If a small keyboard is required for daily work, a corresponding virtual keyboard area can be created on the secondary screen for quick data entry. I believe you have noticed that the keyboard portion of the dual screen of the Spiritual Flare X is slightly on the bottom.

To accommodate the needs of long hours of continuous work, there will be a laptop invisible bracket for lifting the body to improve the viewing angle.

When purchasing a computer, I must consider the ease of expansion as a productivity tool. Unlike some princess computers that are good at subtracting, the LINGUO X Dual Screen has all of the usual USB-A and USB-C ports, full-speed dual Thunderbolt 4 ports, and the display output retains the most widely used full-size HDMI port, in addition to headphones, card readers, and other interfaces, so you can completely abandon expansion devices when working outside.

The secondary screen design was the main selling point of the LINGO X2 Duo last year, and the new liftable design of the LINGO X Dual Screen is unquestionably the finishing touch to this notebook, better utilizing the benefits of the ScreenPad Plus touch secondary screen. The ErgoLift hinge design allows the 12.65-inch sub-screen to be raised and lowered automatically within a 7° range, giving users a better viewing angle and brighter display, as well as a perfect docking with the main screen to enhance the integrated feel of the screen. According to ASUS engineers, the hinge part was also a major challenge during the design process, and numerous material and structure combinations were tested to ensure overall strength for long-term stable use.

According to ASUS lab tests, the pivoting part of the ASUS X dual screen can withstand more than 24,000 times of continuous use, and users can be confident that there will be no problems for more than 6 years, even if they open and close it 10 times per day.

Another advantage of the liftable sub-screen is that it improves heat dissipation. ASUS also fully utilizes the space at the bottom of the secondary screen to add dual cooling air ducts, completing the AAS Plus wind tunnel system and allowing the air intake of the dual screen to be boosted in an open manner. In fact, this is similar in principle to the small heel design on the bottom of the computer, which is to increase cooling capacity by increasing the contact surface of the cooling port and air. However, ASUS has made more detailed changes to the design of the fan blades, adding more fan blades to create a larger diameter to pressure ratio, allowing the airflow to be further enhanced.

In actual experience, the cooling capability of the ASUS X’s dual-screen surface does live up to expectations, as the C-side is only warm even under high load applications.

The benefits of the dual screen are not only the coolness and technology on the surface, but the 12.65-inch secondary screen makes a world of difference compared to the narrow operating space of a certain TouchBar. In use, the dual-screen linkage significantly improves the LINGUO X dual-screen experience and efficiency, as the user’s applications can be synchronized on both screens, but also partitioned settings, which for the design crowd, can be more intuitive. In fact, the dual screen of LINGUO X can be used to different advantage by stockholders, sound engineers, hand painters, and even heavy document processors who have a need for multi-screen offices, and everyone can find a way to play with their daily applications through the secondary screen’s characteristics.

Through our on-site experience, it is clear to feel the overall improvement of the LINGUO X dual-screen, not only will the previous generation of dual-screen selling point from the practicality of digging deep again, towards the direction of excellence a breakthrough step, but also more lightweight design and outstanding performance can bring greater assistance to the work. Perhaps you have not yet realized your need for multi-screen, but I believe that the demand for mining as long as a slight combination of some daily scenarios is very easy to find, once you experience the convenience of multi-screen, you will be completely addicted to it; especially for design, creative people, and other users of multi-screen collaborative application needs, LingYao X dual-screen is definitely a “magic weapon Of course, if you have higher productivity requirements, you can also look to Asus in the run-up to the upcoming release of the LINGUO X Dual Screen Pro, which is equipped with an RTX30 series graphics card and will not disappoint.