Apple Macbook Air/mac Mini/ipad Pro New Products Explained

[Bestbuy618 Notebook Channel] On the evening of October 30, Apple officially released three new products: the iPad Pro, the MacBook Air, and the Mac mini. The updates to the Macbook Air and Mac mini have piqued the interest of eager users, and the release of the iPad Pro brings revolutionary innovations as well.

Concerning the new iPad Pro

To begin with, Apple removed the physical Home button on the new generation of iPad Pro and replaced it with the same Face ID as the iPhone X series, which can unlock the screen both horizontally and vertically. Furthermore, the TrueDepth camera setting, which has been available since the iPhone X, has been added to the new iPad Pro, as has the gesture operation from the iPhone X.

By reducing the bezel, Apple has also made the iPad Pro smaller and with a higher screen-to-body ratio. The new iPad Pro comes in 11-inch and 12.9-inch sizes. The 12.9-inch body thickness is reduced from 6.9mm to 5.9mm, with a 120Hz Liquid Retina screen (LCD) resolution of 23881668 (264ppi), but there is no bangscreen design on the new iPad Pro.

Because Apple is now positioning the iPad Pro as a high-performance computing device, significant changes in performance and connectivity have been made. The new iPad Pro features a faster USB-C interface with up to 5K display screen output. While charging iPhones, the iPad Pro can achieve all-day battery life.

All new iPad Pro models include LTE data network support, but all require the use of an eSIM (electronic SIM card).

The iPad Pro is powered by the 7nm A12X Bionic processor, which has 10 billion transistors. A12X features an eight-core design with four high-performance cores and four energy-efficient cores, resulting in a 35% increase in single-core performance and a 90% increase in multi-core performance. The new generation neural engine in the A12X can perform 5 trillion operations per second.

The new iPad Pro comes with 64GB, 256GB, 512GB, and up to 1TB of storage.

Apple’s second generation Apple Pencil has also gotten a lot of attention from users. The Apple Pencil 2 has a magnetic sticky edge for storage and one side of the pen can be attached to the iPad for easy charging. The Apple Pencil 2 has gesture controls that can be customized, allowing you to use your own gestures in different applications.

In the Notes app, for example, you can tap twice to switch tools from pencil to eraser.

Cook also announced the official iOS 12.1 update for iPad/iPhone users, which includes group FaceTime chat features, dual-SIM support for iPhone XS/XR, and 70 new Emoji.

The 11-inch 64GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB models cost $6,499, $7,699, $9,299, and $12,499, respectively, while the versions with LTE network support cost $7,699, $8,899, $10,499, and $13,699, respectively. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro without LTE network support costs $8099, $9299, $10,899, and $14,099, while the version with LTE network support costs $9299, $10,499, $12,099, and $15,299.