Apple Is Too Stingy, So I Advise You Not To Buy The Iphone Se3 For The Following Five Reasons: Apple Is Too Stingy, So I Advise You Not To Buy It

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The iPhone SE3 was unveiled at Apple’s spring event in 2022, and as expected, the cheapest Apple 5G phone has the body of the iPhone 8. The A15 bionic chip, on the other hand, is more powerful than any Android flagship currently available. The design has not changed this time, but the processor performance of the drop-resistant glass body has improved dramatically over the previous generation; however, we do not recommend purchasing the iPhone SE3!
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Reason 1: There isn’t much of a difference in appearance.
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The body design of the iPhone SE3 and SE2 is nearly identical. The iPhoneSE2 is based on the iPhone8, and when compared online, it appears to be similar to the iPhone6. The body design of the iPhone SE3 is very simple, but it has been 8 years since it was released, and I’ve grown tired of looking at it. Apple is being extremely frugal; it is preferable to use the iPhone XR body, which is more durable.

Reason 2: The 4.7-inch screen is too small.

The iPhoneSE3 screen is only 4.7 inches, which is insufficient for users who prefer large screens. You should be aware that Apple’s current flagships have the smallest screen size of 5.4 inches, whereas Android flagships have screens that are larger than 6 inches, with some reaching 6.7 inches. In terms of market selection, 4.7 inches has long been associated with the abolition of backward design. Small-screen enthusiasts are dwindling, as evidenced by the sales of the iPhone 12mini and 13mini. Small-screen phones simply do not smell good.

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Reason 3: A mask can also be used to unlock 3D face recognition.
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The iPhoneSE3 is currently Apple’s only non-full-screen phone with fingerprint unlock. Many users are nostalgic for this classic feature, but starting with iOS15.4 onwards, wearing a mask unlocks 3D face recognition. As a result, the need for fingerprint unlock is diminishing, and the iPhone SE3 is no longer necessary.

Reason 4: The battery life is insufficient.

The iPhone SE3 has been driving support for fast charging, as long as the Apple charger is capable of 20W or more. The A15 bionic chip uses less power, and according to the official website, it can play video for 15 hours, which is two hours longer than the iPhoneSE2. The iPhoneSE3’s battery life is still inadequate in comparison to the iPhone13 and 13Pro, and the battery capacity is expected to be less than 2000 mA. The current standard for Android flagships is more than 4000 mA, so the iPhoneSE3 range pales in comparison.

Reason #5: The price has risen once more.

The national price of the iPhoneSE3 is 3499 yuan, which is higher than the national price of the iPhoneSE2 which is 200 yuan. It’s worth noting that Apple is sticking with the 64GB capacity this time. The same 64GB, it’s better to spend a few hundred dollars more to get iPhone12mini, which, after all, supports 5G networks, has the A14 bionic chip, which is also the first generation of 5nm process technology, and has a very comprehensive feature set. So the iPhoneSE3 price of 3499 yuan isn’t genuine, and the price increase isn’t justified.

In conclusion, iPhoneSE3 is better suited to new Apple users or those who have mastered the old iPhone series. It is not recommended that you purchase the iPhoneSE3 if you want to experience a well-functioning phone.