Appearance Review: Oppo Reno Added A New Member Barca Custom Version More Vigorous Vigor

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] OPPO recently announced the renewal of a three-year collaboration agreement with FC Barcelona at Camp Nou, FC Barcelona’s home stadium, while OPPO launched the OPPO Reno Barcelona Custom Edition cell phone based on the Reno 10x zoom version. The OPPO Reno Barcelona Custom Edition will show you what kind of spark can be created when the vitality of red meets the calmness of blue.OPPO Reno Barcelona Custom Edition is the fourth customized phone launched by OPPO and Barcelona, with the design concept “sensuality and passion.” In addition to carrying on the classic elements of red and blue color clash, the OPPO Reno Barcelona Custom Edition has realized the gradient design of red and blue color clash via an innovative process, making the transition between red and blue more natural. Color clash design, in general, refers to the designer matching two colors that are far apart, one cold and one warm, with the vitality of red and the calmness of blue matching perfectly. OPPO hopes to combine two contrasting colors in the design process to create a more innovative and bold gradient effect, which can also provide a very impactful visual experience and express confidence and vitality, individuality and charm.

It also conveys confidence and vitality, as well as individuality and boldness.

In general, there is only a small space to do the gradient transition in the collision area of the collision color, and the transition area will cause a blackish transition zone, so OPPO chose to use the more complex process of thermal transfer printing of the flow of light layer arrangement method to solve this problem. First, the color distribution’s resolution is doubled to make the color more delicate, and then the AG process is used in the flowing layer to make the red and blue light reflect randomly in different directions, avoiding strong red and blue fusion and solving the problem of blackish transition area. More unusually, OPPO chose the diagonal tangent arrangement rather than the conventional red and blue up and down or left and right arrangement. This design is a bright spot, but it also puts the designer’s ability to the test, as a careless visual center of gravity will appear the problem.

This is why OPPO chose the “blue-red-blue” arrangement, wrapping the active red with the calm blue, making the OPPO Reno Barcelona Custom Edition calm in its enthusiasm and exuberance.OPPO Reno Barcelona Custom Edition The new gold OPPO logo adorns the entire machine, and the FCB gold team emblem below represents the spirit of heritage, after more than 20 processes to achieve a delicate light and matte homogeneous effec The cross of Barcelona’s patron saint, Santi, is added to the upper right corner of the emblem to symbolize the city of Barcelona; the golden stripe in the upper right corner (originally a yellow and red stripe) represents Catalonia, the region where Barcelona is located; below the cross and stripe are the words FCB, as well as the blue and red stripes symbolizing the club’s colors, and finally a soccer is added between the red and blue stripes, signifying the close confederation It represents Barça’s vibrant new look and the club’s hope for a bright future, as well as the love of soccer. The words “GLOBAL PARTNER OF FC BARCELONA” are engraved beneath the entire team logo, emphasizing the new integration of technology and sports.

OPPO Reno Barcelona Special EditionOPPO Reno Barcelona Special Edition

Another topic I’d like to discuss is this custom case from the same series. The middle is hollowed out to reveal the three cameras on the back of the phone and the central axis design, the O-Dot, OPPO logo, and the words “DESIGNED BY OPPO” embellished with gemstone inlay technology in an invisible order on this case, which is also designed with red and blue color clash. The O-Dot, OPPO logo, and “DESIGNED BY OPPO” are placed in an invisible order on the central axis, creating an independent space, separating the space on the entire glass, and storing the logo and text elements to provide a balanced aesthetic.

Furthermore, the protective case is imprinted with the golden FCB team logo and the words “GLOBAL PARTNER OF FC BARCELONA,” making it even more unique.OPPO Reno Barcelona Custom Edition

OPPO Reno Barca Custom Edition OPPO Reno is a customizable version of the OPPO Reno that is inspired by Barcelona’s spirit of hard work, humility, ambition, respect, and unity, and features an exclusive wallpaper and Icon inspired by soccer elements, red and blue color clash, and gradient process.

OPPO Reno Barca Customized Edition Customized application wallpaper and calendar match reminder logo, as well as the ability to automatically import match information, so you don’t miss a single Barcelona game. Furthermore, the ringtone is very special, as OPPO replaces the incoming call ringtone, alarm ringtone, and SMS ringtone with Barca’s team song and some live sounds that Barca fans are familiar with, and Barca fans will love all of OPPO’s thoughtful design. The new light-sensitive screen fingerprint with 3P lens reduces distortion and improves the amount of incoming light; the fingerprint image obtained is more accurate; the success rate of fingerprint unlocking is optimized by 20%-30% compared to the previous generation; and unlocking is one step faster.

The 48-megapixel main camera 13-megapixel telephoto 8-megapixel wide-angle hybrid triple camera combination, all-around coverage of ultra-wide angle, night photography, ultra-telephoto shooting scenarios, double OIS optical stabilization, telephoto shooting is not blurred more clear, watching football matches sitting on top of the mountain does not matter, OPPO Reno Barcelona Custom Edition 60 times optical zoom let you see With the new portrait mode 2.0, the front 16 million AI intelligent beauty can make the camera shoot the focus on the subject more prominent, the background image is defocused, and more layered.

Fans of Barcelona know that the team plays with great sensuality and art, and OPPO interprets the combination of technology and art with sensual passion. The highly compatible concept enables OPPO and Barcelona to launch the fourth customized cell phone, which adds details to the universal beauty and inspiration while also giving fans a heart-thumping sensation.