Apeos C7070 Intelligent Color Digital Multifunctional Machine Experience To Help Enterprises’ Digital Transformation

[Bestbuy618 Office Channel] Nowadays, with the deep development and widespread application of cloud, artificial intelligence, and other technologies, enterprises are gradually entering the deep water of digital transformation. As an indispensable IoT terminal for enterprise office, the copywriting equipment also faces the test brought by digitalization, such as whether there is enough information security protection, whether the operation function is smart enough, and whether it can withstand the test brought by digitalization. This model comes standard with options such as long-life toner cartridges, large-capacity powder bins, and rich back-channel binding to achieve professional color output results, high productivity, and high reliability, aiming to meet the needs of various types of businesses in various industries with high quality requirements.

It features high-speed printing and copying, high-speed scanning, fast start-up, intelligent operation, and wide paper adaptability.

Today, a group of Bestbuy618 visited Fujifilm Business Innovation to have an in-depth experience with the Apeos C7070 intelligent color digital multifunction machine (hereinafter referred to as Apeos C7070) and bring an experience report. Apeos C7070 adopts the color configuration of white as the main color and black and gray as the supplement, demonstrating business without sacrificing beauty. Apeos C7070 is a color digital composite machine with an overall size of 620mm x 790mm x 1169mm, covering an area of less than 1 square meter.

Furthermore, even with the optional back-channel binding option, the Apeos C7070 takes up little office space. The Apeos C7070 scanning device, located on the top of the body, is composed of ADF feeder, scanning flatbed, maximum support for A3 format, support for duplex scanning, 250-sheet feed, continuous scanning, the biggest advantage is double-sided scanning and black and color with the same speed of 70 pages / min scanning. Furthermore, scanning flatbeds support multi-media scanning, such as identity documents, cards, and so on.

In terms of the control panel, the Apeos C7070 has a 10.1-inch smart color touch screen, which allows for quick scanning and copying, as well as simple operations such as print settings and network settings, such as setting black and white printing and color printing, while the network can access wireless LAN and Wi-Fi Direct (wireless direct connection function). Furthermore, the operation panel allows for personalization.

The Apeos C7070 has four standard paper trays that can hold up to 5,000 sheets of paper (4 tray model: 4 tray model high-capacity tray B2). A3 is the maximum feed size and A5 is the smallest feed size. The Apeos C7070 is not only feature-rich but also very powerful, supporting four-in-one functions such as printing, copying, scanning, and faxing, as well as wired network printing and wireless network printing, making mobile devices seamlessly connected anytime and anywhere, and supporting digital tools such as seamless sharing and document management to enhance work efficiency, and providing all-round support. The model also includes wired network connection printing and wireless network printing, allowing you to ditch the fixed workstation bondage and use the device whenever and wherever you want throughout the office.

Notably, the Apeos C7070 allows for seamless document sharing and management. The automatic duplexer can be used to directly scan small originals such as custom paper originals or receipts, which are automatically set to a closer standard size, as well as the Smart OCR function (optional) to help reduce post-press processing work. Furthermore, the model has a scanning special delivery function (optional), simply press the preset button corresponding to each workflow or document type, you can automatically process and store the scanned images, such as automatically setting the file format, file name, etc.; can also automatically scan and process the document stored in the corresponding target location; with the automatic scanning function, you can easily send the scanned data with one click.

When the machine sleeps automatically, Apeos C7070 detects the presence of a human body and wakes up automatically. This feature is intended to be more humane; especially in light of the “double carbon” policy, the automatic wake-up function contributes to a low-carbon environment and lowers carbon emissions.

The Apeos C7070 has a quick warm-up time of less than 24 seconds, an operating panel that is ready in just 6 seconds (depending on the host status and option configuration), and a first page copy time of only 3.3 seconds. Furthermore, official data shows that the Apeos C7070 copies and prints at a speed of 70 sheets per minute, and at the same speed for black and white and color, and scans at a speed of 270 pages per minute, also at the same speed for black and white and color. In light of this, Bestbuy618 measured the print speed of the Apeos C7070, and the data shows that the first page of the document output time of 10.01 seconds, this time plus the warm-up

Furthermore, Bestbuy618 used test samples to test the quality of the Apeos C7070, and we discovered that the Apeos C7070 print quality is quite outstanding, text printing does not appear to “spend” the situation, and the handwriting is clear and sharp. Color printing color saturation and color reproduction are high, especially when portrait printing, the degree of presentation is exquisite, and the quality is outstanding. It is also worth noting that the Apeos C7070 is equipped with a light notification reminder function, which alerts the user’s attention through a light notification when there are untaken originals or printed documents on the paper tray, preventing documents from being missed on t

Safety is paramount. Apeos C7070 also performs well in information security protection, such as blocking unauthorized users through user authentication and permissions, blocking unwanted access, and so on, as well as preventing unauthorized access by protecting management functions, multifunctional device software, and so on, and then protecting communication data, documents stored on the device, and so on. Furthermore, the machine can perform digital code embedding and tracking functions to prevent operational errors.

Nowadays, enterprises are on the verge of digital transformation, and their own business is accompanied by cloud, digital, and other presentation methods, and as an enterprise IoT terminal, the printing equipment bears a portion of the enterprise’s data assets. As a result, digitalization puts printing equipment to the test, and whether in terms of color output effect, high productivity, or reliability, the Apeos C7070 offers incomparable advantages, and Bestbuy618 will look forward to Fujifilm’s business innovation to produce more and more professional equipment to enable enterprises’ digital transformation.