Analysis: Samsung Galaxy S10 Family Released Compared To The S9 Upgrade What?

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] Samsung held the global launch of the Galaxy S10 series in San Francisco on February 20. What kind of performance will the Samsung S10 bring in its tenth year as the industry benchmark that has been launched for 9 consecutive years? This is a concern for many users. Before the launch, Bestbuy618 reporter grabbed the S10 series for about a half-hour experience, here we will first understand some features of the Galaxy S10 series to see what enhancements have been made to the S10 compared to the previous generation of S9. Four new 5G versions still need time The first thing to say is that the Samsung Galaxy S10 series is divided into four products, the first thing we see is the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 two expected combination an However, for the time being, we can only see the three models mentioned earlier; whether it is waiting for the 5G standard to be formally established or to be deployed by operators, it will take some time for the S10 5G version to truly hit the market.

Infinity-O “super sensory full view screen” They have improved in terms of display, photography, and performance over their predecessors.

For the past two years, the full-view curved screen has been upgraded to “super sensory full-view screen” (Curved Dynamic AMOLED), support HDR 10, anti-blue light, and other features. The sizes of the S10 and S10 are 6.1 and 6.4 inches, respectively, and the resolution supports QHD level, with the screen ratio changing from 18.5:9 to 19:9. Infinity-O design is a major feature of this S series, and although we have previously experienced the new Samsung A8s released late last year, this open-hole full-screen is the first time by the top series of cell phones.

The Samsung S10 has a 10-megapixel, F1.9 wide-angle camera in the upper right corner of the front, while the S10 Plus has a 10-megapixel, F1.9 and an 8-megapixel, F2.2 dual-camera setup with a horizontal aperture design. The benefit of the dual-camera is that the front also adds a real-time bokeh function and allows for wide-angle functionality in selfies.Samsung S10 on the left, Samsung S9 on the right When we compare the Samsung S10 to the Samsung S9, we can clearly see that the screen-to-body ratio of both has improved, the forehead at the top and the chin at the bottom have been shortened, and the product has a strong sense of future. Of course, the Infinity-O design will take some time to adapt to the needs of many users.

As a “screen factory,” Samsung S10 series above the application is still the industry’s top screen, whether in terms of resolution (for power-saving considerations, system default FHD, can be adjusted to WQHD ), color or contrast have a good performance, purely from the display side of its effect is almost impeccable. The horizontal three cameras 30 kinds of intelligent scenes bokeh new way to play However, with its own continuous improvement in the field of multi-camera, Samsung’s products in the last two years in this area have gradually changed, from the Note8 era began to join the dual-camera, to the end of last year, the world’s first four-camera configuration of the A9s, Samsung is said to be rapid in the camera number of growth. And in the Galaxy S10 and S10 two products this year, Samsung chose to use the current high-end models in the mainstream three-camera design, in the exact same parameters.

The photo system of the S10 series is called “super vision shooting system,” with 12MP 45° telephoto lens (support OSI, F2.4), 12MP 77° wide angle lens (support OIS, F1.5/F2.4 variable aperture), 16MP 123° ultra wide angle lens (F2.2) We will test the photo capabilities of the S10 series after receiving the experience machine later in the conference.

If the changes on the front of the S10 series are primarily reflected in the improved screen-to-body ratio, the changes on the back of the body are transformative. The back camera area is arranged horizontally this time, which is a significant change from its predecessor’s vertical arrangement, and is more in line with the design of the Note series from the previous two years. What’s missing? The S8 era fingerprint recognition button on the side of the camera was criticized, the S9 era fingerprint recognition is adjusted to the camera below, to the S10 era, Samsung finally embraced the first time the under-screen fingerprint technology, to live up to the expectations of the load on the ultrasonic fingerprint recognition.

Although the ultrasonic fingerprint recognition technology carried by Samsung appears to be similar to the light-sensitive screen fingerprint recognition that we have seen in the past, there are some differences in the recognition principle, which is the most direct feeling to the user is: ultrasonic can avoid the accuracy of the unlock due to external factors such as water or grease on the hands, and the adaptability is strenuous. Because of the limited space of the front opening, iris recognition is not loaded on top of the S10, although iris recognition has its own characteristics in terms of security and use environment, but because of the structure, I’m afraid that in the future in Samsung’s other flagship level we will also be difficult to see it again. Performance: Snapdragon 855 no suspense starting at 8GB 128GB In addition to the processor, Samsung S10 and S10 both upgrade the starting memory to 8 128GB combination, with a separate memory card expansion of up to 512GB, and the top S10 also brings a terrible memory configuration of 12GB 1TB.

This Samsung S10 series is also quite strong in battery capacity, 3400mAh and 4100mAh configuration, than the previous generation to improve the 400mAh/600mAh, combined with Snapdragon 855 7nm design, in the use of the length of time should be a good improvement. Charging speed Samsung S10 series also has further improvement, and is wired / wireless upgrade at the same time. However, Samsung did not provide specific power information; the net rumor is that wired wireless are 24W, which we will update later after the actual test.

Samsung, which was the first to play with wireless charging, also made a very special change on top of the Galaxy S10: wireless recoil, which means you can provide power to other Samsung, iPhone, and other phones that support wireless charging through the S10, a feature that opens and closes in the drop-down menu at the top. Although this feature is not particularly noteworthy in terms of practicality, this type of black technology that can occasionally show a hand is bound to be a plus when purchasing, in case it truly pleases the girl who likes it with this feature as advertised?

The Galaxy S10 will be available in three colorways in China: white, green, and black, with no blue color like the overseas version; the S10 also has two advanced ceramic versions, ceramic black and ceramic white. Size and weight: S10: 70.4×149.9×7.8mm/157g S10: 74.1×157.6×7.8mm/175g Top S9 Bottom S10 Similar in size to its predecessor, a little thinner and smaller, and successfully lighter in weight. The power button on the right side, on the other hand, is set higher (visually moved up about 15mm).

Wi-Fi is upgraded to the latest Wi-Fi6 that is 802.11ax, 4x4MIMO; mobile network is supported by LTE 2.0Gbps (speculation is that the Snapdragon X24 Modem is to blame) Bixby is upgraded again IP68, Knox and other advantageous features are still in Gaming experience better thermal performance, support for Dolby Atmos for Games sound Objectively speaking, the product power of the Samsung S10 series is still strong, with the new screen and design, more popular features added to the product itself to improve the experience, and the actual application seeing a lot of new feature points. However, in my opinion, the S10 is still a steady upgrade on the “conventional” side, rather than the “leap forward innovation” we expect. Of course, at this point, Samsung offers not only the S, but also the Galaxy Fold foldable screen phone, which will be available in April.

If you want to have more Amazing experiences, you should pay attention to the latest trends in foldable phones in the near future, and Bestbuy618 will also follow up on the relevant information first.