An All-around Excellent Flagship Experience: My Day With The Honor V40

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel] I believe many people remember using feature phones, not only because the memory is very small, photo quality into the pixel grid is poor, but also because every time you change the phone is a big project, the old phone contacts have to be entered into the new phone one by one, and the other content in the old phone can only be painfully deleted. But, thanks to the emergence and rapid development of smart phones, users no longer need to enter phone numbers one by one when changing devices, and even all the content in the old device can be “one key move” to the new device, Honor V40’s “replacement clone” The same can be said for the Honor V40’s “switch clone,” which can also be easily “moved.” The front dual camera is located in the upper left corner. When the screen is turned on, you can see the Honor V40’s unique UI design.

The Honor V40 comes with Magic UI 4.0, which is based on Android 10 and allows for extensive customization.

The Honor V40’s 120Hz screen refresh rate and 300Hz touch sampling rate are beneficial for both everyday use and gaming. Furthermore, this display has a 10bit color depth, which means that color changes on the Honor V40’s screen will be smoother and less prone to color gradations. The natural color display feature allows the screen color temperature to always adapt to the outside world, and reading novels on the subway gives me a more comfortable screen reading experience.

The Honor V40’s back uses a large area of AG frosted glass process, which is significantly better than most “fingerprint collector” phones. Under the glass, another coating is used, making this area appear different from the frosted part with sharp lines of light.

At the same time, the 8.04mm thickness and 186g weight are relatively good among many 5G phones, making it a more acceptable weight for everyone.

Honor V40 Honor V40 In the age of video socialization and the way of daily entertainment and pastime, people buy cell phones solely for their appearance and performance. After work, play games to unwind, then the king, eat chicken, and a game is bound to follow. The Honor V40 is powered by the Tiangui 1000 SoC, which is manufactured in a 7nm process and, in theory, can provide excellent power consumption performance. In terms of CPU, the Tiangui 1000 employs four Cortex-A77 large cores and four Cortex-A55 small cores, as well as a Mali-G77 9-core GPU, providing the Honor V40 with a solid hardware foundation.

The Honor V40’s smoothness in daily scenes is excellent, thanks to the 120Hz screen refresh rate, 300Hz touch sampling rate, and the new generation of GPU Turbo X. Excellent transition animation with performance release makes every click and swipe of the phone quick and followable without delay, while in game scenes with high performance demand can quickly carry out the computing resources The game’s performance is very good.

It is said that 5G cell phone battery life is difficult; however, if you have any misconceptions about 5G cell phones, glory V40’s fast “blood” and long battery life allow you to do the entire field without dropping the chain of the real “thigh.” Honor V40 is equipped with a 4000mAh battery, which is considered moderate in the cell phone market, playing an hour of “Peace Elite” consumed 17 percent of the power, but with the 66W wired fast charging and 50W wireless fast charging configuration, wired fast charging can already be charged 37 percent of the power in 10 minutes, 40 minutes of When the charge is completed, such charging speed is very good. It’s a shame that the 50W wireless fast charging hasn’t been tested. Honor V40 battery life test When you see something or a beautiful landscape, you’ll always be the first to raise your phone to record it.

The V40 is outfitted with a triple camera image module, with the top of the large main camera having a 1/1.56-inch large bottom RYYB CMOS, the number of pixels reaching 5000W, ultra-wide angle and macro two secondary camera support, adapt to more photo scenes, laser focus support, and also make the night scene focus more quickly.

Honor V40 In the actual sample, the Honor V40 demonstrates quite good resolution; for exposure and color control, the Honor V40 belongs to the faithful restoration school; whether near the building or the sky color, are very close to what the naked eye can see. Night scenes, Honor V40 main camera support manually opening night mode, night scene mode dynamic range is also noteworthy, can meet the phone needs to take care of the highlights while not overflowing, but also to ensure that the dark areas can have enough detail.

Actual shooting samples of the Honor V40 Honor V40 night mode shooting samples of the Honor V40 night mode shooting samples of the Honor V40 night mode shooting samples of the Honor V40 night mode shooting samples of the Honor V40 night

As previously stated, the Honor V40 runs Magic UI 4.0, and while it provides a basic experience, Honor has added a number of interesting features, such as a personalized off-screen display, which can keep some patterns and information displayed in a low-power mode after you lock the screen. Another example is the AI captioning feature, which can take sound from the microphone and convert it to text display in real time, or it can take the system sound and directly convert it to text transcription. This means that users can get real-time captioning display even if they don’t turn on the sound, which can be very useful in certain situations.

After a day of use, the Honor V40 does not reach the flagship’s core performance ceiling, but its comprehensive capabilities meet our daily needs. But, in terms of 5G, although 5G has been commercialized, the actual use of 5G network is not too many users, plus the operator 5G package charges are expensive, and not all places have 5G signal, so I did not go to experience 5G network in the end how However, the transition to a 5G network to replace 4G is unavoidable; we do not need to rush to experience it now; I believe that the 5G network experience will improve soon.