All-in-one Experience! Leiper Vs500 Rgb Gaming Microphone Hands-on Review

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel]In the face of the popular live broadcast trend, the traditional gaming headset microphone appears to be incapable of meeting the needs of professional users. To address the “not enough” live microphone situation, Leiper for gamers launched a professional grade VS500 gaming microphone, expanding the Leiper professional gaming microphone product line, and completely resolving the live and game communication issues that the traditional microphone had caused. So, how does the Leiper VS500 RGB backlit gaming microphone perform in use?

The Leiper VS500 RGB backlit gaming microphone is packaged in a black box with the traditional product rendering on the front. The front of the box shows the appearance of the Leiper VS500 RGB backlit gaming microphone, and the box also informs players that the Leiper VS500 RGB backlit gaming microphone is a product with a dual pointing microphone design.

The VS500 RGB backlit gaming microphone is a vertical microphone that can be placed on a desktop and consists of a microphone body on top and a triangular stand on the bottom. The main body is made of frosted metal, and the microphone’s mesh part is also made of metal, with detailed, dense holes that allow the microphone to pick up sound from the environment. Furthermore, Leiper thoughtfully prepared for users to prevent the spraying of the microphone sponge cover, players simply need to cover the sponge cover on the mesh cover, you can significantly reduce the spraying of the microphone situation.

The Leiper VS500 RGB backlit gaming microphone’s stand is also made of brushed metal, which contrasts slightly with the delicate sandblasting on the main body, with a slight glossy finish on the mesh part. The triangular design of the stand, combined with the non-slip rubber patch at the bottom, improves the stability of the microphone when placed on the desktop, making it more reliable to use. The Leiper VS500 RGB backlit gaming microphone includes a USB-C port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a radio knob, and a headphone volume knob.

The USB-C port and the included cable are used to connect the microphone to the computer. Players can turn on the monitoring effect in Windows via the 3.5mm jack on the side of the microphone, allowing them to see how the microphone radio is performing and make real-time adjustments.

The two knobs on the front of the microphone control the radio mode and the volume of the monitor headset. It’s worth noting that the radio mode switch button on top can be turned clockwise to activate omnidirectional microphone mode and counterclockwise to activate cardioid radio mode. In terms of lighting effects, Leiper has outfitted the VS500 RGB backlit gaming microphone with cool spectrum cycling RGB lights that breathe cycling different color lighting effects when in use. The cyclic lighting effect creates a more immersive environment for players.

Furthermore, the sound collection knob has a ring of lights, players turn off the microphone radio lights up red breathing light effect, open the all-pointing radio is blue light, and open the heart-shaped radio is green light. Players can quickly understand the working status of the microphone by using different color lights, and they can quickly adjust it based on the actual demand.

In terms of usability, the Leiper VS500 RGB backlit gaming microphone can be firmly placed and used on the desktop thanks to the more stable triangular stand design. The spherical gimbal between the microphone and the triangular stand allows the microphone to rotate 360 degrees and tilt approximately 30 degrees to accommodate gamers with varying usage habits. The Leiper VS500 RGB backlit gaming microphone supports omnidirectional / cardioid pointing two pointing pickup mode, and players can switch the pointing mode through the knob to meet different use scenarios.

Players can also quickly close the microphone through the knob. To play “Overwatch,” I use the Leiper VS500 RGB backlit game microphone cardioid pointing mode, which is clear and accurate for teammates to report points and exchange tactics.

All pointing is appropriate for multiple concurrent uses of the environment.

Furthermore, the Leiper VS500 RGB backlit gaming microphone is equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack, which supports real-time ear monitoring function. To achieve real-time ear monitoring, players must go to Windows system settings, sound settings, microphone, microphone other attributes, check the headphone listening function, and you can achieve real-time ear monitoring, more accurate understanding of the microphone in the system radio situation. 360° steering, a shock-absorbing frame, a physical knob, an anti-jet sponge cover, and other details were added to make the microphone more practical while also taking into account the actual needs of players for targeted design results. The microphone is constructed of metal.

Full metal microphone with cool lights to keep the microphone from becoming too dull when in use.

Leiper VS500 RGB backlit gaming microphone official price of 599 yuan, for the strength, value, and details are very good product is very affordable, the need for players can buy to the major e-commerce platform.