Ai Wisdom Delivered In The Sound Honor Flypods Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel] The October 31st grand release of the Magic2 phone in Beijing brought not only bold innovation in design and manufacturing, but also the black technology convergence of the storm event, wisdom life form YOYO also at this time together with the market, and for the release of new products to give a lively life force. Along with the gradual disappearance of the 3.5mm headset interface in cell phones, the status of wireless Bluetooth headset is gradually increasing, glory as a first true wireless Bluetooth headset, the conference brought a total of glory high version FlyPods Pro and standard version FlyPods two, fashionable and trendy temperament and rich and powerful internal performance that many users adore. Honor FlyPods/FlyPods Pro are not only stylish and beautiful in shape and design, but also in functional application combined with the wisdom of life form YOYO to break the shackles of the connection between headphones and cell phones, so that the wisdom of sound transmission is extended.

Honor true wireless Bluetooth headset with semi-ear design, unique swan neck handle makes wearing more solid and comfortable, and the color scheme is also a bold choice of personalization. I received the high version of the robin blue FlyPods Pro, more bone voice ID and AI wisdom to know the function of the person, its specific performance, take a look at it:

When I first saw the Honor FlyPods Pro, I was drawn to the compact case because it was innovative and colorful. The case’s dimensions of 50.5mm*45mm*24.5mm allow it to easily fit in my pocket even if I carry it around, which is a thoughtful optimization for users who travel more environmentally on a daily basis. The front of the case is equipped with the Honor logo, the back is the Bluetooth matching control button, and the bottom has a Type-C charging port, which can guarantee the charging of the case and wireless headphones at the same time, and supports the automatic matching function of the open box, which At the same time, Honor FlyPods support wireless charging and, when combined with the Huawei Mate20, can reverse charge the headset, extending its range even further.

Open the storage box, and the small and exquisite glory FlyPods Pro true wireless Bluetooth headphones come into view, headphones and storage box using a unified robin blue color scheme, different from the traditional black system, elegant and light robin blue more like a sensual literary, adding a touch of elegant art of beauty, which will also become a hot spot for female users. Honor FlyPods Pro in the headset wearing comfort and stability up and down some difficult work to find a balance between the two Honor FlyPods Pro half the weight of each headset is only about 4.1g, lighter to wear, using a semi-ear design more consideration is to wear comfort, a long time to wear there will be no discomfort, in the headset handle designers also added a “swan neck” design, through the clever hook design to make Headset wear more stable In practice, as long as you do not have a significant high frequency of the head, the headset will not appear to fall off the phenomenon. Wireless Bluetooth headset and cell phone supporting the use of the future development trend, and in the AI smart trend, AI from cell phone applications to expand the smart accessories, human-computer interaction also presents a diversified form, glory FlyPods Pro as the glory of the first AI smart wireless headset, n

Compared to traditional wireless headphones, Honor FlyPods Pro true wireless Bluetooth headphones have a creatively built-in bone voice pattern sensor that relies on two key technologies: bone conduction forensics (bone vibration characteristics, new in vivo detection technology) and voice pattern forensics (2MIC bone conduction voice pattern enhancement, significantly improving the accuracy of traditional voice pattern), can accurately detect bone vibration characteristics. The phone can be unlocked using your voice. The system goes through a series of internal verifications to start the function when the user speaks.

First, the owner is matched with the bone voice pattern information obtained, and after the verification is passed, the WeChat/Alipay function is opened through the system, and then the payment function is tapped in turn to unlock and jump to the corresponding QR code payment interface.

Honor FlyPods Pro now has a WeChat payment function, thanks to the addition of the intelligent life form YOYO.

The glory FlyPods Pro’s wisdom is not only in voice recognition, but also in the combination of intelligent life form YOYO to completely free the user’s hands, through the “Hello YOYO” voice command to make calls, find maps, set the alarm clock, a word to call the phone application, and other functions. It is worth noting that YOYO has the boldness of the ocean, even for IOS users, the “Hello YOYO” voice command can directly wake up Siri, easy to achieve the subsequent voice control, completely free your hands. Honor FlyPods Pro wakes up Siri to open WeChat application.

The FlyPods Pro also has the efficient control experience of double-tap touch. In the call state, double-tap on any side of the headset to connect the call, and double-tap on any side of the headset during the call to quickly hang up the call. In music playback mode, double-click the left headset to activate the phone voice assistant, and double-click the right headset to activate the play/pause music function.

The quick control experience makes life more intelligent, and the Honor FlyPods Pro is also compatible with Android and IOS systems. Honor FlyPods Pro, as the first AI true wireless Bluetooth headset, will not be satisfied with a single double-click touch operation, in the YOYO intelligent life support, through the voice command can also achieve the previous song, the next song, volume control, and other functions, but also directly through the voice to answer the phone.

Honor FlyPods Pro has all the features of commercially available wireless Bluetooth headphones, with good performance in wireless connectivity, call quality, and sound quality. Honor FlyPods Pro is the first wireless headset that supports HWA HD Bluetooth protocol, built-in 13mm dynamic unit acoustic design, binaural stereo design, bringing HD quality music enjoyment. Dual MIC call noise cancellation, as well as left and right ear senseless switching, are supported. In the actual test experience session, the performance for calls and viewing is not bad, the bottom noise is small, there is basically no delay, the resolution of the human voice is more thorough, the sound performance is stable; and in the listening test session, the glory FlyPods Pro will be fully expressed, low, medium, and high frequency articulation performance is smooth and natural, the sound is warm and emotional, the bass performance is p

At the same time, the glory FlyPods Pro supports IPX54 level dust and water splash design, allowing it to be used on rainy days and with wet hands. When the headset is fully charged, continuous music listening for about 3 hours, the randomly attached storage box also has a built-in 420 mAh battery, which can charge the headset to last, the battery life of music listening up to 20 hours, call life of about 15 hours or so A full charge can basically last a week for users with a low degree of headphone use, like me. Review Summary The emergence of glory FlyPods Pro for the true wireless Bluetooth AI headset set the industry benchmark, exquisite and intimate shape design, fashionable and personalized color options, unlimited potential of the intelligent life form YOYO, fast and convenient control experience, safe and reliable bone acoustic technology, enough to become your best choice, so