Ai Function Is Better Than “siri” Hisense A65e Tv Experience

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel]In 2018, AI seemed to be able to add with everything, from “AI smart city” to “AI smartphone,” even the TV set in the living room, with the support of AI to refresh the new height of family entertainment. Some industry insiders predicted that 2019 will be the stage of concentrated AI TV explosion. Looking back at the “AI TV” in 2018, most of them are still in the two dimensions of voice interaction and personalized recommendation, which is still some distance away from the real AI TV that we expect to “have logic and think.” Hisense, the number one domestic TV, has already fired the first shot of AI TV in the New Year – launching an AI TV of the highest standard in the industry at the moment – Hisense A65E. The new Hisense A65E TV expands artificial intelligence technology to include “AI picture quality,” “AI sound quality,” “AI interaction,” and “AI content.” Will it become the wind vane for the development of “AI TV” in 2019? Product sketch The product is a 4K TV with VIDAA AI artificial intelligence system, available in five sizes: 43/50/55/58/65, and the one you can get at Bestbuy618 is the 55 version, model number: HZ55A65E.

The front side has a full-screen design with three narrow sides and a screen-to-body ratio of more than 95 percent.Ultra-narrow bezel The device is made of metal with an integrated body, unibody, and no splicing, and the surface is treated with a metal sandblasting process.Metal unibody molding

THE LOGO In other words, Hisense A65E TV can perform voice interaction without relying on the remote control, as will be demonstrated later. The interface is still side plug-in, 2 HDMI 2 USB as well as network cable, audio interface, and so on. The key position has been adjusted, and the “small gathering key” and “voice key” are placed in the center of the upper and lower areas, respectively, to make it easier to determine the position when blind. Far-field sound pickup – call Hisense Xiaoju like Siri As previously mentioned, Hisense A65E TV has a far-field pickup microphone, so you can lose the remote control and use the voice function.

To begin, open the “far-field voice control” function in the settings, so that directly to the TV, say: “Hisense Xiaoju”, you can start the voice assistant voice control, and now the voice assistant on the phone similar to the way to evoke. Of course, you can also turn on the “far-field voice on” function, so that when the TV is on standby, directly to the TV, say: “Hisense Xiaoju”, you can turn on the Officially, the pickup distance is 5 meters, and we measured that in a room with a radius of 6 meters from the TV, the volume of normal speech can be successfully woken up, with a success rate of nearly 100 percent. Previously, when I wanted to control the TV with my mouth, I frequently forgot where I put the remote control. The user’s desire to use voice interaction is greatly enhanced by the far-field pickup.

There is nothing to shout in the living room; this situation will undoubtedly occur frequently in the future. With such a convenient far-field pickup, what can you use it for? Officially, far-field pickup supports 52 scenarios, and we tested them according to what users might actually use, divided into “control,” “search,” and “question and answer” categories.

Only the most common are listed here, and the test results are as follows.

Continual Dialogue The A65E TV has been designed to be a great choice for the newest generation of TVs. It also supports the existing function points such as 6 rounds of continuous dialogue and 33 types of character relationships that Hisense VIDAA AI TV previously supported.

To begin, open the “smart speaker mode” in the settings so that the pickup microphone continues to work even when the TV is in standby mode. Press the standby button, and the above image will appear. After standby, the indicator light will show that the pickup microphone is still on standby.

Use the command “Hisense Xiaoju” to activate the voice assistant, then say: “Play “Desert Camel””, the TV will play music directly, you can also check the weather, and so on. It is worth noting that if you say “play music,” it will not play a random song; therefore, your command must include a reference. Simply say “turn on the TV” to turn on the screen.

All-scene map search – where do not know where to search We’ve seen the power of full-scene image search on Hisense TV before, such as identifying stars, players, and so on. Hisense A65E TV supports up to eight search categories, including people, goods, animals, plants, attractions, brands, cars, albums, posters, and so on. Pressing the “small gathering key” while playing a specific frame of the screen can identify the content of the screen with one click.

“Knowing the truth” Zhu Yilong For example, the character recognition in the TV series, the right side will show the encyclopedic information of the character, even the stars related to him, the TV series he has appeared in, etc., which is very convenient to know the star gossip.Identify animalsRecognize attractionsRecognize cars

AI picture quality AI sound quality Almost every television has different display modes such as “movie,” “sports,” “vivid,” and so on. However, users rarely take the initiative to adjust them and always watch them in the “standard” mode. To address this issue, Hisense A65E TV added the “AI picture quality” function, making it the only TV in the same class TV to achieve five intelligent scene recognition TV, it can be based on different TV programs, intelligent matching of different picture quality, sound quality mode.

Simultaneously, the stadium color is recognized and enhanced to increase the sense of immediacy. When playing movies, it will automatically switch to movie mode, which is characterized by warmer tones, making the film more textured, and the pursuit of accurate color reproduction rather than bright, much like a cinema look and feel. There is even a special cartoon mode for animated movies.

AI sound quality When playing cable TV signals, different channels and content frequently have loud and low sound, Hisense A65E adds AI volume adaptive function, which intelligently adjusts to prevent sudden changes in volume from affecting movie watching. AI sound quality, like AI picture quality, is also set according to the scene, personalized adjustment for different playback content.

Second, in the usefulness of voice recognition, adding more categories, covering high-frequency use scenarios from function control, content search, to questions and answers, the voice function is no longer a chicken feed, it can truly help you solve problems, and simplifies the operation path in the remote control buttons, improving efficiency. Finally, Hisense will AI technology into their best audio and video tuning, so that TV intelligence to help you open the best.