Agm X5 5g Outdoor Three-proof Phone Review: “armor” Plus Body Without Fear Of Challenges

[The first outdoor triple-defense 5G phone, it not only introduces 5G network support, but also adopts a new design and additional protection, so how does it really perform? Let’s take a look. The AGM X5 is still a continuation of the series’ tough design style, the body is like equipped with a full set of armor, looks like a hard goods. The whole machine is still mainly black, the front is equipped with a 6.53-inch FHD resolution screen, This time it uses the water drop full-screen design, the screen ratio is much higher than the previous generation of products, but that is not the point, the focus is on the body size is not much different at the same time, the screen size has become much larger, for the user is still quite good. The screen is protected by fifth-generation Corning Gorilla Glass, which has excellent wear and drop resistance, and the earpiece is visible between the bezel and the screen, adding another element to the product design.

Aside from the front-facing camera, there is a hidden light sensor and distance sensor beneath the screen.

The reason is simple: as a three-proof phone, its frame is designed with a special design inside to increase durability. I mentioned earlier that its body is armored to the teeth, and this is true. Its frame part has an armor-type face shell structure, and the high-strength frame fully surrounds the body, making it more resistant to falls and deformation.

At the same time, the surrounding corners are wrapped with an 80 percent toughness layer of Bayer soft rubber, which can provide stronger cushioning when dropped, thus reducing the damage caused by dropping the phone.

The back of the body is made of high-strength polycarbonate, the surface has been frosted, the touch is still quite delicate, and it will be more resistant to build than glass. It still has a rear fingerprint recognition, which is a shame, but compared to the on-screen fingerprint recognition, the rear fingerprint recognition is technically more mature and reliable, so it will be easier to use in some harsh outdoor environments. The sides of the back case are also designed with a curved surface to improve grip.

When I hold it in my hands, it feels slightly thicker and larger, but there is no discernible difference between it and regular phones. Of course, there is also a little more peace of mind, before getting a new machine are careful, afraid of where accidentally broken whole, just got AGM X5 completely free of this psychological burden, and even knocked a few tables.

The AGM X5 is a bit thick and heavy, so here are a few more words, according to the official announcement, the thickness of the body is 11.8mm, the weight reached 270g, I would like to call it the Of course, there is the adage that there are gains and losses, and that there are losses and gains in turn. Although the wood is thin and light, the fully reinforced body has greater durability, and the battery capacity has been directly increased from 4100mAh in the previous generation to 5600mAh, providing ample preparation for the higher power consumption of 5G networks and better endurance performance.

And battery life is more important for outdoor cell phones, after all, sometimes climbing mountains or into the forest may be a longer period of time can not be charged for the phone, when you want to contact other people in need of help when the phone is out of power is not very dangerous, this time the advantages of a large battery will be fully demonstrated. I can only describe it as extremely potent.

The so-called three defenses refer to anti-loose, anti-loophole, anti-bounce, sorry, the wrong set, this is the epidemic prevention and control of the three defenses, now the epidemic is not over, we still need to pay attention to havoc. And the three defenses on the phone are the three fall-proof, waterproof, and dustproof features. The AGM X5 not only supports IP68 dustproof and waterproof levels, but also adds a new protection standard compared to its predecessor – IP69K, which is not a higher level of protection than IP68, IP68 refers to submerged waterproof, while IP69K is a flush class waterproof, which means that this phone is not only waterproof bubble, but also waterproof flush.

At the same time, this phone crossed the border into the United States. Military standard MIL-STD-810G certification, the standard involves a very large number of environmental conditions, such as high altitude, high and low temperatures, rain, sand, dust, shock, vibration, and so on, to ensure that it can be used properly in harsh environments.

First and foremost, the waterproof test, I placed the phone in the fish tank I had recently purchased a few hours later, the phone can still receive calls, take it out and shake the water can be used normally, and with IP69K, it is no problem at all to be washed by water, the phone can still be used normally.

After several 1.5 meters of free fall movement, the phone is still strong, can’t say unscathed, but no major injuries, normal use is no problem at all. Of course, after falling underground, there may be some other accidents as well. As an example, I was stepped on a few feet, so I conducted a test here as well.

Weight 80KG, several times continuous stepping, still wood problems, waterproof and anti-drop have survived, and I am ready to do antifreeze Many cell phones will not work properly in low temperatures; if we have to travel to the Antarctic, the Arctic, or the Great Northeast, the phone will not work. I first placed it directly in the refrigerator freezer compartment (-18 °C) for 2 hours, and after taking it out in addition to a little cold, there is no down problem, unlike some brands, outside a cold phone directly to stop.

Emmm.. Because it is waterproof and not afraid of freezing, I will gather my friends, submerge the phone in water, and then freeze it.

We can’t operate because we’ve turned into ice, so I’ll use this phone to make a call and see if it responds. It demonstrated that it could still connect, and after a few hours, the ice had completely melted away, allowing the phone to function normally.

Overall, the AGM X5’s quality is still very reliable; its excellent waterproof and drop-proof performance allows it to withstand harsh weather conditions and special occasions; users who enjoy outdoor sports and long hours in the can use it with confidence. Furthermore, I believe it can be considered for delivery and courier guys, because every day work in the outdoors, need to run around to deliver, the probability of accidentally dropping the phone will be higher, and also encounter rain and snow, AGM X5 excellent drop and waterproof function can effectively avoid phone problems caused by the inability to work. (Test video here) As for the camera, the AGM X5 has a 48-megapixel main camera, an 8-megapixel super wide-angle lens, a bokeh lens, a macro lens, and a four-camera combination, which is not very luxurious, and the lack of a telephoto lens is also a pity, but it’s not a big problem to take photos on a daily basis.

In general, the AGM X5 imaging level is basically capable of daily shooting; the camera can also identify some scenes and scenery through AI to optimize the corresponding, of course, this is not a main photo product, and some flagship products compared, it is a little “not wu-de” ha. In addition to daily shooting, the AGM X5 camera also has a number of interesting built-in features, which I’ll briefly introduce here. To begin with, I believe that many people will encounter a problem when taking pictures of small children, that is, children do not always look at the camera, so we must find a way to attract his attention, so after opening this function, the camera will automatically capture the object and complete the shooting, and the camera interface will appear rattle, car, kitten, puppy, and doorbell 5 easy to attract the attention of children

To begin with, the AGM X5 is equipped with the domestic 5G chip ZTE’s Huben t7510, a chip that ZTE just released in the first half of this year, it consists of four 2.0GHz A75 and four 1.8GHz A55, the GPU uses PowerVR GM9446, frequency 800MHz, while integrated with Chunto V510 baseband, support SA The system is based on Android X OS, compared to other cell phone manufacturers’ systems, X OS in the UI interface and features are not gorgeous, but like the application split screen, application split, etc., there are many AI intelligent interactive features, including power saving, communication security, data security, payme, etc. Many cities already have 5G network coverage, and Beijing, where I live, was one of the first to launch a 5G network. According to my daily observations, 5G signals can be found in many parts of Beijing’s urban areas, such as the larger commercial areas and some tourist attractions.

I’ll conduct some simple tests here near the company to confirm this. The measured download speed is 580Mbps and the upload speed is 112Mbps, both of which are adequate.

In addition to the daily use of ordinary consumers, 5G network in the industrial field to use a broader range of uses, such as ports, mines, and other areas of closed industrial sites, 5G for remote control of equipment operations; gas pipelines, power transmission lines, rivers, and other open scenes, through 5G to achieve remote inspection and monitoring, and so on. The AGM X5 with three anti-performance compared to other phones can better adapt to the harsh environment, making it more reliable for people working in these environments. Moving on to battery life, it was previously mentioned that it has a battery capacity of 5600mAh, which is quite an improvement over its predecessor. I tried to simulate some real-life scenarios here, including 2 hours of online video watching, 1 hour of web browsing, 1 hour of video shooting, 2 hours of music playing, 1 hour of voice calling, and 1 hour of chatting on WeChat, all using the mobile network, and the final remaining power was 37 percent, the size and weight were not wasted, and the battery life was really strong.

And support for 5G networks enables this product to better cater to the 5G era today, resulting in a better network experience, while the battery capacity is also increased for 5G, the battery life does not suffer.