After 90 Hip Products Aiki Verb Wireless Headset Comprehensive Review

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel] After 90, newly arrived at work, I usually bring two items: cell phones and headphones. When the two are used together, one is required. Whether it is daily work, or cramming the subway or taking the bus, wearing headphones and listening to music, immersed in the world of music, allows you to forget about the reality of your problems. It’s fantastic, and it’s trendy! As a newcomer to the headphone world, Aiki introduced Aiki Verb wireless headphones, which are intelligent wireless headphones.

The headset focuses on vibrant young groups, making it ideal for consumers such as school students and newcomers to the workplace. It is based on Aqiyi’s quality connotation, inheriting Aqiyi’s “enjoyable quality” DNA, and stands out among the smart wireless headphones in the 200 yuan range, which is a smart wireless headphone that both looks and sounds good.

Aqiyi Verb wireless headphones have a diamond-like design, with a high-density CD texture disc that shimmers with diamond light, highlighting the high-end quality. It has a CD-grade sound quality level, which can present high fidelity and delicate sound, as well as an IP65 level of comprehensive protection, the United States military quality “escort,” which ensures that the headset quality is worry-free. Qualcomm QCC3005 chip support, Bluetooth 5.0 technology, for lower latency and more enjoyable game play The magnetic suction function, suction closed headset pause, and pull open to answer calls make the headset extremely user-friendly.

Its allure is not limited to that: HD call noise reduction, 25 days of ultra-long standby, 10 hours of continuous song listening……

The headset went on pre-sale on January 10 in Aiki Mall, Tmall Aiki Smart official flagship store, and Jingdong Mall, and went on sale fully on January 16. The Aiki Verb wireless headset is said to weigh only 17g and have a length of 60cm (in kind), making it light and compact. It is available in three colors: youth blue, dazzling red, and starry sky gray. (This package is the media review version; retail packaging may differ)

Aiki Verb wireless headphones have a 6mm dynamic coil and an organic polymer double-layer composite diaphragm, which can reduce stray sound vibration. Large volume infusion rear chamber design can improve low frequency, and DRC dynamic audio amplitude adjustment technology can make the sound more rhythmic. APTX lossless Bluetooth transmission technology provides a CD-quality sound experience, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of music. First and foremost, I’d like to introduce the audition tracks, which include the Eagles’ “Hotel California,” Cai Qin’s “Ferry,” “Prefer You,” “The Girl from Darshan City,” and Enya’s “Amarantine.” This headset has a broad sound field, high resolution, clear layers, and a wealth of details.

When the music begins, you can hear applause, then the sound of instruments, and halfway through the music, you can hear applause, cheers, and other various details. The second song, “Ferry” by Cai Qin, gave me the feeling that The headphones have a strong and powerful low frequency, a deep dive, and good elasticity, indicating that the headphones perform very well in terms of music performance. At the same time, human voice performance is excellent; the human voice is transparent, bright, and very clear.

“Prefer You,” the third song, gives me a warm feeling. These headphones have good high frequency dynamics, instant response, bright sound, good sense of space, no harshness, and sound processing is in place. “The girl of Darshancheng” and “Amarantine” are two songs that have a strong emotional impact on me. The headphones are soft and delicate in the middle frequency, full and transparent vocals, no muddy feeling, clear layers, very magnetic.

Product feature highlights It is reported that the Aiki Verb wireless headphones to IP65 comprehensive protection standards, bath can also listen, sweat, rain, humidity, dust are not afraid. Military standard “environmental engineering inspection and laboratory testing,” shockproof, drop-resistant, pull-resistant, and after high temperature and cold environmental testing, with US certification Military-grade quality control.

Furthermore, the headset supports the most recent Bluetooth 5.0 technology, is outfitted with a Qualcomm QCC3005 chip, and has an optimized antenna design. Transmission speed increased by 2 times, with lower latency; transmission signal is more stable, listening to music and playing games is more stable; transmission distance increased by 4 times, limited transmission can reach 30 meters in open areas; and, most importantly, Bluetooth 5.0 low-power solution, high-capacity 150 mA lithium battery, full charge listening to songs for 10 hours, power-saving standby up to 25 days. Suction closed headphones pause music, enter the power-saving standby state, pull away immediately resume, like wearing a necklace, not easy to lose or tangle, in a nutshell, a suction to close, a pull to listen, very convenient and trouble-free.

At the same time, the headset can reduce high-definition call noise. It supports the cVc8.0 new generation DSP call noise reduction algorithm, which effectively removes ambient noise and ensures clear calls, as well as the adaptive passive noise cancellation design, which isolates more than 97 percent of high-frequency noise. It can create a quiet environment to immerse in the world of music and games even in the midst of noise, and it can connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time without switching back and forth.

For sound generation, it adheres to the first come, first served principle, and calls are prioritized. You can answer incoming phone calls while listening to music on your computer.

Hang up the phone and you can return to listening to music on your computer; additionally, the small and exquisite control panel with protruding key design, high sensitivity, clear feedback, and easy blind operation with one hand.

Aiki Verb wireless headphones come in three colors: youth blue, dazzling red, and starry gray, and feature a diamond-like design and high-density CD disk texture, as well as shimmering diamond light. Deep anodized coloring, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, emphasizing high-end quality. (Outer packaging one Note: retail packaging differs)(Outer packaging two)

(Product list: headphones, charging cable, manual, ear wings, ear plugs)(Aiki Verb Wireless Headset)At the same time, the headphones have ergonomic ear wing design, which can be firmly locked in the ear and provides solid support. 35° oblique angle into the ear, liquid silicone earplugs, skin-friendly and comfortable, wear fit, and do not squeeze the ear canal

The Aiki Verb wireless headset is designed with care as a smart wireless headset in the $200 range, with a diamond-like design, high-density CD disc texture, deep anodized coloring, IP65 comprehensive protection, and U.S. This headset has military-grade quality, making it exceptional. Because of the use of APTX technology, a large dynamic speaker unit, and a polymer double-layer diaphragm, the sound quality performance of this headset is exceptional, with clear layer analysis, good resolution, a wide sound field, rich in detail, and a high school and low three frequency balance in place. And intelligent magnetic suction, while connecting two Bluetooth devices and other benefits, but also to add new charm to this headset.

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