A Hundred Feet Further Iqoo Neo 855 Version Of The Phone Review

[Bestbuy618 mobile channel] “Born tough” has always been the brand genes of iQOO, and in order to better meet the needs of young users, iQOO Neo, a product for younger users, was also launched after iQOO, giving users a lighter and more dynamic choice. iQOO iQOO continues to bring us the new iQOO Neo 855 version at the Black Sugar Box Art Center in Beijing, with an upgraded core that brings more powerful performance and a new “Iceland Aurora” color scheme. It is also the version we received in advance of this review, and after a brief experience in the early days, Bestbuy618 continues to bring you a new review of the iQOO Neo 855 version. Appearance First and foremost, let’s take a look at the appearance, and it is not difficult to notice that the new product still adheres to the iQOO series of product design language.

The front features a 2340 x 1080 resolution AMOLED water drop screen with an aspect ratio of 19.5:9, making it appear more slender. In addition, the screen supports HDR10 high dynamic picture technology, which provides richer color performance.

In games that support HDR effects (Peaceful Elite), you can learn better details in dark areas without being blinded, and the iQOO Neo 855 version also collaborates with the NetEase game “Fantasy West 3D Edition” to create the ultimate HDR10 display, and it also supports Tencent, Youku, and other HDR source resolution playback. The screen also includes a new low-brightness anti-flicker function, which reduces the flicker frequency of the screen at low brightness via algorithmic frame interpolation to alleviate visual fatigue.

To ensure a quality unlocking experience, the iQOO Neo 855 version comes standard with the latest screen fingerprint technology, which, thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 DSP hardware acceleration algorithm, can still accurately identify the unlock even in warm dry fingers and complex lighting conditions. iQOO Neo 855 version has carbon fiber black, electric purple, and the new Icelandic aurora color, the new color Icelandic aurora follows the design of the feather light white, the back is transparent and layered, a close look can be found on the water ripple texture, the overall color consists of green blue and pink purple gradient, these two rich colors only when not reflective, this aspect can ref When strong light is reflected on the back, yellow-green and orange highlight flowing light and shadow appear. The entire machine weighs 198.5g and is 8.13mm thick, which is representative of current quality products without being heavy.

The AI voice assistant button is on the left side of the screen, and the power and volume buttons are on the right. The top and bottom have a microphone, the power connector is Type-C, and the bottom has a single speaker but retains the 3.5mm headphone jack, which is great!

This new iQOO product is not named Neo 2, but with the processor core (Snapdragon 855) as the product suffix, the main highlights of this upgrade are clear. The Snapdragon 845 processor corresponded to the previous generation of iQOO Neo, but after the Snapdragon 855 Plus was released later this year, the Snapdragon 855, a mature flagship chip, became the obvious choice for iQOO Neo users. Let’s take a look at the Snapdragon 855 flagship chip’s core architecture, which uses the new 7nm Kryo 485 CPU core.

The Snapdragon 855’s CPU performance has improved by 45 percent over its predecessor, with a maximum frequency of 2.84GHz and more powerful performance for large mobile games. The Snapdragon 855 is also the first platform to support the new Elite Gaming experience, which supports true HDR for a richer visual experience when playing games, and the memory supports up to 8GB 256GB memory combination with high bandwidth LPDDR4X and ultra-high read speed UFS 3.0, which is also the highest configuration for flagship phones at the moment. The 855 version of the iQOO Neo successfully broke through the limit to top the AnTuTu 855 model score ranking top 1.

The editor measured the AnTuTu run score of 472,000, while LuMasters is 389,000. GeekBench core run score of 3219 points for single-core, 9781 points for multi-core, graphics run score software 3DMark score 5765, and based on the UFS 3.0 high read speed According to these results, the iQOO Neo 855 is one of the top performers among mobile devices equipped with 855 processors.

With a high-performance chip and high-speed memory as the foundation, the iQOO Neo 855 version of the game performance will certainly not be weak, first and foremost, the software Multi-Turbo 2.0, through the system level architecture, real-time network, temperature rise, AI, scenarios, and other aspects of optimization, and then accelerated by ART 2.0 Turbo Compiler Enhancement Technology, to achieve maximum reduction of game You can more intuitively feel the enhanced changes after opening the performance mode, in which the application launch speed and system response will be improved again, thanks to UI changes and background optimization.

The Game Magic Box feature, designed specifically for gaming, can provide users with information about the current state of the gaming environment, such as CPU and GPU load, network quality, and so on. You can also view game information directly within some games, such as King of Honor’s game record. Furthermore, the sidebar of the game space in each game provides immersive game optimization, which can help users reject incoming calls, background calls, and block notifications in addition to other features. There is also a thoughtful rest screen power saving hang-up, suitable for placement games, and a game countdown, where you can cut out to other APPs during the game “resurrection,” and the side of the screen will show the in-game character resurrection countdown.

The iQOO Neo 855 version also supports “gaming mode,” which is a game optimization feature created specifically for gaming players, designed to provide the best performance for each user’s device, and can be effective Furthermore, the “chicken (listening) training tool,” “game picture-in-picture,” “game voice changer,” “game anti-whistle,” and other features to enhance the gaming experience. Hardware, the iQOO Neo 855 version inherited the iQOO series of liquid cooling features, including the internal use of ultra-long heat pipes, solidifiable thermal gel, high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy frame, multi-layer composite graphite cooling film, and a multi-d It can keep the game charged at all times thanks to the newly upgraded vivo FlashCharge2.0 33W flash charging technology.

The charging adapter is completely different from previous vivo and iQOO models, supporting up to 11V 3A charging specifications and a conversion rate of up to 97 percent with charge pump half-voltage charging technology, with a measured charge of 36 percent in 15 minutes and a full charge in 90 minutes.

With its triple rear ultra wide-angle AI cameras, a dual-core 12MP IMX363, an 8MP ultra wide-angle camera, and a depth-of-field camera, the iQOO Neo 855 Edition maintains the iQOO family’s usual high quality. Combining clarity, wide angle, and AI portrait photography capabilities. Let’s look at some sample photos.

First and foremost, under ideal daylight conditions, the iQOO Neo 855 version’s color tuning is on the bright and colorful side, especially when viewed on a cell phone, with better representation of landscapes and food. The resolution is also adequate, though not as clear as the cell phone market muscle 64 million, but for everyday use, this resolution is adequate.

Based on the backlight HDR multi-frame compositing function, the iQOO Neo 855 version can record highlights well and retain a highly dynamic photo with rich details in a high light ratio environment.

The edges of the flowers appear more natural with the help of the depth-of-field lens. At night, in environments with very limited light sources, the iQOO Neo 855 Edition Super Night View can help record more dark details, giving more room for post-processing modification while also preserving the brilliant colors. For selfies, the iQOO Neo 855 version uses a 16-megapixel ultra-clear front camera with a built-in face-lifting camera that intelligently matches the user’s gender, When compared to female facial features, the new men’s facial features are more three-dimensional, realistic, and retain more skin details.

Overall, the 855 version is considered iQOO Neo for young users in pursuit of flagship models complementary to the original Neo, not only for strengthening the processor, but also for providing a richer game play and performance optimization. It also enhances the aesthetic needs of more market users in terms of color. Furthermore, as a product that may be the latest release of iQOO this year, the iQOO Neo 855 version also allows us to continue to improve the overall layout of the iQOO series; iQOO is still the main performance flagship phone with a price/performance ratio, iQOO Pro is on top of this application of more tasting professional features, such as 5G; and iQOO Neo series, as the pursuit of performance Young users, the best choice at different times and prices,