A Good Partner For Short Video Shooting Sony Gp-vpt2bt Experience A Brief Review

[Bestbuy618 Digital Channel]These days, an increasing number of young people choose to document their beautiful lives with photos or videos, and for those who are not professional photographers, lightweight and useful card-type digital cameras such as the Black Card 7 (Sony RX100 VII) have become the first choice. This type of camera not only has strong still photo shooting performance, but also an outstanding video recording function, which is one of the reasons why it can become the shooting tool of the moment. At the same time, Sony also launched a small tripod shooting handle accessory, such as the GP-VPT1, to help users better handheld mobile shooting or fixed camera shooting. And today’s unboxing review is Sony’s new small tripod shooting handle upgrade – GP-VPT2BT.

GP-VPT2BT wireless design, support Bluetooth® Bluetooth 4.2, with excellent control and multi-angle shooting flexibility, through simple steps can be completed quickly adjust the shooting direction of the operation, it not only provides a stable grip and mobility, but also as a desktop tripod to meet the needs of the fixed camera position shooting.

It is worth noting that the size balance of the GP-VPT2BT and Sony micro single and Sony black card camera combination is good, so for this review I chose to test the Sony RX100 VII camera. GP-VPT2BT handle overall very light, its height is about 173mm, weighing about 215g. small enough to be combined with a SONY compact digital camera to form a set of extremely portable shooting solutions And this set of solutions for girls will not be a burden at all; you can put it in a small bag to carry with you, and it can be used when you need to shoot pick up.

In comparison to its predecessor, the GP-VPT2BT employs a wireless Bluetooth connection, which eliminates the need for additional cables on the handle, making it easier to organize and store. Furthermore, because there is no need to plug in the external cable, and the handle itself has a dust and moisture resistant design, the new shooting solution can better meet the requirements of the complex outdoor environment shooting. Handle grip part of the use of non-slip technology, effectively prevent accidental slippage when shooting handheld.

The GP-VPT2BT’s head has a more flexible structure; by pressing the button at the bottom of the head, it can be rotated horizontally and fixed in four directions: front, back, left, and right, providing convenience for different shooting angles. The round button on the side of the handle can adjust the tilt angle of the head, while the knob on the other side can adjust the damping level of the tilt axis.

Propped open the two small brackets at the back, the handle immediately transformed into a desktop tripod, the bottom of each support foot have non-slip rubber, can be firmly fixed on the desktop for posing. It is worth noting that the GP-VPT2BT battery compartment is also on the back of the handle, and to prevent misuse of the battery compartment cover with a double switch design.

The GP-VPT2BT connects via wireless, and the link is very simple. To begin, turn on the Bluetooth switch in the camera, then open the remote control option to match, long press the PHOTO button and T button (press at the same time) 7 seconds, and you can pair successfully. It is worth noting that after successful Bluetooth matching, there is no need to reconnect, and the camera is connected by default after power on.

The new GP-VPT2BT handle control buttons are slightly different from its predecessor, not only in terms of button material, shape, and handle involving more unified, but also in terms of the new C1 button and LOCK lock lever. If the LOCK lock toggle is well understood, then the C1 button is how to use it? In fact, this button corresponds to the customizable keys on the camera, and in the case of the RX100 VII in my hands, the C1 button corresponds to both

When using the joystick to control the camera, there is no time lag at all. Whether taking photos, videos, or zooming, the camera responds immediately after pressing the corresponding button. As an upgraded product, the GP-VPT2BT retains the original function of the product’s premise, the product’s details polished humanely. The wireless Bluetooth connection design gives the entire product a simple appearance that is also easy to carry; handle shape improvement to make the user’s control more smooth; the new C1 button gives the handle a rich operability; and the multi-angle adjustment setting of the head gives the shooting more flexibility.

Although the editor’s time with the GP-VPT2BT was limited, this did not detract from his positive impression. This grip addresses almost all of the shortcomings of existing products, allowing users to concentrate on their creations while shooting and avoid time-consuming operations that degrade the results. If you are a creator who owns a black card camera, the GP-VPT2BT is unquestionably the best creative partner for you.