9x Hybrid Zoom Guarding Every Detail 360 Smart Camera Ptz Zoom Version Using Experience

Along with the rapid adoption of AIoT, smart camera application scenarios are expanding, further permeating all aspects of daily life in order to provide users with a safe, secure, peaceful, and comfortable family life. For the 9 to 5 workplace friends, smart camera before the video presentation, watch over the children, care for parents no longer talk, but also remotely understand the movement of the pet alone track, so that everything is in line with nature, for the care of the family to provide the best security. Of course, a wide range of smart camera brands on the market, the quality varies, whether or not to protect the shooting screen. Today, I’d like to introduce you to the security camera products from the well-known domestic network security company 360 – 360 Smart Camera PTZ zoom version.

Packaging is relatively simple, the front is a product appearance and name, the side of the key features introduced “9 times the hybrid zoom, zoom can also see clearly,” the main selling points are written on the back. Own features include: 9x hybrid zoom, 3x optical zoom, a large aperture 28mm lens, and shimmering full-color night vision. Common features include: 1080P HD video shooting, a 360-degree panoramic cruise, two-way voice calls, privacy masking, and AI mobile tracking.

The appearance design continues the classic design language of the 360 PTZ camera, the zoom version is relatively larger, the chubby big-eyed cute design is more lovely, versatile white color integration of various home environments. Above the camera is a 20 dot matrix 940nm infrared fill light, combined with an IR-CUT optical filter, which automatically switches between day and night mode based on the intensity of the light, the whole care baby no red burst does not hurt the eyes, there is a microphone below, and the back of the camera is the speaker, which can be reversed to support local storage TF card slot.

The overall design of the body is simple; the bottom is connected to the power supply Mirco-usb interface via the wifi connection network; the camera supports wide-angle field of view shooting, vertical 98 ° rotation, horizontal 350 ° rotation, and 360 ° field of view; and the camera can shoot 1080P HD image quality. The package also includes a suspension, allowing the 360 smart camera PTZ zoom version to be placed in various positions, such as on the side of the bed, on the table, but also inverted ceiling installation or wall mounting. 9x hybrid zoom details zoom still clear From the product model’s experience, it is clear that the zoom version will be its most important feature, breaking the limitations of the traditional home camera, 3 times the opti

3x zoom photography9x zoom photography

In daily use, we can get close to the monitoring screen in real time on cell phones, tablets, computers, and other terminals to clearly perceive the details of the screen, such as wanting to understand the scope of the meow’s activities, grasping the remaining situation of pet food and water, holding the parents at home keys, medicine bottles, and other small items placed in the location, store monitoring to stagger the crowded and complicated scenes, from the smallest to the largest. 360 smart camera PTZ zoom version built-in 28mm large aperture lens, with a large aperture, can achieve 1920 * 1080 resolution video recording, ultra-clear, HD, smooth three modes can be selected based on the home network situation In the video encoding is a new generation of H.265 technology, which significantly improves video compression efficiency and reduces video storage space, ensuring that users can also be stable and smooth video in the case of a poor network.

The screenshot of the APP side of the 360 smart camera PTZ zoom version clearly shows the shooting scene, 1080p pixels in the clarity and detail reproduction performance is good, and the image only has a slight distortion. Color is also relatively full in the image; of course, this and the shooting angle are not unrelated. Its night vision capability is also quite strong; it can clearly shoot the room scene, and the performance details are noteworthy.

Shooting in micro color night vision modeShooting in black and white night vision The most unique feature is the microscopic full-color night vision function, which can output high-definition and transparent images for users even when confronted with scenes with insufficient indoor lighting environment.

This 360 smart camera PTZ zoom version has a wide-angle field of view shooting, vertical 98 ° rotation, horizontal 350 ° rotation to bring 360 ° horizontal field of view, 10m distance clear visibility by sliding the monitoring screen to achieve panoramic monitoring as a smart family wisdom guardian. When used in conjunction with the APP application, it is possible to achieve a variety of AI mobile tracking, fixed point / timing cruise functions. Among them, fixed-point cruise focus on the location of the user frequently watch, by the collection of frequently look at the location point as the basis for cruise care, while timing cruise is for the camera to shoot all the location of 360 degrees without dead ends cruise. AI mobile tracking function has been popularized in many smart cameras, the focus is to automatically identify the capture of moving objects and their trajectory to track the shooting, it is worth noting that

In terms of the actual connection, the APP also includes a setup wizard to assist users in getting started quickly and easily. When you enter the interface, you will see the 360 smart camera zoom PTZ version of the complete set of features. The main interface mainly shows the main screen of the camera monitoring, and at the bottom there are four main functions: Smart Home, Family Album, Look Back, and Settings. Through the settings interface, we can see the 360 smart camera zoom PTZ version of many functions, in addition to the above-mentioned focus on the zoom, cruise, tracking, there are also some features that are quite practical.

360 smart camera zoom head version is not only your family’s caretaker, but also a source of unexpected surprises in the baby’s growth process, as well as through the camera’s built-in audio quality early education content (classic children’s songs, fairy tales, ancient poems) to accompany the growth of children. When users are away on business, the two-way high-fidelity call function allows for zero-distance high-quality voice conversations with family members.

You can watch your family’s daily smiling moments and automatically synthesize them into a video format, condensing them into warm family memories over the course of a day, month, or year, using the family album function.

Of course, with so much video and photo data, security concerns must be addressed; 360 smart camera zoom PTZ version has a full range of security protection; after all, 360 has always been the country’s largest security network company. Privacy protection is comprehensive; through the settings, the owner can achieve at home flagship camera automatic shutdown function, ensuring that the owner’s privacy is not photographed, and in the cloud video data are present in the cloud with a security level comparable to financial grade data encryption, eliminating the problem of leakage in the transmission of data information.