99.6% Screen-to-body Ratio New Set Of Vivo Nex 3 Flagship New Machine Review

Cell phone manufacturers began several years ago in pursuit of a large screen screen ratio on the product; today, the industry is still developing and pursuing the object. The folding screen is clearly the way to upgrade the future, but the folding screen hardware and software has not kept up with today’s standards, so choose the straight phone screen to the extreme, both to come simple, more will not be wrong. The vivo NEX 3 that we will review today belongs to the latter, and it is the first commercial phone to use the waterfall screen concept. The NEX series is the signature flagship of vivo phones, but it is not released every year as is customary, and it only meets consumers when vivo makes a significant breakthrough in certain technologies.

The pre-release teasers for this year’s NEX 3 were clearly labeled, one for the waterfall screen and one for 5G.

The vivo NEX 3 is one of the few phones that I am excited to see in person, aside from the new packaging design. The first time I saw and picked up the NEX 3, what came to mind was how previous cell phone manufacturers liked to use renderings to promote bezel-less cell phone products, and this is that concept product. NEX 3 is equipped with a 6.89-inch FHD waterfall screen on the front, with the left and right sides of the screen showing an exaggerated downward cur Of course, if you want to find the left and right bezels, you can see them on the phone’s middle frame, and the vivo NEX 3’s left and right bezels are about 2mm as measured by the naked eye.

The screen is also enjoyable to play games and watch TV shows on, and despite the larger aspect ratio, it is still within the Android adaptation range, so almost all APPs will work well on it. In the game and video, I finally get to experience the immersion of bezel-less, but I’ve had some issues with it because the screen’s curved arc completely covers the entire border, and half of the area is the display area with pixel points. While watching the show, if the embedded subtitles are too close to the bottom border, you may miss the information displayed in this area (subtitles), but this is a rare occurrence.

The first issue is that after the display has been bent close to 90°, the left and right side of the screen will appear gray to the naked eye due to the viewing angle on a white screen because most of the buttons are adjustable in the game and there is no important information in the bezel area, so the problem no longer exists. The second issue is that after the display has been bent close to 90°, the left and right side of the screen will look gray to the naked eye because of the viewing angle on a white screen.

Other considerations In sunlight, the screen has a maximum brightness of 600nit and a minimum brightness of 1.9nit at night. The display of the NEX 3 screen will be adjusted at low brightness, including DC dimming, while also ensuring details and natural color transitions. To avoid accidental touch, the NEX 3 will not determine the touch screen when touching the bezel (the curved part of the screen) by hand; only when the front touch screen is slid towards the bezel can the touch screen be controlled on the bezel. Simply put, it not only ensures normal use without accidental touch, but it also does not prevent the normal situation of the slide screen broken touch.

Because the screen panel has completely replaced the bezel, the left and right physical buttons have vanished, and they have been replaced by an independent pressure-sensitive response system. A clear texture marks the location of the power button on the right side of the screen, which can be triggered with a little force. Even when the phone is turned off, the pressure-sensitive power button can be accompanied by pressure-sensitive vibration to turn on the phone.

The X-axis linear motor built into the vivo NEX 3 has crisp vibrations on the unlock, return, and analog keys, and can also be used with games to provide vibrations, which we’ll discuss later.

The only physical button on the phone is located on the top and can be used as a power button and on/off button on a daily basis, or a long press for 10 seconds to force a reboot. The top retains a 3.5mm headphone jack, a built-in HIFI chip, and a front elevated front camera in the center, while the back is a gradient design with a dual film system overlay process, with a vague silver-cyan transition to purple. The top contains the triple camera circular lens module, and the bottom contains the NEX 5G LOGO, which is the usual simple design style of NEX, as well as the Type-C connector, dual nano SIM card slots, and the speaker.

Photo shooting The vivo NEX 3’s rear features a rare 64-megapixel sensor, the largest pixel lens used in the cell phone market today, which supports professional mode RAW format preservation and has higher detail resolution. For multi-scene photography, there are two 13-megapixel ultra wide-angle (macro) telephoto (portrait) lenses. Video recording at up to [email protected] fps is possible.