7000 Yuan To Assemble A Super Small Steel Gun: Excellent But Not Perfect

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel] In 2019, I rubbed a small rhino case from a friend, which inspired me to reassemble a “small steel gun.” Although I am aware that the value of installing another computer is minimal for me, the heart of the coin tossing remains enthralled. During the New Year, I was thinking about how to put together a high-performance ITX computer. CPU selection CPU selection, Core i5-9400F is currently a very good choice, with 6 cores and 6 threads, 2.9GHz and up to 4.1GHz acceleration frequency, is the best choice for entry-level gamers. The boxed price of this CPU is around $1100, and the $1000 bulk price is extremely cost effective.

The only disadvantage is the lack of core graphics, which prevents emergency use in the event of graphics card failure.

I was also debating whether to upgrade to the Core i5-9600KF, which brings a higher main frequency and an unlocked multiplier, to improve the computer’s processor performance; however, if you want to match the Core i5-9600KF, the heat sink and motherboard must be upgraded. In addition, I’ve been torn between the Dragon 5 3600 processor, which costs about 100 yuan more but brings hyper-threading technology, and the B450 motherboard, which is also quite good. Motherboard selection Motherboard, after determining the use of the Core i5-9400F, the choice of motherboard has become clearer, with the B360 and B365 motherboard chipset becoming the two most suitable options. However, I prefer to use the B360 chipset, and the best option is the Gigabyte B360N Wi-Fi, which comes with a Wi-Fi motherboard and can save the USB wireless card or wired network restrictions.

The host can also be more easily moved to the most appropriate location.

If I use the 9600KF with the Z390 chipset motherboard, the cost of expenditure will increase, and with the ITX case catching the air ducts and cooling capacity, the computer’s running stability under high load cannot be effectively guaranteed. Overclocking will also increase power supply pressure, especially the power of the small SFX power supply in equipped with high-performance discrete graphics cards, making the problem more noticeable. Memory The author’s hands existing set of 8GB * 2 Corsair DDR4 3200MHz, this aspect can save a lot of money, especially the internal existence of the last two months or so price increases in the environment, in the purchase The author’s Corsair memory does not support RGB lighting effects, which is inconvenient in the small rhino’s side-by-side chassis.

Users can choose DDR4 2133 or DDR4 2400 frequency memory, the price of a single 8GB in about 200 yuan, or has a high use value. Solid State Drive I also have in my hands a capacity of 500GB Toshiba RC500 SSD, this SSD with M.2 interface, support NVMe protocol, manufactured by Kingston OEM. Toshiba’s original 96-layer 3D TLC flash particles are combined with 512MB of SK Hynix DRAM cache.

Aside from the Toshiba RC500 SSD, the user should also consider Samsung’s PM981 for the OEM market. The Samsung PM981 uses Samsung’s own flash memory particles and is equipped with a large-capacity cache, providing more powerful performance than the Toshiba RC500, which has reached the PCIe 3.0 channel limit. Graphics card Small steel gun graphics card options are plentiful, with Lian Li small rhino supporting dual card slots and a graphics card length of 320mm, which means that the common 3 fan graphics card on the market can be easily stuffed into the chassis. I went with the iGame RTX 2060 entry-level ray tracing graphics card.

iGame chose the RTX 2060 because it is currently the most “affordable” hardware ray tracing product on the market. iGame’s excellent after-sales service also allows users to use with greater confidence, and the price is also quite reasonable.

The RTX 2060 Ultra employs the TU 106 core, which provides 30 groups of 1920 CUDA cores, 30 ray tracing cores, 192bit wide GDDR6 memory, a core frequency of 1680MHz, and the highest BOOST up to 1710MHz.

In addition to the RTX 2060, I may select the RX Vega 56, which is currently the most cost-effective HBM2 memory product, despite the use of previous generation architecture, the performance is still comparable to the RTX 2060, and more importantly, the price is more affordable. Power supply Power supply, Lian Li small rhino only supports SFX and SFX-L type power supply, can choose the brand Corsair, SilverStone, full Han, Xingu, Hai

The Xingu M600G uses an active PFC LLC resonant conversion circuit DC-DC output filtering circuit, the conversion rate is certified by 80Plus Gold, and full module cables are included. Heat Sink If you choose the boxed i5-9400F, the original cooler is essentially adequate, though performance is poor. Given the smaller size of the case and the weaker air ducts, a third-party cooler with better cooling performance is a better option.

Among the many cooler brands, Owl (noctua) and Limin are good choices. Owl air-cooled cooler starting at $300 is obviously not a good choice, while Limin AXP-90I for $169 is quite appealing, but the buckle does not support AMD platforms, if the conversion platform is a problem.