5g Commercial First Day Experience: No 5g Package Capped At 300m Staying On The Sidelines Or The Best Choice?

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] November 1, 2019 will be remembered as the date when the country officially entered a new chapter of 5G. On this day, three major operators, China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom, opened 5G packages simultaneously, while nearly ten 5G phones, including the Huawei Mate 30 5G version and the Samsung Note 10 5G, were also sold online and offline simultaneously. Previously, during the 5G trial phase, we had some experiences in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and other cities where 5G was first opened successively (“5G First Experience: How about Huawei’s newly released Mate 20? Although these cities had some areas of 5G coverage at the time, with the exception of some iconic 5G speed measurement points, the actual network speed experience in most of the 5G coverage areas was not as good as it should have been, and there was no significant difference with 4G.

However, it was only a trial run, and the main reason for this is that the operators did not actually open 5G base stations, as the operating cost of opening these base stations is quite high.

5G coverage query in Beijing area – China Unicom Official APP In the months that followed, the scope of 5G rollout was expanded further, and in my Beijing area alone, 5G signal coverage was gradually achieved in most areas of the district; although most of these are still visible and unusable “fake 5G” signals, I have always believed that when 5G is officially commercialized, these base stations will be turned on simultaneously to give Beijing a 5G experience comparable to that of New York.

During the few months of commercialization of the 5G trial, the company office gradually received 5G signal, and when the test was opened, our first stop naturally began from here.5G indoor test, almost to less than 4G level

36.4Mbps download speed, 11.7Mbps upload speed We are not discouraged by such results; after all, indoor coverage for 5G is not an easy task in and of itself, not to mention the original company’s own internal 4G rate is not ideal, can show 5G is already considered good, or open legs to go outdoor test it.

5G outdoor test performance Just to the downstairs speed, approaching 300Mbps performance makes our hearts happy, it appears that the official commercialization does allow operators to open the 5G speed of the base station, although there is still a big gap compared to the 600Mbps or even 900Mbps tested in the trial commercial phase, but has really achieved higher than 4G performance, will not try a few more places, the high speed rate can appear?

Multiple rounds of testing, performance as steady as an old dog, and then….. after multiple rounds of testing, was 500 meters, 1 km, and 2 km away from the company, but we discovered something different, the network speed all the way to 290 Mbps, which is referred to as “stable as an old dog” According to previous speed testing results, such stability does not appear to be normal, as if we have reached some limit beyond which we cannot cross the 300Mbps chasm. A colleague pointed out that we had overlooked an important point: “We are not really 5G users yet.” During the trial commercial period, our test cell phone number was a Unicom-managed 5G experience package that was valid until December 31 of this year. However, by the time 5G was officially commercialized, we had not handled the operator’s 5G package.

According to China Unicom’s 5G package instructions, Unicom users who do not subscribe to 5G services can use the maximum 300Mbps rate, implying that non-5G users like us will be speed-limited in the 5G network, which is the true “threshold” that caused our test speed to not increase.

Of course, even if you subscribe to a 5G package, you will be constrained by the rate, and the speed that can be unlocked varies depending on the tariff. To Unicom, for example, 129, 159, and 199 yuan of the three 5G packages have a rate limit of 500Mbps, while 299, 399, and 599 yuan and other more “high-end” 5G packages have a rate limit of 1000Mbps. However, while from the user’s perspective, this experience is extremely unpleasant, from the operator’s perspective, such a practice cannot be faulted.

After all, being an operator isn’t a charity, and 5G isn’t a perk, so there’s nothing wrong with pricing based on user group. To put it another way, if a certain threshold is not set and users flock to experience 5G, it will be very difficult to guarantee a 5G experience for users with super high load base stations. At this stage, 5G construction and experience are not yet mature, so users can consider applying for a high-grade 5G package if they have a real need for a higher-speed network; for the vast majority of users, high tariffs and high unit price terminal equipment will be prohibitive.