5000mah Battery + Snapdragon 710 Extremely Cost-effective Vivo Z5x First Review

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]According to some estimates, global cell phone manufacturers released nearly 50 cell phones in the first half of this year. Vivo, as one of the “active members,” has contributed a number of mid- and high-end models, but the company’s troubles are far from over. The online launch of the vivo Z5x today has once again enriched its range of mid- and low-end models, giving users more options to begin with. Although the Z5x is only a low-end model, it is notable for most of its highlights.

It is also the first time that VIVO has used an open-hole screen design in a series of phones, and it has a battery of up to 5000mAh, which is expected in terms of battery life strength, and the Z5x even comes with a triple rear camera. Bestbuy618 was fortunate enough to get the vivo Z5x in advance, and began a 3-day experience with it.

However, the vivo Z5x screen is also very much in line with the standard of high-end models, with a 6.53-inch pole full-screen (official publicity), the screen ratio increased to 90.77 percent, bringing the screen ratio to 19.5:9 ultra-wide field of view. The screen’s display technology is Full-incell, which has slightly lower color saturation than AMOLED. Based on the characteristics of the open-aperture screen, the upper left corner of the screen leaves a portion of the display area as an aperture for the front camera, and the diameter of this aperture is strictly controlled within 4.59mm, in which a 16-megapixel front camera is placed.

The top left corner of the notification bar area is open, so we mostly ignore this area in the course of daily use. When watching videos, the video specifications in APPs such as Beep Bully and Akiyon are still kept at 16:9 (the notification bar is kept for vertical screens), so the open area is still displayed in black, resolving the obscuring problem. Vivo has set up the notification bar in 21:9 movies and videos to prevent blocking, and most of the time we pay more attention to the main characters and subtitles in the works, and the aperture basically does not interfere with the content.

The Vivo Z5x also has dual speakers, which improves the viewing and gaming experience, as well as good control over the screen bezels, which are top: 2.24mm, left and right: 1.76mm, and bottom: 5.14mm. Does the 5000mAh battery in the Z5x make the device’s thickness unbearable? The measured thickness is 8.85 mm and the weight is about 204g, which is not too much of a burden in the hand and lighter than any other model with the By the way, the vivo Z5x employs back fingerprint recognition, which may disappoint users expecting screen fingerprint recognition, but there are advantages and disadvantages, thanks to vivo’s early in-depth research and development of capacitive fingerprint recognition, which has the fastest unlocking experience in terms of recognition speed at the moment.

The vivo Z5x retains the 3.5mm headphone jack and does not use the 5000mAh battery as an excuse to neuter the device. The data port is Micro USB, and the triple card slot design supports nano dual SIM and TF memory card expansion. Charging life This generation of vivo Z5x continues to use 9V/2A dual engine flash charging, 18W charging speed is quite fast, one hour charging 80 percent, and one and a half hours can be fully charged. The battery life is even better, after a (9 hours ) heavy test, the vivo Z5x still retains 30% of the power, especially in the game, thanks to the excellent energy efficiency control of the Snapdragon 710, a 30-minute game of chicken only consumes about 6% of the power, and two hours down only used 25% of the power.

Furthermore, the vivo Z5x supports OTG reverse charging, so I used it as a backup phone during the three days of use, both for charging the main model and as a high endurance hotspot, and the CPU only dropped 12 percent in GeekBench’s battery score for two and a half hours of high frequency operation.

The Snapdragon 710 processor, which uses the same 3rd generation Kryo architecture as the Snapdragon 845, has a maximum CPU frequency of 2.2GHz and an Adreno 616 PC-class graphics GPU, which improves overall performance by 20% and GPU performance by up to 35% over the previous generation. The advanced 10nm process also results in lower power consumption for the Z5x, which greatly improves battery life while delivering full performance. The maximum support 8 128GB memory combination, and is LPDDR4X and USF2.1 specifications to ensure smooth loading of applications and games, to achieve the game resident background fast second open, to ensure the smoothness of multiple background parallel and ultra-high-speed memory reading efficiency.

This is already a mid to upper-tier level. It runs smoothly at a high frame rate with normal graphics quality in the game “Peace Elite,” and it has no issues with other backward compatible games.

Photo Imaging The three rear cameras on the vivo Z5x are a 16-megapixel main camera, an 8-megapixel 120° ultra-wide angle camera, and a 2-megapixel depth-of-field lens. The image is still the usual vivo color tone, based on accurate white balance, high tolerance, restore the human eye’s visual perception, contrast and saturation is relatively higher. Dynamic range of up to 12.3EV super backlight mode, in the high light ratio of the scene can still retain super details, multi-frame composite super night scene, on the basis of erasing noise, brighten the dark areas, 16 megapixel base in the details better retained Clarity and sharpness have greatly improved.

Selfies. 16MP has the same photo quality, with custom beauty, set your own exclusive beauty, users can adjust through the skin, thin face, large eyes, and other modes at will. UI / AI The new UI breaks the boundaries and re-optimizes the corners and strokes that are too hard and mechanical, with a sense of technology and speed, and with the powerful performance of the Snapdragon 710 processor and 8GB super large memory, it brings users a smoother and more elegant interaction experience.

Dark mode vs. normal mode

Third-party app adapts to dark color mode automatically Shortcut center collects recent background tasks and quick switches for easy management and function recall The new dark color mode is easier on the eyes at night and provides the most comfortable experience regardless of the time of day or night. It also supports global swipe and shared cloud album functions, and the Z5x is the first in the Z series to include an independent Jovi AI smart button. Simply press and hold to activate the Jovi voice assistant and enjoy smart life right away. To summarize, as a mid-range model, the Vivo Z5x sacrifices some of its looks for improved performance and experience, which cost-conscious users will appreciate.

The 5000mAh battery provides a noticeable boost, and the longer battery life and reverse charging support make it an excellent backup device. Of course, the built-in high-performance Snapdragon 710 as the main model isn’t an issue, and the 8GB of memory is very competitive.

This was a brief experience, so I have not yet discovered additional flash points on the vivo Z5x, but at this price point, I am satisfied; after all, I am a firm believer in pragmatism first.