-40 ℃ Large-capacity Fresh Storage Artifact Rongsheng Cold Cabinet Bd/bc-310msy/hp Experience Review

As one of the most important home appliances, every family will choose a refrigerator with a large capacity and excellent freshness. However, in our daily lives, even if the refrigerator’s capacity is always full, summer wants to eat watermelon or other food that takes up a lot of space simply cannot be stuffed into the refrigerator….. similar to this trouble is never-ending If you buy a refrigerator, but the money and space costs are too high, what should you do?Rongsheng freezer BD/BC-310MSY/HP In recent years, freezer products have become increasingly popular among consumers; when compared to refrigerators, the freezer capacity is greater, the freezing capacity is stronger, but it will also be more space-saving.

And freezers have now been from the beginning of the supermarket, restaurants, and other commercial scenes towards our ordinary consumer life, it must be said that the freezer brings us great convenience. Today, Rongsheng freezer BD/BC-310MSY/HP arrived at Bestbuy618 review room, and I’d like to bring you the most recent hands-on experience review.

Simple appearance Super large capacity

Rongsheng freezer BD/BC-310MSY/HP overall minimalist design style, in addition to the front of the Rongsheng logo and small penguin drawing paper, can perfectly match a variety of decoration style, without too much decoration. Rongsheng cold cabinet BD/BC-310MSY/HP selected high-quality steel plate material as the body material, through the piano baking paint powder coating process to create a high temperature, corrosion-resistant surface, bringing a very high sense of quality. Many freezers on the market in the handle design are more ordinary, consumers will feel strained to open the door.

And Rongsheng cold cabinet BD/BC-310MSY/HP handle, in accordance with ergonomic depth design, grip feel excellent, open the door will not appear clucking hands and other situations. It is worth noting that the Rongsheng handle also designed a security door lock, through a special key to open, from the root of the effective prevention of bear children stealing open the freezer caused by accidents.

A PVC antibacterial seal surrounds the door, and British Aiko’s antibacterial masterbatch is added inside the door seal to effectively prevent the growth of bacteria and mold, as well as the leakage of cold air. The interior comes with a pure white wire mesh basket to store some specific foods, such as drinks, fruits, and other foods that need to be stored separately. Traditional cooler liner material will generally choose ordinary aluminum plate material, easy to corrode in use, and even aluminum powder will be harmful to health. Rongsheng cold cabinet BD/BC-310MSY/HP liner aluminum plate is formed of a protective film on the surface after a special anodic oxidation treatment, not only to strengthen the material toughness, but also to resist corrosion, not to produce aluminum powder health hazards.

Capacity, Rongsheng freezer BD/BC-310MSY/HP has a large capacity of 310L space, while there is no internal grid, you can freely store food, and If we want to defrost something, we must first defrost it. And how to discharge the water after defrosting? Rongsheng in the bottom of the valve design, open only counterclockwise rotation, the internal water will be discharged from the drainage nozzle, and then we can dry with a clean rag.

In addition to other coolers, Rongsheng cooler BD/BC-310MSY/HP in the bottom of the design of the universal wheel to move the cooler, universal wheel work is very delicate, can perfectly support and move the entire cooler. Overall, the Rongsheng cooler BD/BC-310MSY/HP with the appearance of simple and stylish, the design is pleasing to the author’s human nature to change the traditional cooler “stupid, heavy, ugly” view. If the total score is 10, the author’s appearance scored 9 points. Operation more simple display more easy to understand Rongsheng freezer BD/BC-310MSY/HP with integrated electronic temperature control, control panel is designed in the front of the lower right part of the body.

Control panel is only “refrigerated” and “freezing” the two physical buttons, above is to display the temperature and status of the display.

Simply press and hold the “freeze” and “freeze” buttons for 3 seconds, Rongsheng freezer BD/BC-310MSY/HP will be unlocked or locked, in the “freeze” mode, press the “freeze” button temperature is down 1 °C, press the “freeze” button temperature is up one degree, “freeze” mode the same, in the non-freezing mode, press and hold the “freeze” button for 3 seconds, then quickly enter the quick- Rongsheng refrigerator BD/BC-310MSYHP uses 4DS quick-freezing and preservation system, the refrigeration tube from top to bottom three-dimensional surround, so that the refrigerant circulation, and then fit the principle of cold air sinking, reduce the temperature difference between the upper and lower internal, bringing the best refrigeration efficiency.

D-tube O-tube In the refrigeration tube, the more expensive D-type tube is used instead of the traditional O-shaped tube. In comparison to O-tube, D-tube, and the inner liner to face contact, contact area expanded 7-8 times, and S-type condenser a pipeline four-sided heat dissipation, increased heat dissipation area, faster refrigeration speed, but also can effectively reduce the number of compressor start and stop, greatly extending the service life of the compressor. Rongsheng will replace the traditional R600A refrigerant with the super efficient R290 refrigerant used in scientific research, medical, and other refrigeration equipment, increasing the evaporation temperature from R600A-33°C to R290-58°C, the lowest temperature of the computer-controlled freezer can reach -40°C, and the lowest temperature of the mechanical temperature-controlled freezer can reach -36°C, which c In the actual test, we set the Rongsheng freezer BD/BC-310MSY/HP to “freeze” minus 18 °C, from room temperature to minus 18 °C in only 50 minutes, and after reaching the set minus 18 °C, the freezer temperature remains stable, indicating that the overall performance in the same product is first-class.

-18°C test Then I performed a quick-freeze test, after professional instrument testing, from room temperature to minus 40 °C in about 4 hours, and from room temperature to minus 30 °C in about 50 minutes. Furthermore, 22:45 minutes of temperature rise is caused when the author took out the instrument to test the temperature, the quick-freeze is very stable.-40 °C quick-freeze test In order to more intuitively display Rongsheng freezer BD/BC-310MSY/HP quick-freeze ability, I used iced black tea as a test object, in the case of minus 40 °C drop of iced black tea, the results instantly become ice beads. It also has a wide climate zone design that allows it to be used normally in a variety of ambient temperature conditions.

Quieter and more economicalEnergy consumption in standby mode is 0.824W91W in quick-freeze mode Summary Compared to the capacity of traditional refrigerators, the Rongsheng BD/BC-310MSY/HP can be said to have a “big stomach,” allowing us to store fresh food at home. Furthermore, the quick-freeze mode allows some of the food that must be preserved in a timely manner to maintain freshness and lock in moisture. And because of its simple and exquisite appearance, as well as its humanized design, this freezer in these products stand out from the crowd, I believe Rongsheng freezer BD/BC-310MSY/HP is a perfect replacement for the home refrigerator freezer products.