360 Smart Camera Ptz Ai Standard Models Review: 2k Ultra-high Definition + Comprehensive Security Monitoring

With the rise in popularity of smart devices, cameras used in the smart home market can now obtain real-time video screen information at home, allowing for increased home security. Most products in the current smart camera market have a maximum resolution of 1080P, which can provide a relatively clear picture, but as users demand higher and higher picture quality, smart cameras are starting to go high pixel. With 360’s many years of accumulation in security, 360 smart camera security watch function and stable quality, which are highly favored by users.

360’s latest flagship 2K picture quality smart camera not only maintains all of the 360 smart camera’s security features, but also brings 2K (2304 * 1296) ultra-high definition picture quality.

The 360 smart camera PTZ AI standard model continues the classic white box style, with the front printed with the product shape, 360 smart camera Slogan, and the bottom of the box printed with the product parameters specifications. After opening the box, you can see that the accompanying accessories include a charger, a 2-meter-long MicroUSB cable, screw package, wall base and positioning stickers, and a manual, in addition to the 360 smart camera PTZ AI standard model host. The top of the camera has a status indicator, the bottom has a microphone, and the camera has a TF card slot with maximum support for 128GB FAT32 format, class4 speed, or more.

360 is also equipped with two high-powered warm lights on both sides of the camera, which can provide enhanced infrared night vision and full-color night vision two night vision modes, and users can customize the switch mode according to demand, so that the camera can automatically switch to enhanced infrared night vision.

The bottom of the 360 smart camera PTZ AI models standard models is reserved for ceiling mounting and bracket wall mounting package snap slot, three screws can make the installation more solid. The round groove at the bottom of the camera is printed with the SN and MAC code, the Micro-USB interface is hidden above the sticker, and the RESET reset button is located in the lower rear of the camera, the first match requires a long press for three seconds. 360 smart camera gimbal AI models standard models of the body with vertical horizontal dual motor gimbal, by the camera part can provide a maximum of 254 ° vertical viewing angle, so that the floor, ceiling; gimbal Controlling the camera is as simple as using a cell phone APP to achieve up and down, left and right free rotation.

Installation and Usage Users can place the smart camera in the best location for their specific scenarios and usage requirements. In general, office burglary monitoring installed in the front desk position can better monitor people coming in and out of the office, as well as other images. Users can also be installed on top of the living room through the base camera, covering all the corners of the living room. 360 smart camera PTZ AI models standard models equipped with wide-angle lens, combined with the camera close to 360 ° horizontal rotation, up and down 254 ° rotation PTZ, to achieve dead-end coverage.

More importantly, because the camera is equipped with two high-powered warm lights, etc., it can provide the same clarity at night as it does during the day.

After installing the camera in the desired location, the user will be able to begin debugging the camera’s network access. Users must first download the “360 camera” and ensure that their cell phone is connected to a 2.4G Wi-Fi network. Enter the “360 camera” APP, then click the upper left corner of the ” ” sign to add devices; the second prompt four options, then click the first “add my smart device”; select the “PTZ” “The second section prompts four options; click the first “add my smart device”; select “PTZ AI model” can be adapted. After the green light begins to flash, press and hold the “RESET” button for 3 seconds, so that the camera enters pairing mode.

360 smart camera PTZ AI models standard models support “sound wave matching,” which means that once the camera receives the sound wave, it will be able to connect to Wi-Fi and create an account, which takes about 2 minutes.

After the connection is complete, the smart camera can resume operation after a reboot. Standard 360 smart camera PTZ AI models can achieve panoramic cruise mode, and the camera can be horizontal 360 ° cycle shooting. The maximum 128GB TF memory card can store a large amount of video information, making it easy for users to view; additionally, 360 offers cloud storage services, providing 7-day loop video, 30-day loop video, and 90-day loop video to ensure worry-free information security.

There are video, screenshot, call, and sound switch buttons at the bottom of the app, and you can also view screen change reminders by pulling up.

Security guard function 360 Smart Camera PTZ AI standard models support the “Smart Watcher” function, “camera settings” to open the Smart Watcher function, customizable detection time, sensitivity, message type (video / picture), and alert when there is a loud noise. The Smart Watcher function can automatically detect screen changes, children crying, loud noises, or activity. When the above changes are detected, the message is instantly pushed to the phone to ensure that users can view the specific situation in a timely manner.

To achieve the picture / sound source capture alert, the intelligent home watch function uses the “artificial intelligence vision algorithm” and “high sensitivity MIC sound pickup” two technologies. After starting, the camera will automatically detect the environmental sound and picture, using artificial intelligence technology to analyze the sound and picture, and the analysis results will be intelligently pushed to the user’s APP. Unlike traditional night dark video, which is usually black and white, 360 smart camera PTZ AI models standard models support full-color night vision, which can bring a clearer color night vision video after increasing the camera resolution to 2K.

In addition to cloud storage, 360 also un smart camera provides a maximum of 128GB TF card expansion, with H.265 HD encoding, can effectively compress the size of the video and provide excellent clarity and smooth playback.

Summary: 360 smart camera PTZ AI models have been upgraded to 2K ultra-clear picture quality, full-color night vision function, making the day and night clear, ushering in the intelligent home camera 2K era. The camera can be placed on the desktop, mounted on the wall, or suspended from the ceiling, giving it a broader range of applications. For many years, combined with 360 deep security technology to bring users safer data transmission, artificial intelligence screen, sound recognition to fit the fast pace of modern life, bringing depth of security mode.