360 Kids Defender Se5 Plus 4g Review: Guarding The Safe Growth Of Children

Child safety has always been a priority for parents and elders, and allowing children to play safely and freely is referred to as an urgent problem that must be addressed. With the advancement of mobile communication technology, more and more parents are opting for smart mobile devices to protect their children’s safety, and the portability and safety of children’s watches are naturally preferred.360 Kid’s Guard SE5 Plus 4G There are many different types of children’s watches on the market, and it can be difficult for parents to choose the right product for their children. If you want to buy a children’s watch with excellent safety performance and a high cost performance, the 360 Kids Defender SE5 Plus 4G is an excellent choice.

The 360 Kids Defender SE5 Plus 4G comes in standard packaging, with the watch’s design printed on the front. The side of the box describes the watch’s features, which include photo support, intelligent voice, IPX8 level waterproofing, a two-color strap, a 1.4-inch Corning Gorilla Glass screen, AI positioning, an ultra-thin body, and an ultra-long standby time. The 360 Kids Defender app supports iOS 9.0 and above, as well as Android 4.1 and above, according to a brief description on the back of the box. The 360 Kids Defender SE5 Plus 4G watch, a charging cable, a card pickup pin, and a manual are all included in the box.360 KidSafe SE5 Plus 4G The dial of the 360 KidSafe SE 5 Plus kids watch is relatively square in design, with a large 1.3-inch HD screen on the front, with a resolution of 240*240 and a clear and delicate display, allowing users to make various settings on the watch through the screen.

The watch is available in two color options: sapphire blue and coral pink, and I reviewed the sapphire blue version.

360 KidShield SE5 Plus 4G is a children’s watch that can support mobile 2G and 4G networks. The mobile 4G network can provide a faster network and support HD calls. Users should be aware that the watch does not support Unicom or Telecom SIM cards, so they must prepare a mobile Nao-SIM in order for the watch to function properly.

The 360 Kids Defender SE5 Plus 4G watch has a microphone and a SIM card slot on the left bezel that accepts mobile Nano-SIM cards. The card slot can be pried open with the included card removal pin, or with other hard paddles. A function key and an external speaker are located on the watch’s right side. A long press on the watch sends an SOS message, and the key activates the screen.360 KidShield SE5 Plus 4G

In early January, I reviewed the 360 Kids Defender SE5, and the watch’s strap has a stylish two-color design with a fine texture on the surface to effectively prevent slippage. The 360 Kids Defender SE5 Plus 4G, on the other hand, has a monochrome strap with a delicate cross-texture that feels equally comfortable. The 360 KidSaver SE5 Plus 4G uses food-grade silicone material for the strap, which is not only soft and non-irritating, but the sky-blue strap matches the lively and curious nature of children well.

The charging port is on the bottom of the watch, and the four metal feet can be charged using the original charging suction head. This design reduces unnecessary openings in the watch and makes charging easier. The watch has an 800mAh built-in battery, which ensures that it can be used normally for two to three days without recharging, and it is charged once every three days in actual testing.

Use experience The UI design of the 360 Kids Defender SE5 Plus 4G watch continues the watch’s classic design, which is feature-rich and simple to use. In terms of cell phone interaction, parents can connect to the watch via the cell phone APP, which provides various regular watch functions, and the watch can also provide storytelling, educational learning, and other functions.

In fact, 360 Kids Defender will default to spell than all calls from numbers that are not in the address book to ensure that children are not harassed by unrelated people. Although the intelligent voice function on the watch is a little slow to respond, the voice dialing support for 4G is still very good, with good signal and clear calls.

Parents can see their child’s real-time location, movement, pedometer, and other information in the mobile app, and can also remotely take photos to determine the child’s environment. The app can also see the watch’s battery status, who has called the child, and other information.

360 KidSafe SE5 Plus 4G 360 Kids Defender SE5 Plus 4G combines AI positioning technology with 360 big data optimization to automatically filter mobile Wi-Fi and pseudo base stations, ensuring accurate indoor and outdoor positioning without drift. Parents can also set a safety zone for their children ranging from 300 meters to 1,000 meters, with different zone names (such as home, school, grandma’s house, etc.) depending on the scenario, and the parents’ mobile app will be notified if the positioning exceeds the safety zone.

The 360 Kids Defender SE5 Plus 4G, as a smartwatch that locates children’s safety, adds 4G call and network support, allowing the watch to keep track of where your child is faster and provide better call quality. In comparison to competing products, the watch has a larger battery, a better 4G network, and provides a higher level of child safety. The watch is very comfortable to wear, and it is also quite lightweight, so the child will not feel significantly burdened while wearing it.360 KidShield SE5 Plus 4G For parents, the 360 Kids Defender SE5 Plus 4G has accurate positioning, clear call functions, and rich learning functions for children to learn through the watch.

Parents can also use the cell phone APP to control the watch to help their children use the kids’ watch responsibly and learn to allocate learning and playing time.

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