360 Health Watch Ol201 Review: Escort For Health

The popularization and development of mobile internet has increased the frequency with which people communicate with the rest of the world, and technology is constantly infiltrating every nook and cranny. With the advancement of living consumption levels, smart devices other than cell phones have become the preferred choice of many users, and smart bracelets and smart watches are in high demand among smart devices. Smart watches, as opposed to smart bracelets, have larger bodies and touch screens, providing more comprehensive functional support and better experiences. As one of the first Internet companies to enter the IoT business, 360 has accelerated the layout of smart devices in the last two years.

360 has been working on smart watches for many years, from children’s watches to health watches, and also brings users products with rich functions and reliable performance. 360 recently launched the 360 Health Watch OL201, which supports health management, anytime watch, two-way call, and other functions, allowing users to better manage their health and do their daily care and other tasks.

Fashionable and generous design The 360 Health Watch OL201, a watch function-supporting product, has a relatively young and stylish design concept that allows users of all ages to use this smartwatch. The front of the watch has a 1.4-inch, 240*240 resolution screen with a Corning Gorilla Glass surface that has better hardness and scratch resistance, and the strap is made of rubber, with soft and detailed edge treatment, and the watch is quite comfortable to wear in the hands with the skin-like touch. To improve the watch’s stability, the 360 is designed with small bumps on the strap hoop for fixing, which improves the watch’s stability in use, even when running or square dancing.

On the right side of the watch’s middle frame are two round buttons. Long press to turn on and short press to return to the desktop in case of shutdown, and long press to restart the watch in case of power on; the red button below short press to return to the desktop, and long press to send an SOS distress signal to loved ones in the APP. It should be noted that the watch button does not close the watch; instead, you must close the watch in the phone’s APP.

The left side of the watch is equipped with a noise-cancelling microphone, allowing the watch to perform the call function, and the bottom of the watch is made of high-strength engineering plastic, complemented by a frosted feel, which helps to fix the watch and reduces sliding due to movement. The charging port is designed with a touch of electricity to improve the watch’s waterproof performance, and the SIM card slot is also designed at the bottom of the watch; the watch only supports Nano-SIM cards, and the network is supported by Unicom and Mobile, while Telecom users are not currently supported.

The 360 Health Watch OL201 must be activated by inserting a Nano-SIM card into the watch and downloading the “360 Affinity Guard” APP, which supports both iOS and Android mainstream platforms. Users can activate the health watch after installing “360 Affinity Guard,” and the watch provides a QR code when doing so. Once activated, the watch’s functions will begin to serve the user. The watch not only provides health functions such as heart rate measurement, blood pressure measurement, and health reminders, but also features such as HD call, AI positioning, and one-touch distress to save lives in times of emergency.

Users of the Affinity Guard APP can view the watch’s real-time positioning information, view the elderly’s action track for the previous month, and comprehend the daily rhythm of the elderly’s life. Not only that, but if the old man becomes lost, the APP can direct the children to the wearer’s location and retrieve the old man. Furthermore, the watch can set a safety zone, and the APP will send a reminder to the children if the old man leaves the safety zone. As a health watch, the OL201 provides regular health testing functions, such as heart rate and blood pressure measurement, as well as pedometer alarm reminders for sports.

Heart rate and blood pressure measurements can be performed on both the watch and the cell phone, and the cell phone can also record test data and set up regular measurements to obtain more accurate heart rate and blood pressure data, so that physical discomfort can be detected early and users can be reminded to avoid it. For measurement issues, 360 in OL201 health watch and affectionate guardian APP are briefly introduced, the user’s normal heart rate between 60-100, To ensure accuracy in the blood pressure measurement process, users must enter diastolic and systolic blood pressure into the APP after the measurement is completed in professional instruments.

Users can set the goal in the affinity APP, and the watch will automatically record the sports route, distance, and step count, and display the daily step count in the back watch and APP end. Who knows the alarm clock must also be carried out in 360 Affinity App, and the alarm clock can be customized to remind the content, including various to-do items and various life reminders. For children, when the elderly encounter an emergency in their daily activities and exercise, it is critical to quickly notify their family members to arrive on the scene and rescue them. 360 Health Watch OL201 features a one-button SOS call, two-way communication, listening, and other features.

In an emergency, users can press the red button for 5 seconds, and those who are linked to the watch will receive SMS and APP distress signals. The two-way call function allows the watch to have cell phone functions, and the listening function can better understand the environmental conditions of the elderly. Every Monday, 360 Health Watch OL201 pushes last week’s weekly health report to users, and it brings a week of exercise and rest suggestions to watch users with the help of dynamic data analysis.

360 health watch OL201 is a positioning affection product; its fashionable and atmospheric appearance design can meet the needs of the elderly; however, the younger generation can also use OL201 watch. With the development of technology, smart watches are no longer exclusive to young people, children’s watches, elderly watches gradually become the choice of the elderly, in today’s focus on health, health, smart watches are no longer exclusive to young people, children’s watches, elderly watches gradually become the choice of the elderly, in today’s focus on health, health, smart watches are no longer exclusive to young people, children’s watches, elderly watches gradually become the choice of the elderly, in today’s focus on health, health, smart watches