360 Children’s Watch Se5 Review: 4g Guarding Children’s Safety

360 released the SE5 children’s watch at the end of June 2019, which is popular among parents due to its excellent design and extremely high cost performance. 360 has recently quietly launched the new children’s watch SE5 4G version, which adds 4G network support to further improve data transmission speed and stability on the basis of upgraded IPX8 waterproof, ultra-long standby, AI precise positioning, and other functions, bringing a more excellent and safer experience.

The 360 Kid’s Watch SE5 4G Edition has a classic smartwatch shape and comes in two colors: blue and pink. The dial is designed with a square “sandwich” structure, the front screen and bottom case are black, and the light blue middle frame surrounds the watch body from the side, making the light blue or pink color more appealing to children. The strap is made of food-grade material for added safety, and the soft strap can be bent at a wide angle for more comfortable wear.

The 360 Kids Watch SE5 4G Edition has a body thickness of 12.88mm, making it smaller to effectively reduce the discomfort caused by long hours of wear. The front of the watch features a 1.3-inch, 240*240 resolution high-definition display, a larger, clearer screen to give children a better sense of view when using the watch, and a touch screen design to make the watch easier to use.

The left and right sides of the dial contain SIM card slots, as well as the power button and speaker; the card slot supports nano SIM cards, 4G networks, calls, and voice quizzes without the need for WI-FI, and can be enjoyed at any time and from any location. The 4G network provides users with faster connection speeds and improved HD call functionality; the watch includes an ASR3601 chip and noise cancellation to ensure high-quality two-way calls. The security whitelist mechanism automatically blocks unfamiliar calls, and the one-way listening mode allows parents to keep track of their children anywhere, at any time. The right side of the watch is equipped with the watch’s only button, which supports functions such as bright screen and return.

For voice calls, the speaker is very clear, and the noise-cancelling microphone is located beneath the SIM card tray. The watch has a large 800mAh built-in battery that can last up to 4 days on a single charge.

The back of the 360 Kids Watch SE5 4G has an integrated design with a magnetic charging interface at the bottom; the integrated design can effectively improve the watch’s waterproof performance. The IPX8 high-level waterproof function ensures that the watch continues to function even when the child is washing or playing with water.

At the end of November 2019, 360 released the security brain, which will serve as the core of the 360 smart family and the foundation for ensuring family safety. 360 Children’s Watch SE5 4G version supports HD call function, children can contact parents through the watch when needed, parents can also contact the child through the cell phone client; additionally, parents can add contacts in the address book to the watch at the cell phone end, children can also contact contacts in the address book through the watch Children can use the perfect intelligent voice interaction function to make calls and send messages directly, as well as chat, tell stories, and jokes with the voice assistant to meet their learning and entertainment needs.

360 Kids Watch SE5 4G version supports 8-fold positioning technology, using the patented positioning technology and big data accumulation in 360, so that the more the watch is used, the more accurate it becomes. In addition to accurate positioning, 360 Kids Watch SE5 4G Edition can set the area range of school and home, and if the child leaves the designated area, the cell phone side will receive a reminder. To avoid interfering with learning, 360 Kids Watch SE5 4G Edition supports remote setting by cell phone APP, as well as remote shutdown and alarm clock setting to achieve remote management.

The 360 Kids Watch SE5 4G Edition, as an important part of a safe family, has rich features and user-friendly system settings that allow parents to better focus on their children’s healthy growth. The newly added 4G function improves network transmission rate and provides faster response. The 360 Kids Watch SE5 4G Edition costs 299 yuan and is available at 360’s flagship store in Jingdong.