30x Zoom Triple Camera Nubia Z20 Dual Curved Screen Flagship Phone Review

For a short time in July, with the official Nubia microblogging new machine teaser, its Z series new machine gathered a lot of attention in the circle. Following that, the Nubia Z20’s flagship photo function was officially exposed numerous times, covering astrophotography, night scene, telephoto, super wide angle, and other samples, and its imaging effect is always awe-inspiring to people. Furthermore, the Nubia Z20 microblogging small tail “personality flagship” perplexed the small partners.

The Nubia Z series of phones is still the best in the industry until the new machine is released today! Bestbuy618 was lucky enough to get the new machine before the launch, and after only two days of intense trial, we brought you this brief review of the Nubia Z20.

Exterior Design When we didn’t receive the Nubia Z20, we imagined what the Nubia Z series would look like in its current iteration, but the Z20’s design far exceeded our expectations. It is a flagship product that truly pursues the ultimate, not only in terms of photography, but also in terms of product design, which has changed dramatically in this generation. The first is the dual-curved screen, which combines a double-sided screen into a single design. The Nubia Z20 has a 19.5:9 6.42-inch FHD dual-curved screen on the front, and the AMOLED feature provides bright and vivid colors.

The screen is more visually pleasing, and the forehead chin continues to narrow, with soft, large chamfers for a more immersive experience.

The back of the phone, like the Nubia X, has a 720P secondary screen. This screen has an “eye protection” feature that can be adjusted by internal software to provide eye protection in various environments. The screen is a perfect combination of display and craftsmanship, presenting a borderless atmosphere on the back of the phone; at the same time, the secondary screen supports the new AOD2.0 (Always On Display) off screen display function, which can automatically display sunrise and sunset, cloudy, sunny, rainy, and snowy depending on the change of time and weather; additionally, you can get gif expression resources online AOD display, and also import native GIF.

Take it out without fear of damaging the machine, and always maintain your personality. The front screen can also use AOD for auxiliary display, so the question is, which side of the screen should I answer an incoming call from? Don’t worry, Nubia has it all figured out for you. The Z20 has an earpiece on top of the front and back screens, allowing you to answer calls from any of them.

Similarly, on the Z20, which lacks a front camera, you can use the front and rear dual-sided screens to position the rear camera in front of it!

The mid-frame is another notable change in this generation of Z series. The rounded design on the left and right sides blends seamlessly with the dual curved front and rear screens, giving the entire device a strong unity. Even though the frame is quite narrow, there is no twisted sensation of cutting hands. Nubia uses a unique recessed design on the top and bottom of the frame to make the phone visually thinner and more distinctive; additionally, Nubia is equipped with a fingerprint recognition power button on both sides of the frame, in line with the operation logic of the double-sided screen, left-handed people can also feel a strong sense of intimacy; and through the fingerprint set quick payment code is also not a problem.

The official offers gravity-sensitive automatic switching or the ability to set specific software buttons to switch between the two screens.

Nubia has also added a pressure-sensitive function to the middle frame below the power button, with 10 built-in adjustable levels that can be set to launch specific APPs or functions, and a 10-second long press to experience decompression mini-games, to enhance its playability. This is the cherry on top.

The Nubia Z20 has a USB-C charging data port as well as an unobstructed speaker at the bottom. It appears to be a phone without a 3.5mm headphone jack.

On the back, the Nubia Z20 has a 48MP OIS optical stabilization main camera, a 16MP ultra wide-angle camera, and an 8MP telephoto camera combination. The 48-megapixel IMX586 is well-known to all of us, and the F/1.7 aperture ensures stability in low-light shots.

The Nubia Z20 main camera’s 48-megapixel resolution provides good detail and white balance to restore naked eye perception. In terms of color, Nubia does not over-emphasize saturation, but rather focuses on the essentials, with minor sharpening of details to provide users with a better foundation for post-retouching. The night scene has a good tolerance as well; open the super night scene to make the night scene picture brighter and clearer.

Selfie / Wide-angle selfie

Users can use this excellent triple camera for selfies, HD beauty, super wide angle beauty, almost the strongest selfie hardware combination available, thanks to the HD secondary screen on the back of the Nubia Z20.3x zoom lens sample photos