2000 Yuan “pick Up The Trash” Installed Machine Host Screen Peripherals All Done Plus A Graphics Card Can Eat Chicken

After the Double 11 shopping festival, I had the sudden idea of installing a host at home, because I didn’t want to carry the laptop home every day, and I was tired and troubled. So, in late November, when planning the installation list and implementation, the goal is very simple, about 2,000 yuan to get everything (cannot exceed super 100 yuan), including the host, monitor, peripherals, and core components to be brand new with a warranty, light effect, side perspective fancy all do not exceed. So, in pursuit of this goal, I began shopping for a trip to install the machine; the following also briefly shares my experience.

CPU motherboard As the most core part of the computer, other components can try to save money, but the CPU is unquestionably the most worthwhile to invest a larger budget, after all, related to the machine’s performance. However, because your budget is limited, you must select a low-cost product.

I chose between the Intel Core i3-9100F and the AMD Ryzen3 3200G processors. The former is based on the 14nm Coffee Lake architecture, with quad-core and quad-threads, a base frequency of 3.6GHz, Raid Acceleration Technology, with a Raid frequency of 4.2GHz, 6MB Level 3 cache, DDR4-2400 memory support, a TDP of 65W, and no core graphics, with a current reference price of $649. The latter is based on the 12nm Zen architecture, with 4 cores and 4 threads, a

The only real difference between the two is that the Core i3-9100F has a higher acceleration frequency and Level 3 cache, while the Ryzen 3200G has higher frequency memory and built-in core graphics. According to previous test data, the theoretical performance difference between the two is not significant, with the Core i3-9100F being slightly higher, making them both excellent choices for the current $1,000. I was torn for a long time, and my friends around me suggested that I choose Core i3-9100F for better performance, but the drawback was obvious – it had to be used with a single graphics card, even if it was just a bright card.

Save money by selecting A320M, which I discovered in a treasure box for only 900 yuan out. Another option is the B450M, which is a bit newer than the A320M, has a larger future upgrade space, the interface is basically the same, and the most important thing is the ability to overclock or play a game.

So, after much deliberation, I decided to invest a little more money in this piece, the first choice is MSI B450M-A PRO MAX boxed U, the price is 1059, and then after my tireless efforts to find ASRock B450-HDV boxed U set, only 1009 yuan (currently only 999 yuan), only 100 yuan more expensive than the A320M, decisive to get it. The original beauty will be the heatsink. Of course, if you do not consider overclocking and future upgrades, choosing the A320M can obviously save some money.

In fact, the CPU block also considered the R5 3400G, 4 cores and 8 threads, and core graphics is Vega 11, the overall performance will be a little better, but to expensive 200 yuan, as a person who wants to save the ultimate money decided to give up, and for the more generous budget partners I personally recommend this CPU, motherboard with ASRock B450

Memory There isn’t much to work with when it comes to memory; Kingston, Corsair, and Samsung aren’t considered because, in a word, they’re too expensive. I can only go to some of the second-tier manufacturers of goods, first in the spelling Xi Xi Tao to a light Wei 8GB DDR4 2666 frequency vest strips spent 169 yuan, I have to admit to buy expensive, and now an East as long as 159, of course, to catch up with the e-commerce festival or promotional activities may be cheaper, but because it is a spur-of-the-moment saving machine, but also want After that, I spent 159 yuan on a Goldtek DDR4 2666 8GB flaming vest strip; the reason for choosing dual 8GB rather than 16GB is also very simple; it is a dual-channel group, so that the core graphics card can play a better performance, and the choice of a single 16GB, want to upgrade is more than 300 yuan, obviously my budget is insufficient.

The first important thing is to keep costs under control, but at the very least, if the SSD is the same price as a SATA interface disk, the capacity will be larger, and the NVMe speed will be slightly faster. After friends’ recommendations, I locked two products, one is 480GB Toshiba TR200, jianghu people called “special weak 200”, SATA3.0 interface, cost-effective, spell eve only 289 yuan; the other is 240GB HP EX900, the same cost-effective products, M.2 interface (NVMe protocol), the price is $249. In the end, I chose capacity over speed, after all, I am not so extreme requirements for speed, and the total In addition to solid state, I took a 500GB Seagate slim disk from my previous laptop and exchanged it with a friend for a Western Digital big blue disk, so my hard drive became a 500GB mechanical hard drive 500GB SSD combination, which is perfectly adequate for me, after all, I don’t play many big games, and the key is that the configuration is not supported. There was a hiccup, the right side of the chassis shipped with a small dent in the baffle, I took a photo to customer service, and they immediately sent a replacement, forget the product, the service is still good.

Other When I announced that I wanted to spend less than 2,000 installed, friends around me reached out to me, and as a result, I picked up a lot of “garbage,” power supply is a friend dismantled more than out, although the rating is only 250W (peak 350W), but my computer also does not have a unique display, so fully cope with the discount, the top 50. 19-inch Philips 190E monitor, a friend to replace the large monitor down, 1440 * Furthermore, this friend has sponsored a 150M wireless network card, which, despite the fact that it only supports 2.4GHz and cannot play out my 200M broadband speed, can be used, spell Xi Xi, a treasure 20-30 yuan to get a new one. The keyboard is picked up in the company’s green axis mechanical, visually have to buy a long time, and also put a long time, but the crisp sound is very powerful.

Although I primarily use the Q, W, E, R, D, and F keys, the knocking sensation is still very strong when I manifest quality in the game. My own original version of the commemorative Cougar gaming mouse was ruthlessly scavenged away, has been using this looks like a certain treasure 9.9 package of gaming mouse, the two together is worth $50.

The speaker was not in my consideration at first, I believe the direct use of headphones even, and then I discovered that the Bluetooth small speakers at home, in addition to Bluetooth mode, also supports AUX mode, so this problem is also solved, and not a penny spent. Host monitor peripherals = 2000 yuan We account for the cost, part of the used products I also probably discounted the price, although I am all white whoring to the final total is 2044 yuan, in line with And will be shaved white whoring things then is 1694 yuan, the core accessories are also brand new with warranty. The remaining 300 I would have liked to go back to paw a graphics card, this budget in a treasure can paw P106 3G (GTX1063 version of the mining card, the need for magic change) or RX470 4G (basically also a mining card), plus some money is RX580 4G, but then considered, one is the need to change the power supply, 250W is certainly insufficient, the second is not much need, and do not play large games, temporarily No to the

I believe that the money spent on this group of machines is well spent as long as they can meet the daily office and light gaming needs. Of course, it did, as my daily code code, cut a video or processing pictures are quite smooth, and I can even play some online and single-player games. However, this price is to go to the mining card, even if a treasure claim is a used card, the basic is also a mining card, and even a lot of refurbished cards, so the pit must still be cautious, amassed to use how long may also depend on the character.

Because there is no double 11, 22 such e-commerce festival to grab some special products, I can only try to be within the ability of the budget, theoretically should also be able to save some money, but in general the price is still quite good. If you are also willing to spend about 2000 yuan to install the machine, my set of configurations can still be used as a reference, to meet the general daily office and part of the online game or can add a single display can “eat chicken”, hard disk, memory, CPU are also upgrade space. Finally, I would like to say a word, in a treasure I spent this 2000 yuan can buy their so-called high-end game host, the specific I will not mention on the map, you You can “eat chicken” with some high-end graphics cards, but what special effects “eat chicken” often does not tell you, so you must still choose carefully.

There are a lot of very good CPU to strong, but a lot of those very cheap prices on a treasure are “foreign junk,” so if you are a newcomer to the purchase of the machine, remember to avoid these pits, and before buying more, ask friends who know the trade or more information, don’t be blinded by those boasts.