2 Weeks Of Battery Life + 100 Kinds Of Sports Monitoring Huawei Watch Gt 2e Watch Experience

In the last two years, Huawei Watch has captured users’ attention with its exceptional product power, particularly its long battery life, and the Watch GT and Watch GT2 launched before and after have both performed well in the market. The new Huawei Watch GT 2e is a new product in the Huawei family that not only maintains its long battery life, but also supports up to 100 sports modes, making it a more refined distinction for users who like niche sports. It is important to note that I am also a long-time user of Huawei Watch GT, and I have been using this watch for more than a year, and it has been working hard to record my daily movements, remind me of incoming calls, and remind me to get up every After a year of use, I am pleased with all aspects, particularly the battery life, which is close to two weeks, so I will not face the dilemma of running out of battery even if I travel for an extended period of time. Next, let’s take a look at this new product, which comes in four fashionable colors and has one integrated strap.

The Huawei Watch GT 2e is available in Obsidian Black, Lava Red, Mint Green, and Glacier White colors, meeting the needs of a wide range of people. Bestbuy618 received the glacier white color version this time, which will bring a touch of cool feeling in the coming summer. The front of the Huawei Watch GT 2e is still a large 46mm dial design, but this time it uses a strap integrated design, which looks stronger overall and has a more obvious distinction from the previous generation. Of course, the integrated design does not preclude the strap from being removed and replaced.

In addition to the standard single-row fluoroelastomer strap, you can also choose a more vibrant TPU strap with a clashing color design to meet the needs of fashionable people with different straps to match different items. The Huawei Watch GT 2e also features a 454*454 1.39-inch AMOLED retina touchscreen display, with the same excellent display performance as its predecessors.

When it comes to dial customization, the Huawei Watch GT 2e does not disappoint, with a variety of trendy new dials and new dynamic dials that can be selected at will by long press, and if that isn’t enough, you can also download more styles from the Sports Health App. It should be noted that, while the dynamic dials appear more trendy and dynamic, they will also consume more power. In addition to the integrated design of the strap, Huawei Watch GT 2e has also made adjustments to the details of the crown, from the previous round dial to a flat square button, and the main body of the watch into one, the chances of mis-touch operation is greatly reduced.

After looking at the differences, let’s take a look at the same parts as before:. 1, turn to the back, you can see that Huawei Watch GT 2e has a number of sensors on the back such as sports, heart rate, and sleep monitoring. 2, the corresponding charging base is also consistent with the previous two generations, using a Type-C interface magnetic adsorption base, whether charging or storage is very convenient.

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Functionality features, Huawei Watch GT 2e this time the main focus of 100 sports mode recording, and automatic recognition of 6 common sports.

According to the watch sports type, in addition to the traditional outdoor walking/running, swimming, hiking, and so on, Huawei Watch GT2e can be added at the bottom of the menu, including dynamic cycling, stepper, HIT, yoga, Pilates, Taekwondo, and so on. The Huawei Watch GT 2e will alert you when your heart rate is too high or too low, and it supports multiple exercise zones, so you can always be sure whether you belong to the fat-burning aerobic zone or not. It will take at least 10 seconds to flip through the screen alone, which shows the richness of the sports type subdivision.

The sports to be added will automatically enter the main menu of sports selection, so you don’t have to waste time finding each time.

In addition to sports, Huawei Watch GT 2e has professional health monitoring functions, which can be implemented through the watch to monitor and view heart rate, as well as measure blood oxygen saturation and monitor sleep conditions. It has 2GB of built-in storage space to store about 500 MP3 music tracks, which can be played during sports by connecting Bluetooth headphones, even without a cell phone, so it will not interfere with users’ pursuit of music. It can make timely alerts when health conditions arise, allowing users to respond in advance. Alipay sweep code payment, access card, bus card, and other functions can be added through the Sports Health App, and the addition of all these small functions adds great utility to the Huawei Watch GT 2e.

In terms of new gameplay, Huawei Watch GT2e has added remote control shooting and time-lapse photo function, which can realize the corresponding control of the phone, taking group photos and creative photos is very useful. Huawei Watch GT 2e adopts the self-developed wearable chip Kirin A1 chip, with ultra-low-power computing power, combined with intelligent power saving algorithm 2.0 in the battery life still has up to two weeks of outstanding performance, and in sporadic mode

Summary: Wearable devices are becoming more common in people’s lives, and Huawei’s smart watches have been well-received for their long battery life and comprehensive functional performance. The Huawei Watch GT 2e has an even more fashionable design and offers a broader range of sports support and comprehensive health monitoring functions, while the battery life is still a good two-week charge, which can fully satisfy the majority of users’ needs. The Huawei Watch GT 2e is a godsend for young, trendy people who enjoy sports, particularly niche sports.

If you don’t lose weight in the spring, you’ll be disappointed in the summer, so hurry up and get moving with this Huawei Watch GT 2e!