18 Hours Flash Charging Flash Connection Honor Xsport Pro Sports Bluetooth Headset Review

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel] in September glory wuhan launch, tide fashion ambassador, national boyfriend Li Xian also came to the scene and shared new products, and then exposed a very high value glory xSport PRO sports bluetooth headset, from the neck hanging design and gradient color scheme, very in line with the current stage of user aesthetics, the overall bias towards sports style, but also take into consideration the fashion The xSport PRO sports Bluetooth headset, along with the new Honor 20 Youth Edition, was officially released today (October 22), revealing the final layer of this sports Bluetooth headset. bestbuy618 was fortunate to receive the product ahead of time, and after several days of use, to talk to you about the Honor xSport PRO sports Bluetooth headset feelings. Appearance Since the definition of sports fashion products, we can also intuitively feel the appearance of the Honor xSport PRO sports Bluetooth headset super high value. The color we received is Phantom Flame Red (red and gray gradient), but there are also seagull gray and nebula purple options.

The main Bluetooth flash connection can be seen on the back of the package, with the sound of fast charging, long-lasting battery life, low latency games, and other selling points, which we will later review in detail.

To begin with, the glory xSport PRO sports Bluetooth headset is a one-piece neck wear design, with the material used in the neck wear part of the skin-like silicone material, wear it will not be “skin,” especially if you want to do a long time sports, choosing a skin-like material headset can greatly improve the comfort of wearing. Its internal cable is made of nickel-titanium alloy memory metal material, which can be easily folded and stored, but also quickly restore the original shape. The headphones as a whole use the sports fashion style gradient paint design, the color is very active and dynamic, get rid of the previous headphones’ monochrome monotone design, is also to show the glory of the launch of the unique attitude towards music and fashion. A 120mAh power supply is on the left, a three-section control switch and a MIC microphone are on the right, and there is no external charging port.

Furthermore, glory chose braided wire for the connection of the sound unit wire, for the love of sports users, this material plasticity, better flexibility, in the movement of the wire to help slow down the vibration between the sound quality interference, and very light, suitable for most sports scenarios. The headset sound unit part, its shape like a “hollow bamboo” or “hourglass” shape, close to the part of the human ear is more common dual outlet The 6 pairs of ear braces that come with the headset (three pairs of n-type ear braces and three pairs of shark fin ear braces) basically meet the physiological structure of the vast majority of users. When storing or temporarily removing the headset, relying on the magnetic switch on the back of the Honor xSport PRO headset cavity, it can also be worn temporarily as a decorative piece around the neck.

Because the overall quality of the headset is very low, it can essentially be worn senselessly.

Connection and flash connection As with all Bluetooth headsets, on the three-stage control switch of the Honor xSport PRO sports Bluetooth headset, press and hold the middle function button for 4 seconds to turn on and send a pairing signal, and then find the default device name “HONOR xSport PRO” in the Bluetooth list to connect. Honor xSport PRO’s active power switch, long press the function button 1-3 seconds to turn on/off, can avoid the phenomenon of accidentally turning on/off.

Honor is very clever to hide the Type-C data power connector inside the control switch, and with a little force to pull, you can split the integrated headset, so the left and right ear audio is also connected through this interface. Furthermore, xSport PRO has another way to connect! If you are using Magic UI2.1 or EMUI 9.1 and above, you can also support HUAWEI HiPair flash connection technology. Simply plug this Type-C port into your phone for the first time, and the corresponding device pop-up window will appear in the UI for a quick connection without waiting. After the connection, you can also update the firmware in the Bluetooth device settings.

After the initial connection is complete, subsequent uses do not require unplugging via the magnetic switch to complete the flash connection.

The Type-C port can also be used to charge the headset by connecting it to the phone’s power adapter via the included USB-A cable. In an emergency, you can take the phone/tablet/PC that supports OTG function to reverse charge the headset, eliminating the need for power and charging cable, and replenishing the power anytime, anywhere. Sound quality and use experience Speaking of sound quality, xSport PRO has a very good dive in the low frequency of similar products, and is the most satisfying part of the whole body review, because sound quality is a major factor in determining whether the headset is good or bad. xSport PRO has 13mm high dynamic speakers built in, precision tuning, fully resolving the details of each song, and is very delicate and durable.

The bass part is produced by the sound cavity “bass inversion tube” via the air holes of the air resonance principle, resulting in a deeper dive. At the same time, the treble part can present a lush and translucent feeling due to the elastic TPU overhanging cone and high rigidity polymer dome.

Because of the ear support, the headset is very firm to wear, but the presence is also relatively strong. Control the size of the switch volume; in addition to volume adjustment, double-click to summon the voice assistant to perform some quick tasks. The logic of clicking the function keys while listening is to pause/play music, answer/hang up calls when calling, long press the function keys for 2 seconds to reject, and you can also double-click and triple-click to skip songs. xSport PRO headset microphone cavity also uses anti-wind noise structure, which can reduce wind dryness in running, cycling, optimize noise in the outdoor environment, and achieve high-definition calls.

xSport PRO is also the first Honor headset to support audio Bluetooth low latency transmission technology, which automatically turns on the low latency function for the system Magic UI2.1 (version number and EMUI and above devices. Low latency is beneficial in FPS games for faster enemy detection and positioning, and racing improves immersion. When combined with the excellent sound quality, the gaming and movie viewing experience improves exponentially.

To allow users to spend more time on sports and music, but to the headset frequent charging, glory xSport PRO built-in with 120mAh lithium battery and low-power Bluetooth chip, a charge can listen to songs for 18 hours or talk for 12 hours, in my actual test, there is almost no way to run out of power this headset, and normal use can do 4-7 days a charge, not to mention the ability to use the phone reverse charging, basically will not be able to listen to the sim With such a long battery life, users can almost use the xSport PRO as their primary audio device. In short, when it comes to sports and music, xSport PRO is like an all-around butler; leave everything to it and relax.